Quick 5-step guide for Immigration Consultants – Manage all Canada Immigration Programs from 1 platform

Maple CRM- specially designed leads and process management software for Immigration Consultants

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Canada- One of the top sought-after countries presently for Immigration. With it’s policies shoring up boost in citizenships, employment and investment, Canada is rapidly gaining place in the hearts of aspirants looking for a better quality of living.

Extending the purview of Immigration only for employment, Canada has policies articulated to welcome candidates from multiple strata of work, investment, entrepreneurship and humanitarian fields. In just over the last few years, Immigration in Canada has shot up to more than 25%* than the previous ones.

This in turn, paved ways for Immigration Consultants to facilitate the naturalization and re-location processes and columnize each process as per the applicants’ profile. But, main questions in the operations arise-

  • Heaping number of applicants- how to properly manage each as per the program opted?
  • With multitude of steps and variations in each program, how to keep a tab, update and record the progress of each applicant?
  • What if any step is missed?
  • What if any document is missed?
  • How to let the applicants stay updated without all the time reaching out to the visa filing officer?

Answer to all the above (and more) concerns- Maple CRM !

How to manage multiple programs from 1 single CRM platform? Here are simple 5 steps –

  1. Custom Configure Programs Make a list of the programs undertaken. Names of the programs must be same as that mentioned in the documents. This will ensure entire team understands it. These programs can be named as per the region, type of immigration program, province, country (since it is applicable to all the countries programs) and the nature of application- is it for Permanent Residency, Employment, Education, Investment or any other.

2. Define priorities and mandatory requirements Once the programs are defined, list out the steps (tasks) to be completed for each program, right from registration of the candidate up to their departure.

Prioritize the steps- define high priority steps, mandatory checks for the same- like document checklist, candidate CRS score, 67 point score, medical history, etc.

A CRM should also allow you to configure the serial order of the steps, parallel steps, mandatory and optional steps.

3. Tag concerned executives and define timelines After the steps and program types are defined, let’s get into the practical working- WHO will handle which task?

In a CRM, there should be a provision to tag the concerned executives for the assigned tasks. These tasks can be time-bound so as to record the start date and end date. Any delay in completion of the tasks can be escalated based on this time-limit.

A manager can have the escalations popping on their dashboard, thus notifying the delayed cases, reason for delay and can undertake necessary action on the same.

4. Automate notifications to executives and updates to clients Once the tasks are defined, automatic notifications must be triggered on completion of tasks. For eg.- If registration task is to be handled by processing officer Ria, and she completes it, a notification should pop up for Eshan-the officer handling Documentation automatically.

This way, no manual intervention is required and process goes on smoothly.

Clients can be kept updated on their own Visa application process with an online portal. They can view the status and pending steps right there. It helps to keep a transparency between the clients and the company. After all, this adds to a splendid customer experience and in turn, more customers!

5. Get a bird’s eye view of all the application cases, status and updates A manager MUST have a provision to keep a tab on every executive’s cases and updates.

An Immigration CRM software is futile if it doesn’t prove it’s worth in providing a global view to the managers and the admin.

Managers can view, get updates and even put up their own notes for a case where they feel right. These notes are intended to be read by the executives handling the case and refer accordingly.

A manager can have customized dashboard giving quick glance at the good going cases, upcoming cases and delayed cases. Custom reports too can be generated giving explicit details of the team’s progress.

CRM software dedicated for the specific purpose of Immigration Consultancy and handling multi-country programs is by and large the best solution towards and seamless process management. This quick guide can be used by Immigration Consultants to go ahead and choose the most suitable CRM software.

Always trust brands which give value to YOUR business. It’s not only about money, it’s about the value!

(*approximate value, not true to the number)

Get in touch with Maple CRM expert today and make way for great boost in productivity of your team.



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