Immigration Process CRM Software

Big or small companies rely greatly on effective mode of communications and handling business process along with building a healthy relationship with clients.

Many companies do face problems in maintaining the good day to day flow like:

  • Consultants are loaded with activities without a structured work culture
  • Data accessibility issues when there is no proper hierarchy set in place
  • Inconsistent and out dated details floating around the team
  • No proper tracking mechanism to have a hold on the process
  • Difficulty in manually notifying the status to clients everytime there is an update

The above are on the ground level. When we dig in, we may find many more hurdles from one stage to another.

Immigration CRM

Maple CRM Software has been designed to reduce the complications of the workflow. It can manage the entire organization process in an orderly manner with great ease. The solution ensures to improve the productivity and quality with result oriented solutions for all the problems.

Maple lets you to configure the entire process in a structured and systematic way allowing the consultants to work on their activities smoothly.

Maple CRM promises to offer for Immigration Consultants:

  • Pre-Sales
  • Workflow
  • Automation
  • Communication
  • Tracking


Maple CRM can integrate to your websites or different landing pages and allow enquiries to directly flow into your CRM eliminating all the manual work of lead additions. It can also distribute these enquiries to different consultants using round robin method. This would save up majority of the resources time by making things system driven.

Lead Management CRM

Lead Management also supports Lead Scoring allowing you to prioritize and target the potential leads with score points. These scores are automatically updated based on the business structure configured. Further to this, the CRM lets you to have your own lead cycles defined so that the counsellors or sales team can take care of the follow ups and convert them accordingly.


The entire process of applicants can be taken care in Maple CRM in a streamlined manner using the Workflow Management module. The module offers to have every single task for various countries to be pre-defined and structured initially and lets the consultants take care of their work activities as per the defined model. This also ensures that every designated work gets completed on time and as per the requirement. Every document that is required to be collected can be mapped to the Task or the Work item during which it needs to be collected. This would ensure that all the mandate documents are collected and is processed accordingly.

CRM Software for Immigration

With the help of Maple CRM system, the consultants can take care of the complete application filing, processing and visa submission activities at one place. The entire immigration process can be configured in the CRM with respect to the flows of different countries.


One of the most tedious job is getting all your leads added one by one into the CRM. Maple CRM can help you in getting this automatically imported through web integrations. The second most important time consuming job is client interactions, which most obviously happens over calls or emails. The smarter approach here would be to trigger automations from CRM. The emails can be sent automatically to inform or share time updates. Same with SMS, the system can send quick short message notifications to clients via SMS. These triggers are going to save resources time majorly .


Interacting and updating applicants about their application status is far more easier and professional using Maple CRM’s email and SMS solutions. This also offers to have email and sms templates pre-defined and used anytime instantly.


Keep tab on progress of each of the work items allocated and also on the consultants on effectiveness and work closures. The system lets you monitor the entire process and also lets you know whether the timelines are met or has been overshot. Any approvals or time extensions can be routed through managers and that would ensure that everything is under the administration scanner.

Overseas Education CRM Software

What does a CRM promise to offer for a Study Abroad or Education Consultants?

We are not just talking about storing databases of contacts and to use them to do cold calling or send bulk emails. We are talking about potential CRM that can build value addition to businesses and help in increasing productivity and profitability.

Let us take a normal scenario where counselors get walk-ins and everyday enquiries that needs to be dealt with. Tens and hundreds of enquiries, stored in excel and following up with them and keeping up with priority cases is definitely a nightmare.

CRM Software for Business

So a basic CRM can ofcourse help in storing, managing these leads, timely notifications on follow up and probably keeping track of the lead progress. That’s all right. I mean that is what many CRMs promise to help in managing daily work activities.

If you are thinking CRM is just the above, then you are wrong. CRM is vast and it can do much more than you can imagine.

When you say daily work activities of an education counselor or an expert, it involves collecting the lead details, converting them into a potential student, complete registration, conducting interviews, get the fund approvals, take care of medicals, submission and approval of visas, etc. and ofcourse these are handled by different subject matter experts. How are these taken care in a CRM?

Not to forget the managers who want to keep track of these operations, the timelines on these and managing the entire process and ensuring that everything is getting done and is running smoothly on time. Well, it sounds like you need to build a custom software to take care of all these processes? That’s the only option is what you think!

Seriously? Think again!

What you need is not to waste time, resources and money in building a super fantastic huge software of your own! But an intelligent CRM that can do all the work for you.

You need Maple CRM!

What can Maple CRM do?

  • Organizes your business workflow
  • Automates work activities
  • Helps in tracking work progress
  • Enhances agent to student communications
  • Maximizes business performance
  • Increases profitability and efficiency

CRM Software for Education

With hundreds of applications a year, you can easily organize your tasks and manage your growing leads in one CRM. Be it multiple teams or branches, you can establish a streamlined access and an effective communication between the experts in Maple CRM. The solution offers lead to student conversion, maintaining separate channels for lead and student process.

In addition to the above, the Education CRM provides:

  1. Lead creation from web sources and landing pages
  2. Automatic distribution of leads to Consultants
  3. Lead Management Process with Lead Scoring
  4. Lead work flow  and follow-up.
  5. Conversion of Leads for Processing
  6. Country/University/College course finder
  7. Student Process tracking & Application Filing
  8. Document Check list & Check points

Workflow Management

Maple CRM can build the complete flow for Education process in regards to the various countries. The counselors and experts can be designated with the work item as per the flow and will be notified on what needs to be done along with the timelines. This would ensure that there is no manager or administration intervention required for the smooth flow of the process.

Study CRM Automation

Automate the workflow with pre-defined triggers that can easily communicate, notify and update the students through email or SMS. These automations can help in sending timely updates to students about their application status, submissions, approvals, etc. Such automations can not only save up the resources time but also adds up professionalism in student interactions.

Tracking of Workflow and Process

With Maple CRM at your fingertips, it is easy to monitor the entire process and ensure that all the activities are taken care and the timelines are met. Dashboard & Charts are equipped to highlight the key areas where you need to have constant look out. More importantly, you can download various reports on the workflow and the activities as needed in just few seconds.

CRM Software for Immigration, CRM Software for Overseas Education Consultants

Immigration CRM

Maple CRM is specialized with end to end solution for Immigration process. The software includes features designed to cover all the business activities of immigration related workflow.

Be it a small or large enterprise, Maple CRM can cater to the needs of everyday workflow for Immigration Consultants.

The modules cover both on sales and workflow management front giving valuable tools to effectively manage the immigration work process.

Immigration based CRM helps in:

  • Automatically acquiring new leads who are willing to immigrate from various sources.
  • Provide streamlined and timely updates to leads
  • Monitor and track work progress
  • Get timely notifications on follow-ups and payment checks
  • Organized work allocation and updates

Study CRM

Overseas and Study Abroad CRM provides an exclusive interface to store and manage student enquiries with customized fields and enquiry stages like application filed, documented, visa issued, etc. Consultants can easily analyze and manage the opportunities.

Study CRM helps to:

  • Improve the applicant tracking process
  • Save time and stay organized
  • Allocate consultant based on expertise
  • Maintain professional & healthy communication

Maple CRM enables easy to use and an efficient workflow process that includes:


Attracting new enquiries from various sources and communicating on timely manner with html based designed emailers that can help in promoting and building a healthy relationship with the customer.

Enquiry Management:

Maintaining and storing all relevant details to provide better facilities and updates to customers. The solution can help in adding, uploading files, tracking application status, sending applications, etc. Thus, helping in taking care of the necessary steps without a miss.

Account Management:

Generate proforma and sales invoices easily and maintain track of the payment details and follow up on the pending payments.


Configure automated triggers based on stage changes to notify customer via email or SMS regarding their application status or updates. Maintain professional communication using the CRM automation feature.

Workflow Tracking:

Monitor the employee performance and team progress on each enquiry. Also, easily analyze how business is progressing and take necessary actions based on that. Easily pull out reports as needed to help your decision making process.

GST based Invoice Builder

With the advent of GST process from July 2017, many organizations have by now made their entire billing process in compliance with the GST. Definitely, there was a lot of scuffle during the initial stages for products and service companies to understand and implement the new GST model.

Maple CRM had introduced the GST based Invoice builder during those times which was developed to help organizations of different verticals to easily bill the customers using our system.

Maple CRM Invoice builder lets you to generate Proforma and Sales Invoice for Product Companies, Service Companies, etc.

Sample GST Invoice for Product Companies

Below is a sample GST Invoice for Product Company where each product can vary with different tax rates.

GST based Invoice Sample

Maple CRM offers simplified GST based Invoice Builder where you can configure different flavor based profiles i.e. Invoice templates that can be pulled accordingly when generating invoice for your client. Also, all the products can be uploaded under Product Catalogue for instant use. These products can be loaded with technical details of the product, standard unit price, HSN/SAC code and applicable tax rates (CGST, SGST and IGST).

While generating invoice for a client with the required product, once can choose what tax rates need to be applied and accordingly update the tax rates. The tax amounts along with the total invoice amount shall be automatically calculated. The generated invoice shall be available in PDF format which can be downloaded or emailed to the client from Maple CRM directly.

Configuring Products with GST rates

Below snapshot showcases the Product Addition form where one can enter all the product related details including HSN Code, Unit Price, Applicable tax rates, etc. Based on which, you can bill the customer by just selecting the product in the Invoice generation form.

Product Catalogue Additional with GST rates

Similarly, GST based invoices can be generated for Service Companies. For Service industry one can apply SAC code instead of HSN. You can easily generate invoices using Maple CRM in GST format in less than a minute.

Additionally, Maple CRM offers flavored predefined templates where you can have the PDF Invoice with the GST rates breakup on each product/service or the total GST calculation. Companies who do not fall under the GST model can opt for No GST template that will not include any of the GST details on it. This way, Maple CRM lets you to easily customize your business billing process as needed.

Check this video to understand more on Maple CRM Quotation Builder with GST.


How can a CRM software improve the productivity of a small business?

Small Business practices that increases Productivity

As a small business owner, you may have planned to accomplish many things each day but the limited time doesn’t really help to finish what is planned. So it is really necessary for you to find ways to make time and also in streamlining how these things can be done.

Here are some tips to help you improve productivity for you & your team.

Identify the important tasks

This helps in focusing on the really important items on your to-do list. Also, the other items can be allocated to your team members so that your time can be effectively used for the important ones than just everything.

Classify your enquiries

Ensure to segregate your enquiries in different ways so that you can easily priortize your leads and work on them for better conversion.

Make it Streamlined

Passing notes & emails for delegating items and then remembering to follow up and track are the old ways. Using CRM software, allocate as well as track team activities.

Identify activities for automation

Many software solutions like Sales Automation, CRM Software, etc come up with automation features that can erase your routine & administrative tasks helping you and your team to be more effective. Explore such options while subscribing for software solutions.

Keep Track and in Loop

Your team needs constant attention and tracking so that they can modify their process for better deliverability and also for you to monitor their performance. Ensure to track the business activities on a timely manner and take corrective measures wherever needed.


Ways to Improve Small Business Sales

Nurture Leads using Lead Automation Tools

The sales process need not be complicated if you have the right tools to help your team. Many solutions come with Automation and Lead Scoring techniques that can be effective to target leads, nurture them and make sales. Here is a quick video on Lead Scoring Automation tool.

Bring Professional approach to Customer Interactions.

It is important that every communication with customer is professional and effective. Add great content in the emails and SMS that goes out to customer. Ensure that interactions are reaching the customers at the right time and do not over push multiple emails for promotional purpose. Use email and SMS templates in your software to keep your communicating methods uniform across.

Follow a Sales Planner

Set proper business goals and make your team follow the model to keep up in bringing the sales. You can set targets for each team and individuals and keep track of how things are progressing.

Adopt Upselling Model

If your business works well for upselling, then this is one of the great way to bring more revenue. Ensure that your customer stays happy with your business and can keep returning back to you for more. For this, you would also need to have a good customer management in place. Keep your customers happy so that it can bring better sales in future.

How can a CRM software improve productivity for small and medium business?

Most often, small & medium businesses have their keen on one thing importantly – generating revenue. But this also means that others areas of the business process is sidelined.

You will be surprised to see that spending little time everyday on administrative tasks, planning, arranging, organizing, tracking, etc. can bring efficiency and productivity and ofcourse the increase in profits.

How can small business improve productivity?

The answer is CRM Software. Many of them assume that CRM software is only for large or enterprise organizations and not for small businesses. This was the case 2 decades ago and not anymore. CRM Solution now is an invaluable tool that can boost company’s productivity, sales tracking, employee performance, collaboration, etc.

Most of the small businesses still tend to rely upon the age old spreadsheets but here are few of the benefits that a CRM software offers for small businesses.

  • Better Customer Relations
  • Increased Up selling and Cross Revenues
  • Effective Marketing
  • Increasing Profits
  • Improved Internal Collaborations

How CRM can boost productivity?

Small Business CRM

Control the Sales Process

With Sales Automation using CRM Software, your team can easily perform the sales activities helping them to win more deals. Additionally, CRM software acts as a monitoring tool making your team follow the process and letting you to check whether the work is accomplished and how it has progressed.

Organize Business Activities

Many of the times, your team misses the follow-ups or ends up calling the same customer that their colleague did. This can be totally avoided using a CRM software as the system takes care of collaborating your internal with team with the database and allowing them to update every interaction in the software.

Easier Reporting

It is important that the sales team sends proper reports on their sales and activities to their management on timely manner. But the fact that your sales team spends more time in reporting than their actual work remains true. CRM solutions comes handy here as it records every call and interactions of the customer and that is stored in the database for easy retrieval anytime. Your sales team can download the report at the end of time or the management can fetch the report themselves making the work process easier.

Priority based Customer Targets

With multiple deals and customers to work, is your team making proper follow ups with potential customers? Enable your team to identify the targeted leads to reach out to them for sales. Many automated sales systems, lead scoring techniques enables this helping in easier segregating and targeting sales leads.

How to choose a CRM software for small businesses?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software concept dates back to 20 years before when these systems were built only for large companies and enterprises. Many organizations developed their own customized systems as per their need and invested huge amounts in both developing and running it.

Times have changed and so is the CRM concept. Now CRMs are widely used across different verticals by small as well as medium level organizations. Different CRM providers offer various solutions that can fit into various level of business process. Additionally, the costing for these CRM solutions has also rapidly decreased and there are no huge investments required now.

With the evolving technology, online CRM systems now come with subscription model which allows any company to subscribe for a CRM software for a very loss cost.

The solutions are referred to as Software-As-A-Service (SaaS). With SaaS model, the procurement or ownership concept has been replaced with subscription & service outsourcing concept. With this new model, there is no necessity to incur major costs on ownership, software or hardware upgrades or even troubleshooting.

Major concern in this model, is the hosting of application and data with the CRM service provider. Most SaaS providers operate on public domain in managing the organization or client’s application and date. However, there are companies using secure channel by hosting the application on private servers rather than public. This would be one of the point to be considered when choosing CRM solution for your business.

Choosing the right CRM Software

Choose the right crm software

Simple and Effective Solution

A CRM solution need not be complicated with multiple features and functions which is not of any help to the business. Especially small businesses need to really opt for one that has the features that is required for their everyday business activities. Since they would have limited resources, they cannot really waste time of unwanted modules and training. The implementation and the support must also be simple instead of spending months of time in installing and getting it started.

Avoid Over-complications

It is important to draft a plan before going ahead to choose CRM solution. List the functional requirements of the business and keep it realistic.

Are you looking for Contact Management?

Would you need Automation in the Sales process or you are going to keep in manual within your team?

Do you want to use CRM to manage customer interactions and track sales progress?

Once you have the list, you will be clear on what type of CRM system is required for your business. You would not need to shell huge money on the ones that is not needed.

Scalable and Flexible

You are a small business today. Where would your business be in the next 3-5 years?

As you grow, the CRM solution also should keep running with you. It must be able to scale to meet the business growth requirements including expanding workforce or customer database. Ensure that the CRM solution that you opt is flexible and scalable for such upgrades instead of getting your CRM systems replaced every now and then as that would result in disasters.


5 pitfalls to CRM success and how to overcome them

Lack of Guidance

When implementing a CRM, there needs to be a mutually agreed upon goals in place. A CRM initiative without goals will collapse.

The business owner must start by crafting a valid business case for CRM before looking into CRM solutions. One can also assemble multiple teams to determine specific, measurable goals for the initiative. Areas to consider can include automating processes that will improve user productivity and boost customer satisfaction, streamlining marketing and sales processes, giving customer-facing employees access to a 360-degree view of customer details, etc.

Integration Concerns

There are no applications which can solve all integration problems. Most customers expect integration to happen like plugging a light fixture into a socket and flipping a switch, when in fact it is an evolutionary process. With an integrated system there are always inconsistencies between the separate applications. It is always advisable to consider what is important or the need of the hour than planning to merge and include everything that can possibly fit in.

No Long-Term Strategy

CRM is a business process change, often supported by technology. Many business leaders don’t align their business processes to meet specific goals. Factors like job roles and responsibilities, accountability, and incentives are required for CRM to succeed.

For a long-term business process change to be effective, have members of the CRM implementation team spend time in the field to determine how the CRM Software will help employees.

Dirty Data

An often-overlooked factor is dirty data, or inaccurate and old information. Data is the lifeblood of a CRM system, and incorrect numbers, spelling mistakes, and outdated contact information can infect the system if it is left unchecked. It has become uncommon to have 25 to 40 percent data duplication rates. There are two main reasons for this, either the Customer touch points have multiplied, or the speed at which people enter the data has increased. Dirty data can not only cost a lot to companies, but it can severely hinder CRM adoption rates.

Lack of Employee Acceptance

It is quite natural to resist change. Many of the sales people may ask, for example, Why should we be forced to change our working habits, when those very habits helped us become so successful? On the other hand, poorer performers may fear the outcome of their managers having a closer window into their bad habits. Failure to convince these and other employees of the benefits of CRM often results in passive resistance and low employee-adoption rates.

Effectively communicating the benefits of CRM to users should strengthen their confidence in and comfort levels with the new system.

Why Welcome Mails are Important?

What is Welcome mail?

Have you come across multiple emails from the sites that you subscribed or registered? Most of the applications and websites now send you welcome or first communication mail to help you get started or to show the gratitude for your effort.

How does one make this happen? No, definitely its not a manual work behind the screens. Rather many applications now support automated mail triggers which can send welcome emails without human intervenes.

Before getting to know how you can get this configured, let us try to analyze why welcome mail is essntial.

Why are Welcome mails important?

  1. Welcome mail can act as first mail exchange between your business and your client. It can set a good tone or a solid background on long-term selling approach that benefits both of you.
  2. It is an excellent way to promote your business at the initial stage itself.
  3. Personalized welcome mails can do a lot to inspire customers to stick with you.
  4. Sharing point of contact in the welcome emails can also be nice and helpful for your clients to reach you.
  5. Give your customers the sense of ease and comfort by connecting to them.

Don’t come into a conclusion that welcome mails are not relevant for your business. This approach works for EVERY business, no matter what industry you’re in.

How can you automate this?

Welcome mails must be sent as soon as your client signs up or registers or when you receive their enquiry on your products or services. Most of the CRM Software applications support this automation.

Contact Maple CRM Support team to have this configured in your Maple CRM system. You can have your welcome mail template ready and also ensure to have a personalized content that can work great for your client relationship.

The welcome mail content that you share is set for automated mail sending on new enquiry registration. Similar approach works for sending automated SMS as well.

Few quick suggestions:

  1. Email Formatting: Whether you decide to go with text or html mailers, have your content completely formatted to look great when it reaches your clients inbox.
  2. Personalization: Your clients are more likely to open your email which it comes from a person’s name rather than the company name. A person’s name can showcase quality of the email.
  3. Avoid Promotion: Focus more on customer and ways to help or guide him rather than trying to promote your business in the welcome mail.
  4. Help your customers find you: Welcome mail can include contact details or link to social accounts which can help customers reach you.

A well planned and strategic mail can make a lot of difference in the way how you do your business and manage client relationships.


How CRM can help Small Businesses?

CRM is the most widely used software solution that is cost effective plus hassle free to use. The solution is not only used for sales & customer management but also for performing day to day business operations.

For small businesses, the CRM solution for Sales can double their sales at a faster pace. From lead generation, to placing an order or even the follow up of the same, CRM is the apt solution in efficiently managing your small business day to day operations and improve the efficiency.

However, ‘why does one require a CRM software?’ is what crosses over the minds of many small business owners. Below are some of the insights that can give a better clarity on how small businesses can make use of by adapting to the CRM technology and what you can expect when implementing a CRM for small business.

  1. Integrates the sales, marketing & customer data in one centralized place for easy customer management and retrieval.
  2. Provides fast access to vital data of customer from anywhere at anytime.
  3. Integrates your existing business process without hassle.
  4. Seamless usabilty with defined access control for better management.
  5. Customizable & configure to suit your business requirement and process.
  6.  Reduces Maintenance costs and increases business efficiency.

Why Cloud Based CRM suits Small Business?

It doesn’t matter if your company holds 100s of employees or just a handful. Today, CRM is the buzzword that is going to help you to establish closer connections with customers, provide professional customer service, sell more and grow your business further.

While big businesses more or less spend of different software solutions as needed, small businesses normally are more concerned on what they invest in.

Defintely small businesses have a clear straight forward requirement when choosing a software. It has to be affordable, should not be complicated to use, has to be easy in terms of deployment & maintenance and has to accessible at any time. This is because small businesses typically does not own its own server, hardware or IT personnel, and also will not be able to invest hugely at the initial stage. However, they would need the software to be tailored to their specific business process to avoid complexity in usage and also their team may be working round the clock and not just stick to a typical 9 to 5 time.

So small business owners need to consider a reliable CRM software that can satisfy them on the above needs and requirements.

Adopting to the new technology

Gone are the days when CRM software used to be expensive and complicated. Today’s CRM systems are not only more technologically advanced but also user friendly which comes with a variety of solutions and features that can address different types of businesses and industries.

Things have changed. Now everything is on CLOUD!

Things have definitely changed over the period of time and many small business owners opt for Cloud solutions to grow their business.

  1. Hassle Free Installation: The long and complex installation process is no more around. You can be ‘IT worry free’ and be up and runnding in no time with cloud based solutions. All you would need is an internet connection and you will be able to login and start using.
  2. Seamless Access: Round-the-clock accessibility is the most important benefit of cloud CRM. Cloud CRM gives you the access at anytime from anywhere – be it laptop, desktop, mobile or a tablet. All you need is just the internet connection.
  3. Ease of Use: With just the monthly fixed pricing, you can use the CRM as per your convenience. The system maintenance and the upgrades are maintained by your CRM vendors.
  4. Cost effective Solution: Investing on a Cloud CRM is never going to be a costly affair. There is no huge investments that can dig up a hole in your pockets. You can keep paying regular & smaller installment based monthly charges which is one of the reasons why Cloud CRM solution is optimal for small enterprises.
  5. Flexible Potential: How easy is it to own a product that can be tailored as per your business needs? You can anytime upgrade or downgrade based what features are required currently.

Do you want to find out how cloud based CRM can impact your business? Then try out a 7 day FREE Trial here: 

free crm trial