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Upload Client documents, Generate Custom Contracts / Agreements and Share online with client through Portal. Maple CRM: All in one solution for Immigration Consultants

Immigration Consultants can relate very well with this- Utmost importance of managing Clients’ Documents, Immaculate Agreements and Client Acceptance Signature.

Good documentation reduces an organization’s risks, enhances the accuracy of investigations, and can decrease the impact of lawsuits.

-extracted from Walden University blog post

A tool that helps in storage and retrieval of documents, an access controlled platform for uploading and downloading documents, generating new documents, recording the acceptance of the clients- all are the most vital and frequent task which a service oriented industry has to handle. Especially the IMMIGRATION sector.

Automation in this process is the best way to manage the documentation process. A software used for Sales and Process management, if equipped with apt document management too, that will be an asset for executives handling the arduous task every single day.

Automation in Document Management especially for Immigration Sector helps-

  • Reduce Manual work- in turn reducing errors
  • Quick and one-platform accessible
  • Time stamped records
  • Easily downloadable
  • Easily shareable

Maple CRM is an All in one solution for Sales + Visa Process management for Immigration Consultants.

Document Management in Maple CRM serves following 3 major functionalities-

  1. Generation of Custom Agreements / Contracts
  2. Client Document Upload and Labelling
  3. Client Portal for sharing and E-signing of documents
Maple CRM document management automation
  1. Generation of Customer Agreements / Contracts:

Maple CRM enables the user to create custom Agreements / Contracts as per the Visa opted by their client. Customization can be done on the basis of:

  • Country and Visa type
  • Rules and regulations + Legal aspects
  • Payment terms
  • Any other regulatory obligations

Every Immigration Service organization can have their own format of documents to be generated, which can be custom built with Maple CRM software. One can include the company logo, headers, footers, covering letter, content to be included, images and tabular data.

In addition to this, client information is automatically picked up while generating the document, thus avoiding even the tiniest of the errors.

Agreement / Contract generator functionalities:

  • Create templates for various Visa processes – Suitable for ALL COUNTRIES, ALL VISA PROCESSES
  • Multiple templates can be created
  • Content in the templates can consist of
    • Client Data (Auto-filled)
    • Visa Process details
    • Country details (Content + Images)
    • Tabular data
    • Payment terms and conditions
    • Legal aspects
  • While generating the agreement, user can select the relevant type and generate.
  • No re-typing required
  • Editing permissions can be restricted
  • Time-stamped records of creation and editings

These created documents can be shared with clients via a Client Portal.

Clients can DIGITALLY SIGN the document and share it back via the portal, and it will be stored directly in CRM records.

Connect with Maple CRM executive on to know more details.

2. Client Document Upload and Labelling

During a Visa Application process, it’s imperative for any Immigration Consultant to collect clients’ documents- like Identity proof, Address proof, Education Documents, Nationality Proof, etc.

Maple CRM provides a secure and managed space for the document uploading and storing.

  • Upload Client documents and store in their details in CRM
  • Custom label the documents as per the requirements
  • Create a document checklist in CRM
  • Time stamped record of the upload
  • Record of the user who uploaded
  • Display of type of document
  • Display of document size
  • Filtering on category

Moreover, these documents can be easily accessible by clients on the Client Portal for Viewing and Downloading.

Clients can also upload documents from the Client portal as explained below.

3. Client Portal for sharing and E-signing of documents:

Client portal in Maple CRM is the gateway for being transparent with the clients, keeping them updated on their Visa process, sending notifications for important updates and requirements, documents and payments.

  • Clients can view their Visa status update.
  • Clients can upload documents as and when needed through the Portal.
  • Shared documents – like Agreements can be Viewed, Downloaded, E-signed, shared from the Portal
  • Payments done, pending and due date can be viewed in the Portal.

Real time case:

Let’s consider that the Visa Filing officer has generated and agreement in CRM which the client needs to go through and send back the signed copy. Through Maple CRM it can be processed this way:

  1. Generate custom agreement by selecting the relevant template. (in just 3 clicks!)
  2. Share it with client through CRM into the Portal.
  3. Message through CRM also can be sent to the client which will be notified in the Portal.
  4. Client can open the agreement in CRM
  5. E-sign it and Share through portal. DONE!

Maple CRM aims at simplifying, enhancing and accurizing the Sales and Visa process management for Immigration consultants. That’s why the highest rated Immigration service providers globally go for Maple CRM-a holistic Immigration CRM software.

Learn more : Maple CRM for Immigration Consultants.

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