Maple CRM – Ahead of the Game with Customer Success

Success of a business lies in success of the customers. The value we give to our customers, the pain points we solve and taking them from Point A to Point B determines how much ahead we’ve come.

Maple CRM is built upon 3 pillars which stand strong in all their essence even today, after 12+ years of being rated highest among CRM providers worldwide-

  • Supreme Quality
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Strong and highly ethical team

We at Maple CRM believe in delivering quality over quantity. We do not pride ourselves on the number of our customers, but pride on innumerable positive feedbacks, pat on the backs and kudos from our customers.

We get a sense of satisfaction when we solve customers’ concerns. This imbibes a deep sense of contentment on the work in which we pour our souls into.

Let’s dive into the real sense of how things work at Maple CRM which make us stand out from the crowd-

Understanding the Requirements, Not just ushering into Sales

  • When a customer approaches our Sales team, they ‘Understand’ the requirements first.
  • It’s made clear at the starting stage itself what the customer needs, do we have the apt solution for that and can the customer gain value with it.
  • When these checkboxes are marked, only then the inquiry is taken ahead by the concerned subject matter experts.
  • We do not have Sales People, technical subject experts who speak with customers on technical terms, not the frilly sales pitch.
  • We believe in authenticity from both sides- ours as well as customers. Both should stick to their word, understand the product well and then go ahead to close the deal

Support and Service after sales

  • Herein lies the nucleus of long term relationship with the customers.
  • At Maple CRM, the team is dedicated and hard-wired to get the system configured exactly as per customers’ requirements.
  • Utmost care is taken to support the customers’ workflow demands, customizations needed.
  • We even advise better ways of workflow to the customers wherever applicable.
  • It’s only at Maple CRM, where no matter how old or new the customer is, we have a response time of 20 min to the max to respond to their concerns.
  • Extremely great post-sales Support and Service is what makes our customers love our system.

Maintaining high ethical values

  • Every conversation, every word coming from Maple CRM is brimmed with professional ethics and authenticity.
  • We do not believe in icing the issue with frills instead of solving it bang on.
  • We maintain a high code of conduct and values in our interactions

This has helped us gain trust and confidence which is growing stronger as we are about to enter the 13th year since inception of Maple CRM.

We’re proud to be the strong team behind the brand.

A standing ovation to all of our patrons who have placed their best interest and trust in our system which is enhancing their everyday business process!

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