Benefits Of Using Web Based CRM

Today CRM softwares have become the most useful tools for all marketing and service providing companies, irrespective of size or industry. Web based CRM benefits businesses in several ways. The main benefits are:

Quick and easy implementation

Since the data on the web based CRM is stored and managed outside of the business’s computers, getting the program ready and running is much quicker than it would be with a traditional in house CRM program.

Cheaper to Use

One of the downsides of traditional CRM software is that it requires an additional server to host the numerous databases. The IT staff often has to work extra hours to integrate the program into the existing setup and create an entire infrastructure for the CRM programming. Also, lot of work is required for further upgrading the application.

With web based CRM software, the need for the IT infrastructure and separate servers are eliminated, because the company that has hosted the software provides both of these. This greatly cuts down on the cost of investing on CRM, making it even more beneficial to small to medium sized businesses who typically work on a tight IT budget.

Data is kept secure

Another benefit of web based CRM software is the added security it brings. Customer contact databases, sales reports and other data used in CRM are stored on the host’s server. If the business’s computers ever crash, the data is still available. In addition, if the business’s computers are ever hacked, the information in the databases are protected, because it is stored elsewhere.

Using an outside host means that regular backups of a business’s vital information are made. Also, because hosts use data centers designed specifically for data storage, backup Internet connections and power sources will be in place. This means that access to the information in the databases is almost always available, which may not be the case when it is stored in-house.

No maintenance worries

When using hosted CRM software, updates to the program are made automatically through the host server. The business owner does not have to worry about making updates or installing new software when it becomes available. With a web based program, the service provider makes these updates with minimal interruptions to the business’s service.

In addition, many hosted programs offer technical support. This means that the IT department does not have to worry about maintaining the CRM software and they can contact the service provider for any issues or queries.

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