Immigration Process CRM Software

Big or small companies rely greatly on effective mode of communications and handling business process along with building a healthy relationship with clients.

Many companies do face problems in maintaining the good day to day flow like:

  • Consultants are loaded with activities without a structured work culture
  • Data accessibility issues when there is no proper hierarchy set in place
  • Inconsistent and out dated details floating around the team
  • No proper tracking mechanism to have a hold on the process
  • Difficulty in manually notifying the status to clients everytime there is an update

The above are on the ground level. When we dig in, we may find many more hurdles from one stage to another.

Immigration CRM

Maple CRM Software has been designed to reduce the complications of the workflow. It can manage the entire organization process in an orderly manner with great ease. The solution ensures to improve the productivity and quality with result oriented solutions for all the problems.

Maple lets you to configure the entire process in a structured and systematic way allowing the consultants to work on their activities smoothly.

Maple CRM promises to offer for Immigration Consultants:

  • Pre-Sales
  • Workflow
  • Automation
  • Communication
  • Tracking


Maple CRM can integrate to your websites or different landing pages and allow enquiries to directly flow into your CRM eliminating all the manual work of lead additions. It can also distribute these enquiries to different consultants using round robin method. This would save up majority of the resources time by making things system driven.

Lead Management CRM

Lead Management also supports Lead Scoring allowing you to prioritize and target the potential leads with score points. These scores are automatically updated based on the business structure configured. Further to this, the CRM lets you to have your own lead cycles defined so that the counsellors or sales team can take care of the follow ups and convert them accordingly.


The entire process of applicants can be taken care in Maple CRM in a streamlined manner using the Workflow Management module. The module offers to have every single task for various countries to be pre-defined and structured initially and lets the consultants take care of their work activities as per the defined model. This also ensures that every designated work gets completed on time and as per the requirement. Every document that is required to be collected can be mapped to the Task or the Work item during which it needs to be collected. This would ensure that all the mandate documents are collected and is processed accordingly.

CRM Software for Immigration

With the help of Maple CRM system, the consultants can take care of the complete application filing, processing and visa submission activities at one place. The entire immigration process can be configured in the CRM with respect to the flows of different countries.


One of the most tedious job is getting all your leads added one by one into the CRM. Maple CRM can help you in getting this automatically imported through web integrations. The second most important time consuming job is client interactions, which most obviously happens over calls or emails. The smarter approach here would be to trigger automations from CRM. The emails can be sent automatically to inform or share time updates. Same with SMS, the system can send quick short message notifications to clients via SMS. These triggers are going to save resources time majorly .


Interacting and updating applicants about their application status is far more easier and professional using Maple CRM’s email and SMS solutions. This also offers to have email and sms templates pre-defined and used anytime instantly.


Keep tab on progress of each of the work items allocated and also on the consultants on effectiveness and work closures. The system lets you monitor the entire process and also lets you know whether the timelines are met or has been overshot. Any approvals or time extensions can be routed through managers and that would ensure that everything is under the administration scanner.