Reports and Formats for better data analysis

When top notch strategies, knowledge and personnel is poured in to a business, it ought to be hitting the target. But how are we to measure it?

Data analysis holds a pivotal role in progress of a business. Proper analysis is ensured only with meticulously formatted reports and charts. Any software, for example – a CRM software must be capable of giving a formatted output which will provide detailed insights on the performance of the team, of the product and of the strategy.

Some major factors which a report should comprise:

  1. Flexibility to customize
  2. Category wise, period wise data formatting
  3. Cumulative and differentiative sum display
  4. User access and control
  5. Automation

Let’s deep dive –

Flexibility to customize

Variation in businesses and it’s performance measurability is wide beyond limit. Even though 2 businesses are exactly the same, there will be atleast a couple of parameters which differ in terms of analysis of the performance.

To get an insight on Sales done, Profit / Loss, customers acquired, category of products / services, etc. , reports must be flexible enough to allow the user to customize it as needed. What should be the format of data to be seen, the content in it, grouping, naming, etc. every datafield should be custom configurable. If a CRM software is being used, it should be ensured that custom report generation caters to the requirement.

Category wise, period wise data formatting

A report doesn’t mean ling, unending lists of data in form of a single table flowing till the world’s end.

There must be proper categorization- based on :

  • Source of Sales
  • Executives in charge
  • Category of product / Service
  • Time Period

This will help get a clear, simplified picture of the data under analysis. Simple representation is the best to comprehend when it comes to reports.

Cumulative and differentiative sum display

What does ‘report analysis and data insight’ term ultimately aim towards? Monetary gains – isn’t it right?

It’s unwittingly obvious that a report must display cumulative sum of the financial flow. And not stop only at this, it should also be able to show the ratios, proportions, fractions and differences as and when applicable.

Numerous report types demand data display in terms of percentages, sums, fractions, etc. Easily reports must be generated with these conditions.

It’s always recommended to use a for the purpose, since data can be pulled from the system with Sales, invoices and payments ready at disposal.

User access and Control

Now, wouldn’t it be useful if reports to be seen by the management are isolated from the common pool of reports which can be seen by all the team members? After all, data viewing and analytics is not recommended and not useful to each and every cog in the machine.

Generation of Administration level reports should not be open to everyone and only the concerned authority must be able to access them.
There must be a proper classification as to whom the report should be available, who can create, edit and who can only view it.

Even report downloading should be leashed. In the interest of data protection, it’s not recommended to give download permissions to every member of the team to have an access to entire data.


Reports must be automatically triggered at the set time. Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc.- all should be made available automatically once set.

Also, reports must land in the concerned authorities’ mail inbox regularly. Only then is it said to be a properly configured and ‘Automated’ system. This automation will eliminate all the errors of manual report generation and can work by itself.

When we give so much effort and importance to improve the business, same importance has to be given to report generation too. Gaining clarity in data and insight on future prospects becomes a much easier task when you use a CRM software for Sales and Process management purpose.

5 Step guide to build a self-managed sales team

How using a CRM software and creating a proper workflow empowers the system

Maple CRM, workflow automation

There’s 1 thing common in wishlist of each business owner- Make the team run by itself, so that they could shift their efforts into business upscaling. Resonate with this?

It’s not only a wish, but need of every business, every organization to have a self organized and self managed team. No team can ever prosper in the pressure of a hovering manager who constantly notes and judges.

A good team is said to be when-

  • Team members responsibly undertake and execute tasks
  • Reporting managers get regular and clear reports
  • Business grows together with the team
  • Every team works in tandem
  • Clear communication

While it can be tardy and tedious to manage a team, their tasks and updates manually, it may also result into errors and misses in data. The best solution for handling this is- to use a CRM system which allows custom workflow defining and automation. A CRM system can have the potential of driving the entire team, channelising into proper workflows and updating in real time.

There’s a simple 5-step guide to build a self-dependent sales team with CRM as the plinth:

  1. Definition 📝

Defining a workflow is an art in itself!
It’s like breaking down a mammoth plan into tiny, measurable bits and collectively driven by a massive spur.

It’s easier done than imagined!

  • Make a list of the exact steps and tasks each team is supposed to handle.
  • Tag the executives related to each task
  • Create milestones
  • Set expectations- in the form of time and deliverables
  • Overall the system should define the process from point A to point Z, covering the entire workflow.

All these definitions can be done in a CRM system with customizable configurations. Tasks and related team can be set, TAT and deliverables can be defined and status of the progress can be charted for easy reference.

2. Tag and TAT  📍⌛️

This is similar to what we touched base in the earlier point.
Tag the team members and define the TAT.
Now this is a crucial configuration, which can be accurately done and handled with a CRM.

  • Each task defined can be tagged to team members
  • Team members will get notifications when the workflow moves forward and their task comes up to be taken ahead.
  • Chronological order of tasks can be defined.
  • Mandatory tasks, parallel tasks and priority tasks can be defined

Team members can update the status of their own task as they go ahead. These updates can be viewed / notified by the respective managers through their own CRM login.

3. Escalations ☝️

To err is human. And to escalate is CRM !

CRM can be configured in a way that every escalation automatically and instantly is notified to the concerned authority, Escalations can be in the form of:

  • Non-attendance of inquiries
  • Task delays
  • No change in status for quite a long time
  • No response from executive when clients call

A system which has the capacity for configuration of types of escalations and the action to be triggered helps maintain the workflow and TATs.

4. Actions 🙅🏻

CRM system has the power and flexibility of enabling automatic actions as configured. Actions can be triggered upon various conditions. Example:

  • Action: Automatic email send. Trigger: When new lead is added / lead status changes
  • Action: Notification to manager. Trigger: Escalations
  • Action: Automatic update of lead priority Trigger: Change of status as lead progresses

These are just some of very few examples. In practical sense, each and every business on the face of this earth can have their own way of setting actions and triggers.

CRM system must able to cater to these requirements. When appropriate configuration is done, it becomes a lot easier to manage the processes as compared to the manual way.

4. Analytics 📊

Now here’s where the weighing happens!

Performance analysis is as important as sales analysis. And so is having a configurable reports and analysis. Analytics provide a clear picture of how the team and concomitant sales are progressing. Analytics help

  • Getting a clear chart of target vs achievement comparison
  • Knowing exact points where there’s a need for improvisation
  • Knowing exact points which lead to better results
  • Representing the team’s performance
  • Individual / team wise data report

A CRM software should be flexible enough to fit in every possible combination for data viewing and deriving at analytics. Only then will it be of better use and yield productive results.

Curious on how to make all the above points happen??

Maple CRM and it’s flexibility to cater any kind of workflow is just the right solution. Automate and increase team’s productivity upto 5x ! Click here to know more.

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Automation in workflow will not only result into a better team, but also it’s proportionately party to growth of a business. It’s very, very important to choose a system (CRM software) wisely, as your whole business depends on it!

Empowering Sales team – CRM software with integrations to boost workflow

Integrating multiple platforms with a CRM software enables conventional workflow to be transformed into a dynamic platform empowering sales team like never before.

CRM software forms a stronghold in the working of an organization. Be it sales, service, customer relationship or ticket management, CRM provides a channel through which the workflow progresses.

Just keeping a bare minimum system only for status updates and data management is like living in a house to live in with only four walls and a roof. Fully furnitured, architecturally designed and polished house is required for a better living; so does a CRM software should be augmented with integrations to make it effective and empowering.

What role do integrations play?

  • Create a single platform for management of multiple facets which otherwise the user has to jump from one platform to another, spending too much time, effort and energy.
  • Ensuring simultaneous updates at the same time on multiple channels, without a single miss.
  • Making data management simplified, multiple channels delivering data on one single platform.
  • Raising the Power and Capacity of the software multifold by augmenting with integrations
  • Efficient handling of multiple tasks with minimum time and maximum accuracy.

Speaking of integrations required for a CRM software, we could look at some of the most common of them all-

Integrations for lead capture – B2C businesses

  • 98% of B2C companies rely on Social media platforms for lead generation.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc. some of the most prevalent platforms for the purpose.
  • Integration with CRM software enables funnelling of all the leads from all of these sources to one common place.
  • It simplifies lead management, lead allocation and analytics.
  • If all the leads are at one place and segregated based on the source, we can easily pull out reports and know which source works the best for our purpose.
  • It avoids leads slippage. Since all the inputs are visible on one single page, there’s hardly a chance of missing out. If we have to shift our screens multiple times between various platforms, there are chances we may miss out on some data which-who knows, could’ve been a prospective one!

Integrations for lead capture- B2B businesses

  • Most of the B2B businesses pin their hopes on B2B Lead generation websites, example: IndiaMart, TradeIndia, etc.
  • Some of the other platforms are- leads coming into inbox, website or landing pages.
  • CRM, if integrated with these platforms, proves of better use since no extra logins and effort is needed to fish out the leads from a big pool of data.
  • A CRM software can have its own filters to deem the level of priority level of the leads.
  • With multiple products listed on such platforms, leads can be grouped and managed as per the product interested.
  • Most of these platforms provide an open API for integration, or have a team to assist the CRM service provider.

Integrations for Calling Solutions

  • CRM software majorly is used by the Sales team of any business. This calls for an imperative need for call logging and tracking.
  • CRM integration with a calling solution software addresses the concern of assessing call data and quality.
  • Calls made by the sales teams can be logged, recorded and reported to the concerned authority.
  • Calling solutions allow call recordings to be accessed through the CRM itself so that every single detail regarding a particular customer is available right under one tab.
  • Calls can be incoming / outgoing, both can be integrated through a CRM.
  • Reports on the calls and related data can be automatically generated and can be accessed by admins of the system.

Data Storage Integrations

  • Any CRM software present on the face of the earth always comes with limits on data storage.
  • If this is a fact, there’s a way to extend it too! It may be needed that more storage space is required which a CRM alone cannot cater to.
  • Integrations with data storage tools proves to be the savior in such cases.
  • Google Drive, DropBox, pCloud, Internxt, etc. are some of the platforms which can be looked at for extending the storage limit.
  • Security and data privacy of these integrations must be of prime consideration before going ahead to connect with a CRM.
  • Most of these integrations come with high security and reliability, since these are global platforms and used on a world wide scale.

It’s always on the user- how we wish to use a software, how much we can bring it to our advantage, how much utilization happens of every penny poured into a software- all these factors are party to the effectiveness of a system.

Maple CRM software: Highest rated software for Sales and Process Management.

Maple CRM supports multiple integrations for lead capture, data storage, calling, etc., in addition to custom built solutions. So if you’re in a situation that you need an integration which is not in the ‘standard’ list, do not hesitate to ask us. We may be able to work out the most viable solution exclusively for you!

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Maple CRM – Ahead of the Game with Customer Success

Success of a business lies in success of the customers. The value we give to our customers, the pain points we solve and taking them from Point A to Point B determines how much ahead we’ve come.

Maple CRM is built upon 3 pillars which stand strong in all their essence even today, after 12+ years of being rated highest among CRM providers worldwide-

  • Supreme Quality
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Strong and highly ethical team

We at Maple CRM believe in delivering quality over quantity. We do not pride ourselves on the number of our customers, but pride on innumerable positive feedbacks, pat on the backs and kudos from our customers.

We get a sense of satisfaction when we solve customers’ concerns. This imbibes a deep sense of contentment on the work in which we pour our souls into.

Let’s dive into the real sense of how things work at Maple CRM which make us stand out from the crowd-

Understanding the Requirements, Not just ushering into Sales

  • When a customer approaches our Sales team, they ‘Understand’ the requirements first.
  • It’s made clear at the starting stage itself what the customer needs, do we have the apt solution for that and can the customer gain value with it.
  • When these checkboxes are marked, only then the inquiry is taken ahead by the concerned subject matter experts.
  • We do not have Sales People, technical subject experts who speak with customers on technical terms, not the frilly sales pitch.
  • We believe in authenticity from both sides- ours as well as customers. Both should stick to their word, understand the product well and then go ahead to close the deal

Support and Service after sales

  • Herein lies the nucleus of long term relationship with the customers.
  • At Maple CRM, the team is dedicated and hard-wired to get the system configured exactly as per customers’ requirements.
  • Utmost care is taken to support the customers’ workflow demands, customizations needed.
  • We even advise better ways of workflow to the customers wherever applicable.
  • It’s only at Maple CRM, where no matter how old or new the customer is, we have a response time of 20 min to the max to respond to their concerns.
  • Extremely great post-sales Support and Service is what makes our customers love our system.

Maintaining high ethical values

  • Every conversation, every word coming from Maple CRM is brimmed with professional ethics and authenticity.
  • We do not believe in icing the issue with frills instead of solving it bang on.
  • We maintain a high code of conduct and values in our interactions

This has helped us gain trust and confidence which is growing stronger as we are about to enter the 13th year since inception of Maple CRM.

We’re proud to be the strong team behind the brand.

A standing ovation to all of our patrons who have placed their best interest and trust in our system which is enhancing their everyday business process!

Maple CRM Sales and Process Management software Immigration | Overseas Education Consultants | Service | sales

Quick 5-step guide for Immigration Consultants – Manage all Canada Immigration Programs from 1 platform

Maple CRM- specially designed leads and process management software for Immigration Consultants

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Canada- One of the top sought-after countries presently for Immigration. With it’s policies shoring up boost in citizenships, employment and investment, Canada is rapidly gaining place in the hearts of aspirants looking for a better quality of living.

Extending the purview of Immigration only for employment, Canada has policies articulated to welcome candidates from multiple strata of work, investment, entrepreneurship and humanitarian fields. In just over the last few years, Immigration in Canada has shot up to more than 25%* than the previous ones.

This in turn, paved ways for Immigration Consultants to facilitate the naturalization and re-location processes and columnize each process as per the applicants’ profile. But, main questions in the operations arise-

  • Heaping number of applicants- how to properly manage each as per the program opted?
  • With multitude of steps and variations in each program, how to keep a tab, update and record the progress of each applicant?
  • What if any step is missed?
  • What if any document is missed?
  • How to let the applicants stay updated without all the time reaching out to the visa filing officer?

Answer to all the above (and more) concerns- Maple CRM !

How to manage multiple programs from 1 single CRM platform? Here are simple 5 steps –

  1. Custom Configure Programs Make a list of the programs undertaken. Names of the programs must be same as that mentioned in the documents. This will ensure entire team understands it. These programs can be named as per the region, type of immigration program, province, country (since it is applicable to all the countries programs) and the nature of application- is it for Permanent Residency, Employment, Education, Investment or any other.

2. Define priorities and mandatory requirements Once the programs are defined, list out the steps (tasks) to be completed for each program, right from registration of the candidate up to their departure.

Prioritize the steps- define high priority steps, mandatory checks for the same- like document checklist, candidate CRS score, 67 point score, medical history, etc.

A CRM should also allow you to configure the serial order of the steps, parallel steps, mandatory and optional steps.

3. Tag concerned executives and define timelines After the steps and program types are defined, let’s get into the practical working- WHO will handle which task?

In a CRM, there should be a provision to tag the concerned executives for the assigned tasks. These tasks can be time-bound so as to record the start date and end date. Any delay in completion of the tasks can be escalated based on this time-limit.

A manager can have the escalations popping on their dashboard, thus notifying the delayed cases, reason for delay and can undertake necessary action on the same.

4. Automate notifications to executives and updates to clients Once the tasks are defined, automatic notifications must be triggered on completion of tasks. For eg.- If registration task is to be handled by processing officer Ria, and she completes it, a notification should pop up for Eshan-the officer handling Documentation automatically.

This way, no manual intervention is required and process goes on smoothly.

Clients can be kept updated on their own Visa application process with an online portal. They can view the status and pending steps right there. It helps to keep a transparency between the clients and the company. After all, this adds to a splendid customer experience and in turn, more customers!

5. Get a bird’s eye view of all the application cases, status and updates A manager MUST have a provision to keep a tab on every executive’s cases and updates.

An Immigration CRM software is futile if it doesn’t prove it’s worth in providing a global view to the managers and the admin.

Managers can view, get updates and even put up their own notes for a case where they feel right. These notes are intended to be read by the executives handling the case and refer accordingly.

A manager can have customized dashboard giving quick glance at the good going cases, upcoming cases and delayed cases. Custom reports too can be generated giving explicit details of the team’s progress.

CRM software dedicated for the specific purpose of Immigration Consultancy and handling multi-country programs is by and large the best solution towards and seamless process management. This quick guide can be used by Immigration Consultants to go ahead and choose the most suitable CRM software.

Always trust brands which give value to YOUR business. It’s not only about money, it’s about the value!

(*approximate value, not true to the number)

Get in touch with Maple CRM expert today and make way for great boost in productivity of your team.

Documents management and generation with CRM software

Maple CRM- Specialized software for Immigration Consultants to manage Sale and Operations.

With the humongous amount of candidates applying for Immigration and re-location services worldwide, the need for maintaining documents is spiralling up. It poses to be a critical parameter to gauge the authenticity and reliability of an Immigratioin Consultancy business.

Immigration Consultants can be assured of the best solution for Document management, security and storage with a software which is designed for the specific purpose.

Maple CRM – software specialized for Immigration consultants for management of Client data, documents, history and Visa Application details.

How does a CRM software facilitate Document management?

Secured Storage

  • Uploading documents of the clients and storing under their file name
  • Easy searching and quick display of uploaded documents
  • Record of who uploaded the document, time stamp and size details
  • Access control to ensure unauthorized access to documents

Document Generation

  • Documents can be generated, formatted and themed as per company norms.
  • As per requirements, various templates can be configured and used as ready made references while creating documents.
  • Templates can be further made accurate with macros enabled fields, like Client’s name, Email ID, Contact number, Service opted, etc.
  • These macros can be picked up automatically by the document generator and placed in the specified fields in the document.
  • Access control for document generation and editing can be defined and ensured authorized access only.
  • Custom documents, agreements, contracts, etc. can be generated withing just a few seconds with a document generator.

Check how Maple CRM enables quick and flawless document generation. Schedule for an online Demo as per your convenient time!

Document checklist

  • A checklist of all the documents as per the requirement can be configured and kept as a reference in handy every time an executive uploads the client docs.
  • Documents mandatory for the service can be marked in the software so as to eliminate any possibility of a miss.
  • If in case any documents are missing, the system pops up error/warning messages, notifying the executive.
  • Updates of the documents can be accessed by the concerned authorities, who can check and authenticate.

Document archiving and retrieval

  • It’s of utmost importance that the documents are secured, stored and archived as required even though the client is no longer associated with the company.
  • Archiving of of non-active documents can be done in a CRM software.
  • Secured and controlled access to storage ensures protection of documents, no matter how long they’re stored in the software.
  • Quick search of documents based on keywords, users, client names and types can be used for retrieval.

A CRM software proves to be of great assistance for any business, especially for Immigration consultants, where the upheaval of documents is frequent and in big quantities.

Documents of are critical importance, need stringent privacy checks and security. Gone are the days when documents were stored in files and locked in mounting storages with interconnected locks. In this supersonic speedy world, there’s no doubt that right from creating a document to archiving them- all should be gone through a proper workflow, marked with details authenticating the entries, securely stored and access controlled all the time.

Buyer’s guide – how to choose the best software for your business

How a single right (or wrong) choice can affect your entire business structure

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Choosing a software for your business is lot like choosing a car for your commute.

You need to look at all the factors- Very first – usability. Then comes budget. You also need to consider the features and specifications- do they match to your requirement? Or is there any thing less or more? How will it suit you in the long run? How much will be the annual maintenance cost? Lastly- the looks! (Yeah, for some, this can be the first factor. But what if looks come at the cost of features and usability? )

All of these factors help you decide the best car for you and you’ll be happy with your choice only if all of these criteria are met.

With a software, the choice has to be much more careful. There cannot be any toying around or hasty decisions especially when the software will be imbibed in your everyday workflow. It’s going to be a part of your every day work life, your heavy dependency will be on the software. That’s why, it’s of utmost importance to make a well-thought decision.

Following prime factors MUST be considered before going for any business software:

  • Software Provider Competency and Customer Support

The company / organization who’s promising you the deliverance of your required software must be tested for their own competency. Is the company expert in the field? Do they have a strong customer support team for after- sales service?
Customer support is another major factor to consider, since sale happens only once, customer support is needed for lifetime!

So be very, very careful of choosing the provider. For example, if you’re purchasing a CRM software for your business, check the history of the provider. Check their support policies, ask questions till you are convinced that they are capable enough to give you a solid solution.

Check how Maple CRM

helps you get the best out of your Sales and Process Team

  • Usability of the software

Now that you’ve zeroed down to a provider, ensure that the software which is being suggested by them suits your requirements COMPLETELY. The software should be easy to use, least complications and major tasks must be most easily accessible.

Features of the software must be thoroughly studied to check their function and relevance to your requirements.

Some websites which give a good review of softwares:

  1. Google (Obvious, right?)
  2. Software Suggest
  3. Techjockey
  4. G2
  • Flexibility and Customization

The software should be flexible enough to fit in your criteria, not that you need to bend and shift your workflow to fit in the software. Maximum customizability and minimum adjustment- that’s what makes the software the best choice.

  • Budget

Of course, this is THE deciding factor. But be very careful- Cheapest are not always the best.

Budget has to be considered as one of the deciding factors in a software- not the only deciding factor. What if the software costs less at the beginning, but creates huge dents in your daily operations- which results in multiple times wreckage in the business?

There are plenty of softwares which are at rock bottom price (some are even FREE. Think – why would any company give anything for free?). But decisions must be taken with a holistic approach, not a one-sided consideration.

  • Your team’s capability to adapt

This too is a good criterion to consider. How well does your team adapt to the software? It gives you the report card of the software in the form of it’s user-friendliness, adaptability and simple user interface.

The real capability of a software is in what lies underneath. Just like a Lotus flower- beautiful and simple on top, expansively complicated under the water. A software should be most simple for the user’s eyes, but highly technical, interconnected and feature packed to address the main concerns.

  • Data Security (that’s where an established software provider ranks higher)

Data security and privacy – these are the most commonly used, yet underrated words in today’s world. While it may not cause any concern for any bought out items, it’s of utmost importance when it comes to a business software. Data entered into a software is the property of the company which buys the software. So should be maintained with high security, ZERO breach and user authentications.

There are plenty of companies which say that they commit to data privacy and security. Wise choice would be to deep dive into the technicalities of it, have a word with the concerned technical person and be 100% sure that your data will be safe.

  • Reviews and Customer references

This is the good old method. Humans tend to believe what others, of their same requirements, have to say about a specific provider.

Go ahead. There’s nothing wrong in it! Get the reviews checked online, call upon customer references and shoot your concerns. Once convinced, only then make the right choice!

Hope this helps gain a good understanding of considerations in choosing the right software. Great choices lead to great results! Be wise!

Maple CRM is the best choice among CRM software providers. With 12+ years of Industry experience and global spread of customers, Maple CRM has been ascending towards becoming the top rated CRM provider with great features, great pricing and unparalleled Customer Support.

Get in touch with Maple CRM expert today and get your Sales and Process management sorted!

Increase Lead Conversion rate – Save time, Maximise Sales

How Lead Prioritization helps make best out of the time and money spent in lead generation.

Automatic lead prioritization with Maple CRM

If you own a business or are in sales and marketing team, you very well understand the importance of leads. Your business may be generating hundreds of leads every day, still each and every lead comes with a price, value and prospect.

In such a demographically, culturally and professionally diverse population, it’s common to get poured in a huge amount of inquiries. But true challenge is in sorting out the good ones and follow them up, spend time and get them into ‘sales converted’ bucket. Most important point here is that no prospective lead should be perdue and no irrelevant lead should eat up the efforts of the sales executive.

It’s a must to have a strategy for filtering the leads and prioritizing them.

It can be done by various methods:

Appropriate Lead Form

This is something like filtering them right at the entry gate! Business specific questions can be mentioned in the inquiry / lead form, especially if it’s displayed in social media ads. Social media is a platform where a huge magnitude of viewers can see the ads and knowingly or unknowingly they may click on it whether or not they’re in need of the product / service. That’s why if the lead form consists of 1-2 specific questions, which can be answered by only those prospects who know about the product, here itself basic filtration can happen.

For example: If you have a business of Office Desk manufacturing, you can include ‘Approx office size in sq.ft.’ or ‘Preferred desk material’ in the lead form.

Apart from this, basic information too should be authenticated for it’s correctness- like if contact number (in India), which needs to be of 10 digits, is having only 8 digits in the lead form, it should not be qualified for assigning to sales executives.

Lead Scoring

CRM software is the best solution for Lead Scoring.

Lead scoring is a simple but effective strategy to prioritize leads. CRM software allows custom setting of rules and score for incoming leads.

Let’s see a case for the same: Consider you are in an Immigration Consultant. You would be receiving great amounts of leads – but for your business, you need leads who are interested in only Student Visa, not work permit visa.
So in the lead form itself you can add the field ‘ Type of Visa Required ‘ . If they select ‘Student Visa’, they get landed in your priority list. If not, you can see them in less priority list.

  • Get this sorting done by the CRM automatically. Know more
  • Put up your own list and scores
  • Set up actions to be performed for prospective leads
  • Get notified if high priority leads are kept untouched

Maple CRM is the best lead management software with highest quality support and service and completely configurable for each business type.

Automatic Action Plan Setting

Once the leads are prioritised and put in the respective buckets, an action plan can be set –

  • Automatic mail to the leads
  • Automatic message to confirm receipt of their inquiry
  • Notification to the lead owner to call the lead
  • Automatic call to the lead (if progressive calling software is used)
  • Action prompts to the lead owner to attend the lead and put up follow ups

These steps will ensure that no lead goes amiss, no lead gets leaked and your contacts get a better experience than most other businesses who don’t have this system in place.

Maple CRM enhances your business to upto 5 folds with it’s most user friendly interface, flexibility in configuration and most prompt customer support.

Running a business? Get Maple CRM, get sorted!

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Document Creation Software – why should you manage documents digitally

Quick guide on how digitally creating and managing documents saves time and energy in day to day transactions.

Document creation, maintenance and updating is an inseparable part of any business. Gone are the days when manual generation, printing, filing and storing used to consume a major part of the working day.

  • Estimates / Quotations
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Invoices
  • Receipts

These are some of the most common documents which are mandatory for any business. As important it is to manage these documents, so is the security and access control, since there’s sensitive information

Manual Vs Digital Document Management

Dependency on Experitse:

Manual Document management = dependency on expertise. The person in charge of generating documents must be vigilant enough to ensure all the details are mentioned in every document, the alignment is proper. Plus, ensure no errors and misses.

Digital documentation eliminates the overall need of manual intervention. With pre-defined templates, one doesn’t have to type in any information, nor can edit without permission. This ensures ZERO errors and inclusion of all the terms to be mentioned at any point of time.

Time required for generation + proof-reading:

The long hours needed to type in a document, have the tables aligned and placed perfectly and inclusion of all the details is a time consuming process by itself. You cannot be too sure all the time to just change the names of the clients and print it out, you MUST go through the entire document every time, since any addition / deletion changes the entire text placing.

Proof reading every time is required since this is a manual process and open access to everyone. The amount of time required for this is massive and still leaves room for errors.

Digital documentation doesn’t allow any changes to unauthorized personnel. If any changes done, those are duly recorded so as to easily back track them.

Proof reading not required every time, since the software’s intelligence ensures no placement disruptions.

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User access control – Security and Approval

Do you give access to ALL of your employees to ALL the documents? No right? How do you ensure this WITHOUT someone manually patrolling the documents folder?

Impossible in manual document management. Digital / Automated document management allows you to:

  • Restrict user access control
  • Password protect documents
  • Enable document generation without editing permission
  • Records of changes made- when, where and by whom
  • Approval of Managers for the documents generated
  • Share that very instant with customers
  • Easy search of past documents

Some of the greatest advantages of digital documentation are:

About 35% reduction in operating costs

About 50% time saving

70-75% Improvement in Document Quality and Precision

Maple CRM is the best software for document generation.

  • Generate Documents, Agreements, Contracts with 1 click
  • Multiple types of template configuration
  • Solid Team Support for template generation
  • User Access control
  • Manager Approval Provision
  • 100% configurable document format

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CRM software for lead management

How can a software help manage leads efficiently and automate the process

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Lead generation, management and conversion are the basic stages of any business, be it a startup or a well established enterprise. Lead is the basic input required for a business to turn its wheels and go ahead.


Simple answer- You can manage only what you can keep an account of.

Consider you have a constant stream of money coming in from various sources. Good thing to imagine, isn’t it? 🙂 But still you face problems in money management, you don’t know how and where you spent it, or wasted it, or simply you don’t know how much money exists in your account. How can you manage if you are not keeping an account of it?

Leads are the Vitamin ‘M’ your business needs to run. It’s not just a need, it’s imperative to manage leads carefully and effectively.

Using spreadsheets and manual notes are bygones now- time to carve their pics on the walls. Not really the ‘happening’ way of doing business today.

Then how to manage leads effectively? – CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) is the answer to it. What does a CRM do?

1. Auto capture of Leads

CRM software is equipped with the facility of capturing leads from social media platforms. Generically leads are captured from ads in Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, Websites, etc.

There can also be integration of CRM softwares with specific industry related lead generation software like IndiaMart, TradeIndia, Housing sites, JustDial, etc. These are the platforms most commonly used in India by businesses of all sizes and structures. If a CRM software is strong enough to cater these integrations, look no beyond! That’s the CRM you’re looking for!

2. Allocation of Leads

When you have a handful of leads, how are you going to juggle them all by yourselves? Too many juggling balls and just 2 hands- they’re going to fall off eventually!

Here’s where Lead Allocation plays an important role. The CRM software must be capable enough to support automatic lead allocation.

  • Allocation based on Round – Robin method: one by one leads will be distributed equally among the team members.
  • Allocation based on Expertise- team members proficient in certain subject matters can be allocated the relevant leads so that right inquiry goes to the right person who can handle it.
  • Allocation based on region- Leads from certain areas can be pushed to team handling that particular area. This helps quick connection with the leads- vocal for local!

5x – boost your business.

CRM software can boost your business productivity by upto 60%!!

3. Follow ups

Now that the leads are here, delivered to the respective team members- Time for the sales wave to kick in!

Calling up the prospects, gathering information, finding out the requirements, suggesting the best solutions, confirming visits wherever applicable- all are a part of the sales cycle. These stages should be well coordinated and no sales person should ever be accounted losing any lead just because of ‘no follow ups’!

CRM software provides a dedicated feature for putting up of follow ups, relevant notes / remarks after each conversation and having the pop ups of the reminders on phone. This ensures no lead leaks and we are in touch with the prospects from time to time.

4. Connection with Leads

Building up quick connection with the inbound inquiries is the stepping stone towards business conversion. Quicker response ensures a professional image of your company to the prospects.

CRM software enables automatic first mails / messages to the prospects the instant the lead lands in the system. These mails can also be pre-drafted and stored so that the first connection happens immediately.

Rules can be set in a CRM software as to when a mail should be triggered, if any requirement form is to be sent through mail, it can be sent automatically.

Simply put, a CRM is the only solution for better, quicker and more effective way of lead management. Stop relying on manual methods for keeping a track of everything – let the software handle it for you!

Learn How Maple CRM proves to be best software for lead management.

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Customization of the workflow, dashboards and reports make the software a great analytical tool for insights on the business progress and lead inputs.

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