CRM that connects you with your customers

Data, data & data! Lots of client related data. All the data are scattered between your employees and sales team. All are managing and tracking client details in excel sheets, notebooks, etc. And finally you are unable to get the right information when needed? Is that how you had planned your business to work?

We don’t think so! Getting new customers and growing profits is one part and managing your business process efficiently and analyse how your business is performing and increasing profits much more is the second part which is highly important in the present competitive market.

Your unstructured data may not be helpful if right details are not available at the right time.

Your client data is an important asset of your company and you need to make sure that the right details are captured, categorized and stored. The customer data need to be made available as needed to your business departments and must be up-to-date.

A shift to a cloud based CRM solution can be the perfect choice to manage your business efficiently. You can define your requirements and chalk out your need for a CRM.

You would need CRM to –

  • Increase Sales?
  • Categorizing and managing your client details?
  • Build better connection with your Customers?
  • Improve your Marketing campaigns?
  • Integrat your website, emails and have all the details captured at one centralized location?

Once you design your ideas and the needs for a CRM software, you would be able get a better view of why you would need a CRM solution.

CRM is not just a tool to manage your process. It helps you to save time and money and leave you free to grow your business in other ways.

Are you considering to use a CRM? Do you want to try and find out what solution best suits for you? Check Maple CRM If you want to find out more details, please get in touch with our team and we will be able to help you with a better solution for your business needs.


Online CRM in India

One of the most important feature of any effective online CRM is the seamless access to all the information anytime, anywhere through the use of the Internet. Maple CRM being an online CRM offers this and much more.

From Sales Automation to Email Marketing, from Contacts Manager to sending bulk SMS, from managing customer service to regular follow-ups, Maple CRM provides an easy to use and a powerful CRM solution that can help you to minimize your administrative work and maximize your business success.

Online CRM or Cloud based CRM comes with cost effective packages meaning there won’t be heavy investments for hardware or server. The solution is simply accessible over the internet and there is no wastage of time for installation or setting it up. Online CRM is an effective solution for small businesses.

Maple CRM comes with variety of features that can ease your day to day business functions. Here are few of the Maple CRM highlights:

  • Customer Management
  • Contact Management
  • Activities and Schedules
  • Follow ups and Calendar
  • Email Campaign
  • SMS facilities
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Auto Reminders to email
  • Lead Management
  • Website query management
  • Activity notes
  • Quotation and Invoice management
  • Product Catalogue
  • Charts & Analysis etc
  • Integrations
Maple provides an automated CRM system which increases the efficiency of customer service and sales followups and helps in managing the interactions easily.
Contact us today to discuss your cloud computing needs. Moving services to the cloud can be a complex task, but we can make it easy and a worry free process.

CRM Cloud Computing

Most of the applications, social networking sites and softwares are working on this new cloud computing technology. Cloud computing is nothing but doing things online. It is a virtual environment where people collaborate, share and work using a web interface. So there is something called remote server and applications or websites run over browsers but the actual data is stored in the remote server. Instead of having a storage unit in our computer systems or over a LAN based server, it is all all stored in the remote server. Well, in that case having all data in some place which we are not aware of is it considered safe? There can be unauthorized access over those data isn’t it? Oh now, lets take some of the good examples which works this way.

Starting from Google and its various products. We have complete data storage facility over Gmail, we upload photos on Picasa and then there are these social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook etc. These applications work on cloud based technique and they do provide secure connection and authorized access to our accounts. So there are free services like this and there are subscription based applications as well.

Cloud computing is not limited to individual user. It can be used by small and medium organizations or even larger companies. This technology is rapidly growing in both personal usage and for commercial entities. Its flexibility and the usage over internet is making it a huge success.

Many business owners consider cloud computing as cost effective especially SME’s look forward to increase efficiency in their working operation.

But ultimately one has to ensure that there is data protection over these. Customers would need to choose a reputable data service provider. It is always good to collect as much information possible about the hosting service provider and make sure that there is sufficient back-ups taken timely. Data security is the primary area of concern when there is cloud computing technology involved. All the information stored is absolutely critical and sensitive.

You can also go for private clouds instead of public clouds. Public clouds are the ones where other companies data is also stored in the same place as yours. It is called shared hosting. Though they provide secured data hosting, you can invest more money and get a private or a dedicated hosting and get a data space allocated only for you. Cost is not the only thing that have to consider when you are choosing a cloud based application.

For SME’s cloud computing is an enormous opportunity. They can concentrate on the business rather than working on to build their IT requirements and administration works. Cloud computing is now the latest trend in the CRM technology. Certainly, Cloud CRM is a fast growing business. Cloud computing CRM is an efficient way to store and maintain databases and is an especially helpful tool for businesses who do a lot of sales and provide service to customers. Using a platform on the cloud for your business helps everyone who uses it by streamlining data and procedures into one central location. It’s an easy way to organize information in different departments while still allowing for company-wide collaboration. CRM cloud computing has a strong future ahead, for both enterprise and small businesses.

Simple Cloud CRM

If you run a small business, you need a simple and easy to use CRM system. Small businesses are constrained by a lack of resource and time. The last thing you need is to manage a complicated CRM system that doesn’t suit your business. A CRM system that actually supports and enhances the way you do business will save you a significant amount of time and money.

Product like Maple CRM have all the essential features that a small and medium businesses need from a CRM system. The Cloud model is particularly suitable for organizations with multiple locations or sales people who work remotely or at home. Maple CRM is aimed at organizations which needs a straightforward CRM sales, marketing and support system.

Simple Cloud based CRM is well suited to small businesses because they don’t require hardware and software installations, is easy to set up and use and since it is hosted by the provider, you don’t need to worry about the IT support including downtime servicing and upgrades. Web based CRM systems are also easily scalable. You can upgrade the number of users almost instantly as your business grows.

Maple CRM provides simple and cost effective features like:

  • Web based integration with your existing website or legacy CRM systems.
  • Classification of Leads, Contacts, Customers and Accounts
  • EMail and SMS Campaigns for Marketing & Sales.
  • Custom Reports and Charts for analysis and reporting.
  • Multi level user access control
  • Fully configurable to suit your type of business.
  • Product Catalog and Document Management
  • Mobile application for quick access

We also provide 24×7 online support. Customers can contact us through phone, email or chat.

Maple is a CRM software product which manages the complete life cycle of a customer. With maple, you don’t have to worry about both time and customer management. Maple enables you to create and sustain relationship with your customer with an easy to use tool thus helping you to get business success.