What is Hosted CRM?

Hosted CRM for small business is a software deployment and ownership strategy in which a company hosts its customer relationship management (CRM) on servers via the Internet. Hosted CRM ( (also referred as Web based CRM, Online CRM) is a flexible and cost-effective business model.

Hosted CRM for small business eliminates the installation, hardware compatibility, and software upgrade issues usually associated with purchasing and managing traditional CRM systems. In a Hosted CRM scenario, all maintenance, backups, upgrades and system management are provided by the Hosted CRM vendor. With operation costs factored in, small business hosted CRM implementations cost less, can be implemented sooner, and deliver a faster return on investment. Hosted CRM dramatically reduces the time associated with new technology adoption. Typically, a new feature can be enabled online, and becomes available to the end-user after their next login. Hosted CRM solutions are location and computer independent, so small business CRM users are free to use their CRM tools anywhere, any time.

Hosted CRM offers several benefits for small businesses. Maple CRM offers hosted CRM solution for small and medium organizations. It provides different packaging options thus allowing you to choose the one which suits your business model. With its simple and user friendly features it has been able to provide a tool for all the business activities.

Maple CRM is one such software which was developed not only to serve the purpose of CRM strategy but also to give an ease of use and a useful interface to work on for small and medium businesses. Whether you want it for your sales team or for providing customer support, the software can ease your work with its flexible and customizable options. The software has been able to serve various types if industries in India and includes functionalities which can be used for day to day business activities.

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