The link between the Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing linked together brings fruitful results but when there is lack of synergy between the sales & marketing departments there is going to be issues faced by companies.

Sales and Marketing are two entirely different concepts. The disconnection between these two concepts creates poor conversation rates. To overcome this issue, businesses are turning to applications and personal productivity technologies to help them.

Marketing creates demand with the right kind of prospects as well as promoting the brand, and sales has the insight and selling tools it needs to close the deals.

Missing out an opportunity is not any individual’s fault. It is the result of company’s structure and process. A well aligned and focused sales and marketing goals can help you reap benefits. This is easily possible with collaborative tools and technologies that are available in the business market today.

The technology enables to enforce all the tasks and improves efficiency. You would need to ensure that the technology that you opt for provides the following needs for your business:

1. The application should have an easy to use interface. It should be tailor made for sales and marketing team to adopt and use it easily.

2. The application process should be efficient and should connect all the users to a single customer life cycle.

3. The solution should be able to provide an insight of the customer life cycle. Both the sales & marketing team should be able to track the customer history, preferences and purchases.

4. The solution should be able to provide seamless collaboration among team members.

A successful implementation of such strategic plan will result when sales and marketing team transform themselves to a customer-relationship based model.

In order for sales and marketing organizations to reap benefits, they need technology solutions that provide a single unified solution that includes all the core sales and marketing functionality which in turn leads to a seamless experience for the user and results greater profitability.