The link between the Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing linked together brings fruitful results but when there is lack of synergy between the sales & marketing departments there is going to be issues faced by companies.

Sales and Marketing are two entirely different concepts. The disconnection between these two concepts creates poor conversation rates. To overcome this issue, businesses are turning to applications and personal productivity technologies to help them.

Marketing creates demand with the right kind of prospects as well as promoting the brand, and sales has the insight and selling tools it needs to close the deals.

Missing out an opportunity is not any individual’s fault. It is the result of company’s structure and process. A well aligned and focused sales and marketing goals can help you reap benefits. This is easily possible with collaborative tools and technologies that are available in the business market today.

The technology enables to enforce all the tasks and improves efficiency. You would need to ensure that the technology that you opt for provides the following needs for your business:

1. The application should have an easy to use interface. It should be tailor made for sales and marketing team to adopt and use it easily.

2. The application process should be efficient and should connect all the users to a single customer life cycle.

3. The solution should be able to provide an insight of the customer life cycle. Both the sales & marketing team should be able to track the customer history, preferences and purchases.

4. The solution should be able to provide seamless collaboration among team members.

A successful implementation of such strategic plan will result when sales and marketing team transform themselves to a customer-relationship based model.

In order for sales and marketing organizations to reap benefits, they need technology solutions that provide a single unified solution that includes all the core sales and marketing functionality which in turn leads to a seamless experience for the user and results greater profitability.


Charts – a tool to analyse business

CRM Charts are a collection of data in a pictorial representation which gives a clear cut idea of the business growth or loss, analysing the business functions and help in making plans for future improvement. Business charts helps to gain real time insights.

Some of the highlighting points of uses of CRM Charts are:

  1. It can help in comparing the revenue earned during specific duration or time
  2. It helps in knowing the sales growth over the time
  3. You can understand which source helps in bringing more deals

Maple provides extensive charting capabilities thus helping the users to analyze their data quickly and effectively. It provides quick and easy overview of current business performance using charts. Maple’s Account Trend analysis charts helps in understanding your business growth easily. Also, one more charting feature called Account Churn Analysis Charts is to be released soon!! Maple’s team is really working hard to implement more and more useful features. 🙂

CRM Technology for Business

Business leaders approach new ideas for growing the business and to bring profitability. The present trend of using technology is because the present market knows that technology plays an important role in enhancing the sales and marketing strategy. Business management software automates the process of managing the customers and the business growth in an easy and efficient way. CRM being an important tool addresses the need to integrate the various resources of the company providing solutions to look into customer issues or the contacts interest in your business. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) collaborates the efforts of sales, marketing and also customer service in order to create a consistent and satisfactory relationship with prospects or customers. CRM improves the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, eases the sales process by automating the procedure and provides a satisfying customer support experience. It also helps in analyzing the business growth and understanding the sales and marketing activities and gives a clear cut view of the business life cycle. CRM is about understanding the behavior of the customer and providing the solution for his need without consuming much time. Few things which could be beneficial when applied are:

  • You can strengthen customer relationships so that customers will be interested to by from your company again.
  • Enhancing the product and providing a valuable service so that customers will find it easy to do business with you.
  • Providing the service to the customers exact need and this would be possible only with an efficient CRM system.

 CRM for Sales:

An effective sales force can enhance the customer base and bring in more profits. If your sales staff has been provided an automated tool then it simplifies their work flow in following up with the leads and closing it in less time. The software enables to analyse the sales life cycle and helps in managing the sales from first to last.

CRM for Marketing strategies and Campaigns:

Effective marketing strategy would bring growth in revenue. For this, it is always necessary to identify the potential customers, target them with various marketing campaigns and then measure the results. CRM automates this process of scheduling and executing the marketing campaigns, identifying the interested prospects and maintain these targets list. Finally, perform campaigns and analyze the results.

CRM for Customer support:

Customer needs to be treated as king as they are the one who drive the show of your business. If they are happy and satisfied then they will always stay with you and will surely refer your products or service to others. Customers issues need to be addressed smoothly and the service staff need to respond to them for all their questions. A dissatisfied customer can mean a great loss. An automated CRM system increases the efficiency of customer service and manages the interaction easily.

Maple CRM is a simple and efficient web based CRM software that includes Sales and Marketing automation as well as Customer Support Management and is the one which can fit in any type of industry.

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