Simple Cloud CRM

If you run a small business, you need a simple and easy to use CRM system. Small businesses are constrained by a lack of resource and time. The last thing you need is to manage a complicated CRM system that doesn’t suit your business. A CRM system that actually supports and enhances the way you do business will save you a significant amount of time and money.

Product like Maple CRM have all the essential features that a small and medium businesses need from a CRM system. The Cloud model is particularly suitable for organizations with multiple locations or sales people who work remotely or at home. Maple CRM is aimed at organizations which needs a straightforward CRM sales, marketing and support system.

Simple Cloud based CRM is well suited to small businesses because they don’t require hardware and software installations, is easy to set up and use and since it is hosted by the provider, you don’t need to worry about the IT support including downtime servicing and upgrades. Web based CRM systems are also easily scalable. You can upgrade the number of users almost instantly as your business grows.

Maple CRM provides simple and cost effective features like:

  • Web based integration with your existing website or legacy CRM systems.
  • Classification of Leads, Contacts, Customers and Accounts
  • EMail and SMS Campaigns for Marketing & Sales.
  • Custom Reports and Charts for analysis and reporting.
  • Multi level user access control
  • Fully configurable to suit your type of business.
  • Product Catalog and Document Management
  • Mobile application for quick access

We also provide 24×7 online support. Customers can contact us through phone, email or chat.

Maple is a CRM software product which manages the complete life cycle of a customer. With maple, you don’t have to worry about both time and customer management. Maple enables you to create and sustain relationship with your customer with an easy to use tool thus helping you to get business success.

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