Empowering Sales team – CRM software with integrations to boost workflow

Integrating multiple platforms with a CRM software enables conventional workflow to be transformed into a dynamic platform empowering sales team like never before.

CRM software forms a stronghold in the working of an organization. Be it sales, service, customer relationship or ticket management, CRM provides a channel through which the workflow progresses.

Just keeping a bare minimum system only for status updates and data management is like living in a house to live in with only four walls and a roof. Fully furnitured, architecturally designed and polished house is required for a better living; so does a CRM software should be augmented with integrations to make it effective and empowering.

What role do integrations play?

  • Create a single platform for management of multiple facets which otherwise the user has to jump from one platform to another, spending too much time, effort and energy.
  • Ensuring simultaneous updates at the same time on multiple channels, without a single miss.
  • Making data management simplified, multiple channels delivering data on one single platform.
  • Raising the Power and Capacity of the software multifold by augmenting with integrations
  • Efficient handling of multiple tasks with minimum time and maximum accuracy.

Speaking of integrations required for a CRM software, we could look at some of the most common of them all-

Integrations for lead capture – B2C businesses

  • 98% of B2C companies rely on Social media platforms for lead generation.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc. some of the most prevalent platforms for the purpose.
  • Integration with CRM software enables funnelling of all the leads from all of these sources to one common place.
  • It simplifies lead management, lead allocation and analytics.
  • If all the leads are at one place and segregated based on the source, we can easily pull out reports and know which source works the best for our purpose.
  • It avoids leads slippage. Since all the inputs are visible on one single page, there’s hardly a chance of missing out. If we have to shift our screens multiple times between various platforms, there are chances we may miss out on some data which-who knows, could’ve been a prospective one!

Integrations for lead capture- B2B businesses

  • Most of the B2B businesses pin their hopes on B2B Lead generation websites, example: IndiaMart, TradeIndia, etc.
  • Some of the other platforms are- leads coming into inbox, website or landing pages.
  • CRM, if integrated with these platforms, proves of better use since no extra logins and effort is needed to fish out the leads from a big pool of data.
  • A CRM software can have its own filters to deem the level of priority level of the leads.
  • With multiple products listed on such platforms, leads can be grouped and managed as per the product interested.
  • Most of these platforms provide an open API for integration, or have a team to assist the CRM service provider.

Integrations for Calling Solutions

  • CRM software majorly is used by the Sales team of any business. This calls for an imperative need for call logging and tracking.
  • CRM integration with a calling solution software addresses the concern of assessing call data and quality.
  • Calls made by the sales teams can be logged, recorded and reported to the concerned authority.
  • Calling solutions allow call recordings to be accessed through the CRM itself so that every single detail regarding a particular customer is available right under one tab.
  • Calls can be incoming / outgoing, both can be integrated through a CRM.
  • Reports on the calls and related data can be automatically generated and can be accessed by admins of the system.

Data Storage Integrations

  • Any CRM software present on the face of the earth always comes with limits on data storage.
  • If this is a fact, there’s a way to extend it too! It may be needed that more storage space is required which a CRM alone cannot cater to.
  • Integrations with data storage tools proves to be the savior in such cases.
  • Google Drive, DropBox, pCloud, Internxt, etc. are some of the platforms which can be looked at for extending the storage limit.
  • Security and data privacy of these integrations must be of prime consideration before going ahead to connect with a CRM.
  • Most of these integrations come with high security and reliability, since these are global platforms and used on a world wide scale.

It’s always on the user- how we wish to use a software, how much we can bring it to our advantage, how much utilization happens of every penny poured into a software- all these factors are party to the effectiveness of a system.

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Maple CRM supports multiple integrations for lead capture, data storage, calling, etc., in addition to custom built solutions. So if you’re in a situation that you need an integration which is not in the ‘standard’ list, do not hesitate to ask us. We may be able to work out the most viable solution exclusively for you!

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