Overseas Education CRM Software

What does a CRM promise to offer for a Study Abroad or Education Consultants?

We are not just talking about storing databases of contacts and to use them to do cold calling or send bulk emails. We are talking about potential CRM that can build value addition to businesses and help in increasing productivity and profitability.

Let us take a normal scenario where counselors get walk-ins and everyday enquiries that needs to be dealt with. Tens and hundreds of enquiries, stored in excel and following up with them and keeping up with priority cases is definitely a nightmare.

CRM Software for Business

So a basic CRM can ofcourse help in storing, managing these leads, timely notifications on follow up and probably keeping track of the lead progress. That’s all right. I mean that is what many CRMs promise to help in managing daily work activities.

If you are thinking CRM is just the above, then you are wrong. CRM is vast and it can do much more than you can imagine.

When you say daily work activities of an education counselor or an expert, it involves collecting the lead details, converting them into a potential student, complete registration, conducting interviews, get the fund approvals, take care of medicals, submission and approval of visas, etc. and ofcourse these are handled by different subject matter experts. How are these taken care in a CRM?

Not to forget the managers who want to keep track of these operations, the timelines on these and managing the entire process and ensuring that everything is getting done and is running smoothly on time. Well, it sounds like you need to build a custom software to take care of all these processes? That’s the only option is what you think!

Seriously? Think again!

What you need is not to waste time, resources and money in building a super fantastic huge software of your own! But an intelligent CRM that can do all the work for you.

You need Maple CRM!

What can Maple CRM do?

  • Organizes your business workflow
  • Automates work activities
  • Helps in tracking work progress
  • Enhances agent to student communications
  • Maximizes business performance
  • Increases profitability and efficiency

CRM Software for Education

With hundreds of applications a year, you can easily organize your tasks and manage your growing leads in one CRM. Be it multiple teams or branches, you can establish a streamlined access and an effective communication between the experts in Maple CRM. The solution offers lead to student conversion, maintaining separate channels for lead and student process.

In addition to the above, the Education CRM provides:

  1. Lead creation from web sources and landing pages
  2. Automatic distribution of leads to Consultants
  3. Lead Management Process with Lead Scoring
  4. Lead work flow  and follow-up.
  5. Conversion of Leads for Processing
  6. Country/University/College course finder
  7. Student Process tracking & Application Filing
  8. Document Check list & Check points

Workflow Management

Maple CRM can build the complete flow for Education process in regards to the various countries. The counselors and experts can be designated with the work item as per the flow and will be notified on what needs to be done along with the timelines. This would ensure that there is no manager or administration intervention required for the smooth flow of the process.

Study CRM Automation

Automate the workflow with pre-defined triggers that can easily communicate, notify and update the students through email or SMS. These automations can help in sending timely updates to students about their application status, submissions, approvals, etc. Such automations can not only save up the resources time but also adds up professionalism in student interactions.

Tracking of Workflow and Process

With Maple CRM at your fingertips, it is easy to monitor the entire process and ensure that all the activities are taken care and the timelines are met. Dashboard & Charts are equipped to highlight the key areas where you need to have constant look out. More importantly, you can download various reports on the workflow and the activities as needed in just few seconds.

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