New feature – Quotation Management

Quotations are an important part of the business functions which helps the prospective buyer to know what is the cost involved for the products and services that the company is offering. The quotations also include information like payment terms, price per item etc, quotation validity, etc.

It is a common practice for many companies  the provide the potential customer with a quote (can be referred as estimate) of how much the products would cost.

For sometime, we had been getting requirements for having quotation feature in our sales & marketing module. We understand that quotation management is an important feature that could benefit many companies in generating instant quotes and sending it to customer without really having it done from different people of the department. We have this solution newly added a week ago with functions that would be easy to use can generate quotations very quickly.

So you can –
• Generate quotations based on the products and services that you offer.
• Use product Catalogue and Services Catalogue feature that helps in adding all the products and services list along with its unit price.
• Provision for entering tax or discount while preparing quotes.
• Store the generated quotations to its specific clients in the CRM system automatically.

The solution not only helps in generating quotations but also helps in storing these quotations to its specific clients in the CRM system. Here is snapshot of the quotation preparing page. Also, have a look at generated quotation in pdf format.

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