The Business Benefits of Cloud CRM

Cloud computing has transformed seemingly every aspect of modern business.Research indicates cloud applications and platforms will be at the forefront of IT spending by 2016, with half of all enterprises implementing cloud solutions by 2017. One of the quickest markets to connect with the cloud is customer relationship management (CRM) software.

The advantages of traditional CRM software are well known: tracking sales interactions and identifying patterns can increase profits, and lead to a better, more personalized experience for the customer. But combine it with the advantages of cloud computing and the business benefits are substantial.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways this duo is making a positive impact on business technology.

Lowered Costs- One of the most widely touted benefits of cloud computing is lowered upfront costs. SaaS solutions are subscription-based,. This eliminates the need to purchase licenses and hardware, and can decrease maintenance costs. The vendor takes care of software updates. Additionally, a cloud-based CRM requires no local installation, so it can typically be up and running in a matter of hours.

Improved Productivity- In addition to reducing costs, cloud CRM can lead to increased employee productivity, specifically among sales teams working remotely. Since the software and data are hosted in the cloud, workers can access the CRM outside the office. Meaning sales and marketing teams can work anywhere, anytime. Cloud mobility also facilitates virtual workforces and multinational teams, providing a scalable solution for growing businesses.

Advanced Data and Analytics- Many businesses are turning to cloud CRM for business intelligence. On-premise solutions generally require manual uploading, syncing, and backup, whereas cloud solutions sync in real time. Cloud CRM provides an up-to-date picture of customer data, sales pipelines, invoices, and email. Having access to unified company information allows businesses to organize data and gain accurate insights about inventory, customer leads, and profitability.

Usability- Cloud CRM’s offer numerous benefits. Companies of all sizes can use them to forecast trends, improve efficiency, and increase the bottom line. Cloud computing offers a scalable and affordable CRM solution that enables mobility, real time insights, and native integrations.

The business benefits of a cloud-based CRM could be just the competitive advantage your company needs.


CRM as a Business Application

CRM is considered as a business strategy for company wide designed to reduce cost and increase profitability and customer satisfaction. CRM is said to bring together all the information within the organization resulting in giving a holistic view of each customer in real time.

CRM includes elements such as people, process and technology. CRM is used to learn more about customers needs and behaviours in order to develop stronger relationships with them. It simplifies and many a times automates the process of business functions. CRM is technologically designed process that will help bring together all the information about customers, sales, marketing and market trend.

The CRM enables to improve customer service, increases call center efficiency, adds cross-sell and upsell opportunities, streamlines sales & marketing processes, reduces costs and increases overall profitability.

For CRM to be truly effective and to produce best results, the organization must lets staff know that the change is good and that CRM will bring benefit that much as it is used and utilized. Even with years of accumulated knowledge, there’s always room for improvement. Customer needs change over time, and technology can make it easier to find out more about customers and ensure that everyone in an organisation can exploit this information.

Benefiting from CRM is not just a question of buying the right software. You must also adapt your business to the needs of your customers.

By adopting CRM not only can your employees get to whatever they need to from wherever they are, but they can also do more, faster, by accessing everything through a single online location. And in the end, that means increasing efficiency, closing more deals, and keeping your employees and customers happy.


CRM Integrations for Business

CRM lets your manage your customers, your prospects and your sales. CRMs can be either web based or stand along systems and help in keeping track of people and their relationships to you.

What exactly is the purpose of a CRM?
It is just not a business software that can help you smoothen your work process but it will help you to solve all those hectic work that has been eating your time and energy. Yes, it truly can eliminate the difficult task of your business.

No, it does not solve only your administration work but also simplifies your sales and marketing process and brings more profits, plus it brings in an efficient tool for managing customer service.

How can it help you attract and retain more customers?
The benefits of using a CRM for your company are a more streamlined sales process, increased customer interaction and the ability to not only keep track of the people but also to nurture those relationships to provide continued success.

What is CRM integration?
CRM integration is to bring together other applications or functionalities along with CRM to function together seamlessly. Instead of using the CRM just the way it is, you can integrate and make it much more useful to perform.

Integrations can include various functionalities like website integration, email integration, third party software integrations etc. So you can leverage the benefit of integration and make it possible to use anything that you need when your CRM does not support it.

With website integrations, you can easily bring in valuable customer data or leads directly into your CRM. Integrations like SMS or telephone lets you work on CRM with just the use of SMS or telephone calls. Your sales representative or your customers need not access CRM to find details or add more details.

No matter what you or your company does, you must retain your customer and lead information and this is where CRM can be extremely valuable.

Whether you have a CRM already picked or you are looking for advice on where to begin and how, consultants such as ClientFisher can provide the best information for your business.

For further information, visit Website Integration or SMS integration details page.


Do you use CRM for your business?

The most critical aspect of the business is to administrate all your sales leads. It starts from generating leads, having it stored and storted, moving the qualified ones into a different bucket, following up with the leads regularly, handling email marketing for these leads etc. Tracking, sorting and nurturing the leads is a tremendous job for your sales representative. How best can you help them out to efficiently manage this process?

If you are thinking of excel sheets, sticky notes and a huge storage device then let me tell you that you infact increasing their work load than decreasing. These are not the better way to keep track of the prospects. There is a better way – thankfully. It is called a CRM.

A CRM is a customer relationship management system that helps you to keep a track of important information about your customers, prospects etc. It is a way to centralize your business communications and resources. If you haven’t still realized the need or importance of CRM, have a look at this CRM article.

It would be too difficult to handle all those paperwork at your desk, clients contact info and follow up details on sticky notes. It may just lead to missing of the very important details of clients and may even endup in not following up with your client for the payments due. No business would definitely think of messing up with the business process.

So here are some of the benefits of using CRM that may help you to really understand the need for such a system:
1. Organizes your business records.
2. Manages all your key contacts.
3. Can create schedules and let the system remind you.
4. Lets you easily monitor your business process.

These are just few of the simple things that CRM can do for your business. There are many more such benefits that can ease your day to day business operations, improves the efficiency of work and bring more profits.

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The right tool for Customer Service agents

How often can you define the customer service process requirements by just a glance on the business? You would really need to understand the start to end point of the business model. You would need to use an approach of understanding the core requirements and use the satisfaction measures.

Empower the agents of your business who deal with customer service with a complete and a relevant system that could be used for each and everything for day to day process.

The fact is that without a collaborative system, your agents would spend more than 60% of time searching for the right information from here and there. The effective way would be to provide a collaborative system to the customer service agents to work. The present market offers automatic applications that can include process flows, workflows and marketing softwares etc. It is easier to work with such applications that would help in concentrating on your core business rather than administrative work of storing, tracking and exporting the required data.

For many companies, the use of software applications has proved to be profitable tool that has improved answering speed and increased customer satisfaction.

Usage of right systems can also help in understanding the customer service operations that would inturn be helpful for managers to make decisions about hiring or any operational process that would lead to company’s business goals. It is also necessary to explain the use and need of such applications in the business operation as it is the executives who is going to make the ultimate use of these systems for beneficial results. This would also fill up the gap between business objective and performance.


Manage activities on Maple’s calendar

Maple’s calendar is something very useful in our store for people who want to organize their activities. The calendar helps you to plan your work and organize accordingly.

With Maple CRM’s calendar you can see what all schedules are assigned to you on specific dates and being the owner or team leader you can monitor your employees schedules as well.

You can view the customer activities and details by clicking on the schedule. We believe that this feature would help to plan your days and week according to your availability.

We are working on more exciting features. If you would like to get latest updates, follow us on Maple’s Facebook page or Maple’s Twitter profile.


CRM for Business growth

Everybody is talking about CRM. If you haven’t heard much about it yet, then you must start reading CRM articles to know whats the talk about. In one sentence, CRM can be explained as a tool that has changed the business way of working in collecting, managing and using the information to improve in profits.

CRM can put you on the racing track to compete and win on profits. CRM puts all the information at the center, keeps your employees inspired and customers happy. CRM ensures that your business gets going easily.

Workforce collaboration is one of the crucial process in any business. Employees don’t always sit in the cubicle and work. Salesperson keep working away from the desk, managers always have meetings to attend, marketing team always are on the move etc. This difficult model of work is handled by CRM which provides a hosted software solution to collaborate and share all information online thus reducing your work and by providing a tool to access the information anytime from anywhere.

Ofcourse, not every other information is shared with all, that’s why CRM applications are made with security and permission level functions. CRM is not only secure but is also reliable and does all the business work automation easier than ever!

CRM reduces the time and complexity involved in managing the business work. From sales activities to marketing campaigns, the software automates all the process and increases profits. And then it helps to view and analyze the information about the customer contacts, past history, product details and preferences thus allowing customer service executives to provide faster and better customer support.

Hosted CRM like Maple CRM has been considered an efficient CRM software for managing all the business functions. Visit the website Maple CRM to know more details.

Improving Business with CRM

Improving business using CRM is the most widely used concept in the market these days. CRM offers multiple benefits that can overall improve your business functions. Maple CRM which is an easy and efficient CRM provides a tool for managing business. With its features that helps in effectively managing the business operations, it has proven to be a simple and useful CRM software for any industry. Maple includes:

  • Customer Management
  • Contact Management
  • Activities and Schedules
  • Follow ups and Calendar
  • Email Campaign
  • SMS facilities
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Auto Reminders to email
  • Lead Management
  • Website query management
  • Activity notes
  • Product Catalogue
  • Charts & Analysis etc

With major trends that has emerged in the industry, organizations are using technologies and tools to automate all the business processes.

CRM tool:- Tools like Maple CRM have automated the business functions that involves sales, marketing and customer service. With multiple features that could benefit the company in improving business, it has smoothen the complete customer cycle from sales to support.

Internet Technology:- With internet, the business life has changed the way of interacting, collaborating, sharing and performing actions and tasks. Internet has helped organizations and customers to interact easily and effectively.

Data Management:- Collection and accessing the data of the organization is the primary focus for any CRM. Maple helps in managing the business data and fetching it whenever required for sales forecast, marketing campaigns or for any business decisions.

With such technology trends and tools like Maple CRM, organization can completely change the operational method and improve the sales process effectively. This also improves the overall productivity and help organizations to make better decision making.

What is Hosted CRM?

Hosted CRM for small business is a software deployment and ownership strategy in which a company hosts its customer relationship management (CRM) on servers via the Internet. Hosted CRM ( (also referred as Web based CRM, Online CRM) is a flexible and cost-effective business model.

Hosted CRM for small business eliminates the installation, hardware compatibility, and software upgrade issues usually associated with purchasing and managing traditional CRM systems. In a Hosted CRM scenario, all maintenance, backups, upgrades and system management are provided by the Hosted CRM vendor. With operation costs factored in, small business hosted CRM implementations cost less, can be implemented sooner, and deliver a faster return on investment. Hosted CRM dramatically reduces the time associated with new technology adoption. Typically, a new feature can be enabled online, and becomes available to the end-user after their next login. Hosted CRM solutions are location and computer independent, so small business CRM users are free to use their CRM tools anywhere, any time.

Hosted CRM offers several benefits for small businesses. Maple CRM offers hosted CRM solution for small and medium organizations. It provides different packaging options thus allowing you to choose the one which suits your business model. With its simple and user friendly features it has been able to provide a tool for all the business activities.

Maple CRM is one such software which was developed not only to serve the purpose of CRM strategy but also to give an ease of use and a useful interface to work on for small and medium businesses. Whether you want it for your sales team or for providing customer support, the software can ease your work with its flexible and customizable options. The software has been able to serve various types if industries in India and includes functionalities which can be used for day to day business activities.

Sales CRM Software

Need for Sales Management Software?

Businesses need to understand the value of implementing a process for properly qualifying leads and a structure for managing the sales process from introduction to closure. For decades highly focused sales managers performed these task with very little technology or sales tools to assist them, yet many succeeded in delivering revenue growth and profitability to their organization despite the lack of technology.

Today Sales Management Software like CRM Softwares are available to assist the management in automating and streamlining the sales process. Such Business CRM Software enables sales managers to quickly and efficiently utilize proven sales tools and best practices to improve the sales process.

The automation of sales process helps every sales representative to have a structured path to follow and management can assist executives during different stages of the sales cycle.

An automated business software solution can eliminate much of the tedious and repetitive work, freeing up salespeople to do what they do best – sell your company’s offerings.

Is your Sales CRM Software hard to use?

The success of any business depends on making strong sales that drive revenue. But making the process work can be tough and time consuming. Leads generated by various marketing techniques somehow fall through the cracks and are never followed up by the sales team. Maple CRMcan help here.

Maple CRM is a Web based CRM that operates online and is managed under the cloud computing environment. The CRM application is available from any PC or web browser. No other software or hardware is required in order to gain access into the system. There are no hidden costs associated with the software upgrades, maintenance or IT costs.

Maple CRM enables sales tracking and lead generation easy. The CRM Software Productis easy to use and has useful features which could benefit the sales team.

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