The link between the Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing linked together brings fruitful results but when there is lack of synergy between the sales & marketing departments there is going to be issues faced by companies.

Sales and Marketing are two entirely different concepts. The disconnection between these two concepts creates poor conversation rates. To overcome this issue, businesses are turning to applications and personal productivity technologies to help them.

Marketing creates demand with the right kind of prospects as well as promoting the brand, and sales has the insight and selling tools it needs to close the deals.

Missing out an opportunity is not any individual’s fault. It is the result of company’s structure and process. A well aligned and focused sales and marketing goals can help you reap benefits. This is easily possible with collaborative tools and technologies that are available in the business market today.

The technology enables to enforce all the tasks and improves efficiency. You would need to ensure that the technology that you opt for provides the following needs for your business:

1. The application should have an easy to use interface. It should be tailor made for sales and marketing team to adopt and use it easily.

2. The application process should be efficient and should connect all the users to a single customer life cycle.

3. The solution should be able to provide an insight of the customer life cycle. Both the sales & marketing team should be able to track the customer history, preferences and purchases.

4. The solution should be able to provide seamless collaboration among team members.

A successful implementation of such strategic plan will result when sales and marketing team transform themselves to a customer-relationship based model.

In order for sales and marketing organizations to reap benefits, they need technology solutions that provide a single unified solution that includes all the core sales and marketing functionality which in turn leads to a seamless experience for the user and results greater profitability.


Track your sales leads with Maple CRM

Generating leads is the key process in the sales pipeline. It is important for salesmen to have a well-defined, well-organized system in place for tracking sales leads as they move through the sales pipeline.

The more a sales rep knows about his leads, the easier it is to offer the right services from him. For this, each leads needs to have an updated information thus helping the sales rep to efficiently work on. To keep track of these information, many companies make use of CRM or Sales Lead Tracking Software which offers helpful features for managing large number of leads.

Sales Lead Tracking Software solution is something way better than that spreadsheets you are using. Some of the advantages that is offers are:

  • Automatically generating leads into the software system through various means like SMS, Website or email
  • Easily update the details of the leads into the system
  • Allocate the sales leads to various executives
  • Generate reports to know the lead status
  • Assess the reports for business decision making
  • Provide better responses to leads instantly

MapleCRM provides Sales Lead Tracking that eases your business process and increases profits. Maple focuses on the timeline for lead and helps in speeding up the lead process. Our simple Sales Tracking tool helps your entire sales team to get organized and close more sales. The solution offers capabilities that automate, streamline and synchronises all your sales activities thus providing consistently effective sales results.

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Do you use CRM for your business?

The most critical aspect of the business is to administrate all your sales leads. It starts from generating leads, having it stored and storted, moving the qualified ones into a different bucket, following up with the leads regularly, handling email marketing for these leads etc. Tracking, sorting and nurturing the leads is a tremendous job for your sales representative. How best can you help them out to efficiently manage this process?

If you are thinking of excel sheets, sticky notes and a huge storage device then let me tell you that you infact increasing their work load than decreasing. These are not the better way to keep track of the prospects. There is a better way – thankfully. It is called a CRM.

A CRM is a customer relationship management system that helps you to keep a track of important information about your customers, prospects etc. It is a way to centralize your business communications and resources. If you haven’t still realized the need or importance of CRM, have a look at this CRM article.

It would be too difficult to handle all those paperwork at your desk, clients contact info and follow up details on sticky notes. It may just lead to missing of the very important details of clients and may even endup in not following up with your client for the payments due. No business would definitely think of messing up with the business process.

So here are some of the benefits of using CRM that may help you to really understand the need for such a system:
1. Organizes your business records.
2. Manages all your key contacts.
3. Can create schedules and let the system remind you.
4. Lets you easily monitor your business process.

These are just few of the simple things that CRM can do for your business. There are many more such benefits that can ease your day to day business operations, improves the efficiency of work and bring more profits.

Need a few ideas on what kind of solution would best suit your business? Here is a recommendation to get connected to: Clientfisher – Business Cloud Solutions.


Sales and Lead Management with CRM Software Solution

Its very clear that many companies use technology to manage and nurture their sales leads., Zoho, InfusionSoft and services like such are in the business market to help you to manage your leads. However, it is also true that most of the companies still use pencil, paper and excel sheets to do this. Definitely these companies are not being productive as they can be and more likely may be loosing potential customers. I would to title it as a big mistake as none of these methods work well for better sales management.

An automated system can qualify and create the leads and further the sales system for tracking and processing will help tremendously. Sales Management Software ensures that your sales leads are followed up, pipelines are being managed and goals are being met. Regardless of the size of your sales team, a good CRM tool will pay of the results in profits.

Firstly, it is a wise idea to understand that CRM is an important tool for the business and not just an application that should be used by your executives when they find time. It must become a part of the day to day business process. CRM software should be used as a mandatory process as it offers flexibility and is very informative and resourceful.

With Maple CRM, we continuosly look ways to provide an efficient tool that eases the work process. In fact, we do a lot of customization based on the real time analysis of our customer requirements. Effective functional features would defintely increase the usage benefits.

Your sales people should be provided with the right tools for their operations. Email marketing, to-do lists, contacts manager etc. are all the tools that sales team find very useful. This way, by giving more useful tools they are likely to use the CRM tool on a necessity basis thus enabling them let CRM be the part of their business life.

Make a note that speed is one of the important strategy when dealing with sales leads. Research shows that calling new leads in less than one minute can increase conversion rates.

If all the business functions and activities are recorded, assigned and managed at one place then your CRM Software will be a valuable resource. You will also have to make sure everything comes in and goes out through the CRM system only. The better you plan and execute the CRM process flow, the greater your chance of success.


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Direct Marketing – Strategy for business promotions!

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing is a form a advertising that allows business to communicate straight with the customer by the means of phone, email, mobile messaging, brochure distribution, promotional letters etc. Direct marketing method is used by all sizes of business from startups to multinational companies. Direct Marketing is an attractive method as the results can be measured directly.

Direct Marketing Channels:

1. Email marketing: Sending marketing messages through emails is the most widely used strategy for marketing. It is relatively inexpensive and much easier to execute.

2. Mobile: Mobile marketing includes SMS, MMS, Mobile Banner Ads etc. This enables the business to engage with prospective leads in an interactive manner through mobile devices, smart phones or tablets.

3. Online Tools: With the expansion of technology and ideas, use of online tools and application has been rapidly increasing. Social media sites being the most popular these days along with banners and google ads etc.

4. Telemarketing: The most common and the oldest method of marketing is telemarketing where marketers contact customers through phone for lead generation.

There are various other ways how marketing is done. Some of the techniques could be time consuming or expensive but may offer more benefits.

Marketing is one of the main process in the business life cycle. It requires a lot of attention, strategy and analyses. Making time for marketing and concentrating on how to improve and make use of better marketing techniques is very much essential. Marketing is a mixture of sales, advertising, public relations and publicity.

Would you like to know more about Marketing Management? Read this article on Marketing Management Software.


Lead Management CRM

Lead Management is an important process in the business life cycle. Most businesses spend a huge deal of effort planning and developing lead management strategies. It is essential for any business to understand and know which stage the potential lead is at and what are the key tactics that have got the lead till there. The system can help you to ensure that sales leads are followed-up, pipelines are being managed and goals are being met.

Without a good lead management system, keeping track of meetings, follow-up calls and details about your prospective customers can be very difficult. Lack of good lead management system may become the cause of loosing the customers and may end up in loosing the revenue from it.

With the concept of CRM, the lead management system has become the part of the sales culture in automating the sales and marketing techniques and has provided a flexible tool enabling sales rep and marketers to use the system effectively.

At Maple CRM, we continuously look for ways to provide useful tools that can help sales people in their workflow. If all the details of the leads are managed at one place, and still be able to add more information pertaining to the lead and with options to assign the lead to other executives, then the system is going to be a valuable resource. Thus increasing the productivity of the business.

Capturing and nurturing a customer’s interest is of prime importance in Maple. Maple enables owners to streamline and organise the process of converting the prospective customers into clients. After getting in touch with the contact, a sales agent can add notes and personal data to client records. Maple focuses on building a relationship with each prospective customer in a way that their interest develops into an opportunity for sales.

As a marketing and Sales management tool, Maple CRM supports the below features:

  • Capability to build contacts from website, email or spreadsheets (MS Excel file)
  • Email and SMS Campaigns powered with multiple template configuration support.
  • Product Catalog support and provision to build and send quotations.
  • Lead Classification based on various criterias like customer interest factor and market conditions. Maple supports Tagging, a very useful feature in this aspect.
  • Lead to Sale funnel management which enables the top management to understand the impact of Campaigns.