The best way to Integrate Business with Intelligence

Are you able to optimize the efforts of your sales team and effectively leverage the technology? Enable smart technology process with integration solutions and enable greater level of visibility & efficiency to your organization which can lead the path to sustained growth and increased revenue.

Find out how CRM API Integration can help you ease your business sales process not just act as a simple system but as an intelligent tool that can automate and maximize success.

CRM Integrations with web pages act in building Website and CRM to function together seamlessly. The solution enables the CRM to work double time, automatically capturing the leads directly from your website and to increase turn around time.

How often we end up wasting time on creating the leads, allocating it to right sales manager and leave a reminder note to him about the new lead? I would definitely consider it as a waste of time and why not leave it to on CRM integration to do it all for me. Let the CRM create the leads automatically, allocate it to the right set of people (allocation can be done through various logics and conditions like round robin technique or even a simple region or product specific) Let your sales team get instant reminder through email/sms about the new lead using which he can take immediate action on them.

I am sure with the actions happening that quick, your sales team will be able to instantly reach out to the leads and work on getting conversions.

Just not that, there are Email & SMS Integration solutions as well which can be connected to your CRM. Your sales process can speed up and you have all the information at one place. Tracking and monitoring your sales process can be that instant with just few clicks.

What more? You can customize your integration capabilities with customized fields and making them viewable in a single area. The solution can help you get prepared, delegate tasks easily, monitor the company performance, and identify customer trends as they happen. Utilizing CRM Integration can definitely boost your sales growth as more and more customers look online and engage in company interaction.

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Connect to your customers using Maple CRM Software

Maple CRM Software helps you to centralize all your prospects and lead conversations so that nothing goes missed out and it is available for easy search. The automated CRM solution lets you easily organize, prioritize and engage with your customers. It also helps to connect to customers in a better way increasing the overall customer satisfaction and ensuring that your customers are getting accurate and timely response.

The automated lead generation tools let you get connected to your leads through various ways in an efficient manner. It offers Web Integration where your website or any web page is integrated with the CRM system and leads are captured in your CRM with all the information and further allocating it to your executives for quick process.

SMS Integration works in different ways where inbound and outbound customization process can be set and your CRM can work just the way you want through a simple SMS. SMS Integration is most of the times helpful for executives who are on the field and when they need an access to the CRM system for updating their customer interaction details.

Email Integration, Zipdial Integration are further more options which are available for generating leads automatically and processing them into the CRM system through phone calls or email capturing.

Integrations like such lets you have a comprehensive system along with your CRM resulting in you and your business having an efficient and smooth work flow.

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About Maple CRM:

Maple CRM is an on-demand CRM software solution which focuses on both Sales & marketing as well as customer support. Maple CRM helps in maximizing the sales opportunities by speeding up the sales cycle and providing better sales process and also to improve the customer support process aiming to give better customer satisfaction.

You need your customers more than they need you!

Today customers have more choices than you in the market. Customers can easily find whatever they need from anywhere and at anytime. So it is easy for them to find a suitable, less expensive and more valuable product than you finding more prospective customers.

Take an example where you are a customer of some company. You collect more information about what you want to buy and what offers are provided plus you also see how much reliable and cost effective the product is. That’s because you know that no matter what, you will not compromise in buying it and will make sure to buy the right one that is going to be useful. The same applies to your customers too.

So when a customer tries to find some product or goods, he would simply go to Google first and type in what he is looking for. He would get a list of companies that would offer him the product. He will try accessing the first few and explore the details. He may even try calling the phone numbers available on the website. Imagine that he would access your website here. What if that it is after office hours and there was nobody to pick up that phone at your office? Yours may be a small company not having the 24 hours call center team. Does that mean you are going to miss out that important lead? Definitely YES! The customer would simply browse few more websites and contact your competitors. That’s simple. He may never call you back and you would never even know that you missed a lead.

So what kind of solution can help your company to get these leads? Maple CRM offers Zipdial Integration that lets you have a 24 hour toll free number for your company. Whatever time the lead tries to call your company on that number, the information is tracked in the CRM and Maple can send a quick message to you either on email or SMS. This would let you contact the customer immediately or according to your convenient time. Maple ensures you that you will never miss a lead who is trying to contact you.

What if the customer sends an email instead of calling? Do we have any solution for that? Oh Yes! We have something similar to the above solution called Website Integration, where in whenever the customer sends a message through your website, it will automatically be captured in the CRM system and instantly an email or an SMS can reach you or the desired sales executives to call back the customer. That’s again a solution for you to never miss out any lead and to contact the customer immediately and not letting it go off to your competitor.

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Remember that you need your customers more than they need you!