How to ensure ZERO LEAD LEAK: Error free and Automated Lead Management with Maple CRM

Rule Based Lead Scoring, Automatic Prioritization and Custom Categorization

Maple CRM Lead management

Does lead management stop only at uploading and maintaining the lead status and reminders? No, right? Does your CRM software draw a line here – or goes one step ahead? Maple CRM goes far beyond that.

In such a competent world, all we need is software which uses automation smartly to manage even the most basic of the operations like lead management.

Automation in lead management can be used to ensure that there are no, literally ZERO lead losses and the existing leads are nurtured diligently too.

Let’s have a look at how Maple CRM enhances the Lead Management functionality:

  1. Rule based lead scoring:

100s of leads land in your CRM every day from a plethora of sources.

Are you engaging an executive exclusively to sort out the prospecting, non-prospecting and junk leads?

What if – there was an automation feature for this sorting, which you can customize exactly as per your business requirement? YES!! It’s possible.

  • Create your own rule on basis of which lead quality is to be decided
  • Give custom scores for the leads which meet the criteria
  • Combine multiple conditions for accurate results.
  • Get your leads scored and sorted!!

Example: Let’s say you’re an Immigration Consultant and for you a great prospecting lead is when the age is between 24-40, Married, Spouse living in Canada. If these three conditions are met then their Visa Process will be smooth and faster.

You can set up lead score rule as follows:

  1. If Age is between 24-40 & Married & Spouse in Canada- Score: 100
  2. If Age is between than 41-60 & Married & Spouse in Canada- Score: 70
  3. If Age is more than 60 & Married & Spouse not in Canada- Score: 40
  4. No contact number mentioned – Score: 10

Here, you can define actions for the most prospective score and AUTOMATICALLY ASSIGN to the executive.

If lead is not having a proper contact number mentioned, it can be automatically placed in the bucket of ‘Junk’ leads.

That way, valuable time of your executives won’t go waste in scouring through the leads to find out the best ones and the junk ones. Automate it with Maple CRM.

2. Automatic Prioritization:

As described above, once the lead scoring is done, leads need to sorted and labelled as per priority.
This labelling can be custom configured. Based on the lead scores, priorities can be defined and automatically the leads are categorized.

  • Automatic prioritization saves the time of sales executives. They can directly go to ‘Priority Leads’ and commence their work. No need of searching good leads
  • Progressing or ‘Warm’ leads can be labelled accordingly. Priority labelling will convey the urgency of connecting with the leads
  • No time will be wasted in connecting with high priority leads.
  • Low priority or leads with incomplete information can be picked up at the last or as per custom configurable rules and taken ahead.

3. Custom Views

Custom views are one of the most liked and benefitting features of Maple CRM.

What’s a custom view?

  • Define categories in which the leads are to be segregated.
  • Categories can be source wise, date-wise, status wise or executive wise
  • Category definition is custom configurable
  • Leads get updated in real time in Custom Views

As an example, let’s take the display shown above.
Leads are grouped based on their status. This way, it’s much quicker and easier to know the lead details and their status without having to even glance through the lead list.

Likweise, custom views can be made to have separate lists of leads.

Most Commonly defined custom views:

Last 24 hours Update, Weekly update, Social Media Leads, High Prospecting Leads, Lost Leads, Executive-wise Leads list with grouping based on status

Once the views are defined, all the executives / managers have to do is- click on the shortcut available in the home page, get the lead details, move ahead with the work!!

How is it different from Lead Filters – Lead filters need to be put up every time- enter the conditions each time you need to filter a list. Custom views are one-time defined.

Saves time, energy and effort!

Take your business to a whole another level with Maple CRM software!

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