Track your sales leads with Maple CRM

Generating leads is the key process in the sales pipeline. It is important for salesmen to have a well-defined, well-organized system in place for tracking sales leads as they move through the sales pipeline.

The more a sales rep knows about his leads, the easier it is to offer the right services from him. For this, each leads needs to have an updated information thus helping the sales rep to efficiently work on. To keep track of these information, many companies make use of CRM or Sales Lead Tracking Software which offers helpful features for managing large number of leads.

Sales Lead Tracking Software solution is something way better than that spreadsheets you are using. Some of the advantages that is offers are:

  • Automatically generating leads into the software system through various means like SMS, Website or email
  • Easily update the details of the leads into the system
  • Allocate the sales leads to various executives
  • Generate reports to know the lead status
  • Assess the reports for business decision making
  • Provide better responses to leads instantly

MapleCRM provides Sales Lead Tracking that eases your business process and increases profits. Maple focuses on the timeline for lead and helps in speeding up the lead process. Our simple Sales Tracking tool helps your entire sales team to get organized and close more sales. The solution offers capabilities that automate, streamline and synchronises all your sales activities thus providing consistently effective sales results.

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Do you use CRM for your business?

The most critical aspect of the business is to administrate all your sales leads. It starts from generating leads, having it stored and storted, moving the qualified ones into a different bucket, following up with the leads regularly, handling email marketing for these leads etc. Tracking, sorting and nurturing the leads is a tremendous job for your sales representative. How best can you help them out to efficiently manage this process?

If you are thinking of excel sheets, sticky notes and a huge storage device then let me tell you that you infact increasing their work load than decreasing. These are not the better way to keep track of the prospects. There is a better way – thankfully. It is called a CRM.

A CRM is a customer relationship management system that helps you to keep a track of important information about your customers, prospects etc. It is a way to centralize your business communications and resources. If you haven’t still realized the need or importance of CRM, have a look at this CRM article.

It would be too difficult to handle all those paperwork at your desk, clients contact info and follow up details on sticky notes. It may just lead to missing of the very important details of clients and may even endup in not following up with your client for the payments due. No business would definitely think of messing up with the business process.

So here are some of the benefits of using CRM that may help you to really understand the need for such a system:
1. Organizes your business records.
2. Manages all your key contacts.
3. Can create schedules and let the system remind you.
4. Lets you easily monitor your business process.

These are just few of the simple things that CRM can do for your business. There are many more such benefits that can ease your day to day business operations, improves the efficiency of work and bring more profits.

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Sales and Lead Management with CRM Software Solution

Its very clear that many companies use technology to manage and nurture their sales leads., Zoho, InfusionSoft and services like such are in the business market to help you to manage your leads. However, it is also true that most of the companies still use pencil, paper and excel sheets to do this. Definitely these companies are not being productive as they can be and more likely may be loosing potential customers. I would to title it as a big mistake as none of these methods work well for better sales management.

An automated system can qualify and create the leads and further the sales system for tracking and processing will help tremendously. Sales Management Software ensures that your sales leads are followed up, pipelines are being managed and goals are being met. Regardless of the size of your sales team, a good CRM tool will pay of the results in profits.

Firstly, it is a wise idea to understand that CRM is an important tool for the business and not just an application that should be used by your executives when they find time. It must become a part of the day to day business process. CRM software should be used as a mandatory process as it offers flexibility and is very informative and resourceful.

With Maple CRM, we continuosly look ways to provide an efficient tool that eases the work process. In fact, we do a lot of customization based on the real time analysis of our customer requirements. Effective functional features would defintely increase the usage benefits.

Your sales people should be provided with the right tools for their operations. Email marketing, to-do lists, contacts manager etc. are all the tools that sales team find very useful. This way, by giving more useful tools they are likely to use the CRM tool on a necessity basis thus enabling them let CRM be the part of their business life.

Make a note that speed is one of the important strategy when dealing with sales leads. Research shows that calling new leads in less than one minute can increase conversion rates.

If all the business functions and activities are recorded, assigned and managed at one place then your CRM Software will be a valuable resource. You will also have to make sure everything comes in and goes out through the CRM system only. The better you plan and execute the CRM process flow, the greater your chance of success.


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You need your customers more than they need you!

Today customers have more choices than you in the market. Customers can easily find whatever they need from anywhere and at anytime. So it is easy for them to find a suitable, less expensive and more valuable product than you finding more prospective customers.

Take an example where you are a customer of some company. You collect more information about what you want to buy and what offers are provided plus you also see how much reliable and cost effective the product is. That’s because you know that no matter what, you will not compromise in buying it and will make sure to buy the right one that is going to be useful. The same applies to your customers too.

So when a customer tries to find some product or goods, he would simply go to Google first and type in what he is looking for. He would get a list of companies that would offer him the product. He will try accessing the first few and explore the details. He may even try calling the phone numbers available on the website. Imagine that he would access your website here. What if that it is after office hours and there was nobody to pick up that phone at your office? Yours may be a small company not having the 24 hours call center team. Does that mean you are going to miss out that important lead? Definitely YES! The customer would simply browse few more websites and contact your competitors. That’s simple. He may never call you back and you would never even know that you missed a lead.

So what kind of solution can help your company to get these leads? Maple CRM offers Zipdial Integration that lets you have a 24 hour toll free number for your company. Whatever time the lead tries to call your company on that number, the information is tracked in the CRM and Maple can send a quick message to you either on email or SMS. This would let you contact the customer immediately or according to your convenient time. Maple ensures you that you will never miss a lead who is trying to contact you.

What if the customer sends an email instead of calling? Do we have any solution for that? Oh Yes! We have something similar to the above solution called Website Integration, where in whenever the customer sends a message through your website, it will automatically be captured in the CRM system and instantly an email or an SMS can reach you or the desired sales executives to call back the customer. That’s again a solution for you to never miss out any lead and to contact the customer immediately and not letting it go off to your competitor.

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Remember that you need your customers more than they need you!


Maximize Lead Conversions

In today’s competitive business, companies invest lot of money to generate leads. With many options to bring in more leads like mobile, social media, internet, text messaging etc.

So what happens to the inbound leads once you get them? Lead are useless without it being successful conversion. So what are the steps that can be taking to find higher conversion rates.

  • According to the study made on lead conversion, it seems that the possibility of lead conversion increases if the lead is called within 5 mins rather than later. So calling leads immediately could give good response from the lead and avoids the chances of your competitor calling them before you do.
  • Concentrate on contacting the lead and converting them and not count how many leads you have got. More conversations with leads means less time to close the lead to sales.
  • Do not give a chance of missing a lead. Even when you are away from desk or you are on a weekend, make use of cell phone. In this age of mobility, there can be no excuse of missing an incoming lead. Regardless of you being anywhere, make an immediate phone contact with the lead.
  • Not all the leads are converted in the first call itself. So there needs to be a regular followup method in reaching the leads and convincing them for the sale. Many CRM systems provide such capabilities of tracking the re-attempts and providing reminder creation options.
  • CRM systems may help you in a great way to get your leads and give the details to you in minutes. With the stored information, you need to quickly act back and tackle the customer. So the CRM system sounds to be a great benefit only when you make use of it in the right way.

Remember that generating leads takes a lot of effort and money. So you need to make use of each lead for conversion. Make use of CRM or lead management systems that will immediately connect you with leads by phone and help you close more sales and maximize your revenue.


CRM leads and contacts

Sales pipeline in any CRM deals with leads, opportunities, contacts and accounts. A lead record is created when an individual shows interest in your service or you contact him for offering service. The lead is a very light weight source in CRM which may or may not get business.

The sales team uses this lead for connecting and offering the business service and trying to convert it into business. If there is any further interest shown by the lead, it could be then converted to ‘opportunity’. An opportunity contains additional information of what product or service he is interested, possible time for conversion etc. The opportunity can then be closed by the sales team or it can continue to be a business.

A contact in CRM is an individual having primary contact address. In the sales pipeline, a lead can directly moved to contact skipping the opportunity stage.

Getting leads has different means. It could be through the pile of contacts that you have received by a survey or by attending tradeshows, or directly purchasing leads. So with this set of leads, the sales team can work on to qualify the promising ones and dump the rest. The important feature of the lead management is that you have sorting and grouping option which helps for categorizing.

Lastly, the account record in the CRM system manages the complete life cycle of a company(your client). All the company related information is stored and accessed whenever required. Service tickets, activities and assignment, schedules and tracking act as an important feature in account management.

So leads could be referred as temporary lists and contacted ones could be moved to a different stage, remaining still stays in the lead list or could be dumped. Do regular housekeeping on all the leads, contacts and accounts so that you have updated and clear customer related information.


Winning more deals with CRM

Capturing leads and understanding the customer’s interest is the prime objective of Sales CRM, then follows the various techniques to manage these leads well and convert them into customers. Maple CRM helps in streamlining and managing the complete sales life cycle.

Gone are those days when sales executives and managers used to calculate and track sales and profits in files and papers. Spreadsheets have also been taken over by Sales Management Softwares. Now businesses rely on technology which can simplify their complete work. Such softwares provide an efficient method of organizing and processing the leads from first to last.

Firstly, the CRM helps in managing the marketing campaigns, generate leads and track all these. To add here, various third party applications offer integration to the software for generating leads through emails, web pages or cell phones. The marketing team or the sales executives can monitor the generated leads and assign it to the concerned department for further process. With the help of CRM, you can keep better track of all the communication and history of the leads. It helps in understanding what is the customer’s interest and what better can be offered to keep him satisfied with your company. All operational work are in organized manner.

With a well organized contact manager, you can easily store and access all your contacts anytime. Using CRM, managers can monitor the sales executives and their work and help them in improving the process better. You can manage your sales team the way you want.

CRM has to be used as a strategy in order to track sales quickly. There are lot of benefits that can be gained by using the CRM efficiently. Read Sales Management CRM article to further understand what CRM can offer for managing Sales. Winning more deals is no more a dream with a good CRM system.

Benefits of Good CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Softwares refers to a technological solution that help businesses manage customer relationships in an organized way. CRM softwares are considered as a tool that improves productivity and overall business functionality. It offers no of benefits to business.

1. Saves time – CRM automates day to day business tasks, allowing people to concentrate on their core business rather handling administrative tasks. Sales People can send more time on potential leads and customers.

2. Saves money – Efficient CRM system can help you save a lot of money. With Cloud CRM’s you do not need to invest on high level desktop CRM applications. All you would need is a computer and internet connection. No installations, upgrades or maintenance required. No need of transferring information to one department to another or to another branch. Everything is available in your CRM system and you just need to access it.

3. Quick and professional – With CRM system, you have all the data front of you whenever you need it. You do not have run through all your notes and excel sheets to get any detail when a customer calls you. You can give a better service in less time and your customer are happy with your instant replies.

4. Secure – All the data of your leads and customers are stored securely in your CRM system. You don’t have to worry about loosing any of your post-it notes that you had made a note of or in finding the right excel sheet. No worries about system crashing when you are using an online CRM. With CRM, information is stored in a centralized database allowing secure user access.

5. Convenient – If the all your staff is using the same CRM, then it is easy to share the information in the CRM system. Many CRM softwares offer email and sms options, thus simplifying your work. Nowadays, you have CRM softwares which are accessible from mobile devices, so that you can access the software from anywhere anytime. You can even add quick notes right from your prospect’s office.

6. Efficient Lead Generation – A good CRM can help you to generate leads very quickly. For instance, many CRM softwares are integrated into websites and social media campaigns which reates leads and assigns to the sales person immediately. Thus sales team can concentrate on hot leads to find fruitful results. Also all the activities can be easily tracked and have up to date information in the system.

7. Forecasting and Reports – With all the information that are put in the CRM system, it is easy to track each leads, salespersons activities, track performance etc. Reports can be generated for forecasting and analysis. This would help you to make better business decisions based on the analysis.