Make CRM software more productive

The purpose of any CRM is to help you to manage and improve your business process. The more effectively you use the CRM system to manage your customer details, the more quickly you can achieve your business strategic goals.

Here are few points that you can use to get more out of your CRM software.

Get people to use your CRM

The most important step of your CRM life cycle is to get your people use it. If you want to get more out of your CRM software system then get the users to maximize its use. Many users may resist the change, may perform actions outside the CRM system, etc,. but you need to set up a challenging process of shifting everything to the system so that you can ultimately get 100% CRM adoption going forward.

Users may take time to adopt it completely. Some users may quickly adapt to the system but some may take time to understand and use it. Give sufficient time and training to make them use it effectively.

The sooner you get all your users on the system and entering data, the more effective the system will be and the more productive your CRM project will become.

Train your Users

Just bringing a CRM solution to your process doesn’t really help. Make sure you include enough time and budget for effective training.

Users should not only understand how to use the software, they should understand the benefits of the new system and how their part of the operation fits with the rest of the company.

Training builds familiarity with the system and confidence for the users. That not only makes users more productive in the first instance, it also encourages them to use it the way they find it comfortable and useful.

Extract Information

Using CRM effectively is the key to getting the most productivity out of your CRM solution. A CRM system enables users to evaluate buying cycles, identify prospects capable of buying within a period of time and view your executives activities which indicates how actively your executives are working on, etc. CRM can help you to forecast growth, analyze and make business decisions based on these data.

CRM software helps companies organize, access and manage easily all the existing and prospective customer information. Enforcing discipline, training and motivating the staff to use the software are very important factors.

A CRM system can become one of the most important tools you’ll need to scale your business.


Online CRM in India

One of the most important feature of any effective online CRM is the seamless access to all the information anytime, anywhere through the use of the Internet. Maple CRM being an online CRM offers this and much more.

From Sales Automation to Email Marketing, from Contacts Manager to sending bulk SMS, from managing customer service to regular follow-ups, Maple CRM provides an easy to use and a powerful CRM solution that can help you to minimize your administrative work and maximize your business success.

Online CRM or Cloud based CRM comes with cost effective packages meaning there won’t be heavy investments for hardware or server. The solution is simply accessible over the internet and there is no wastage of time for installation or setting it up. Online CRM is an effective solution for small businesses.

Maple CRM comes with variety of features that can ease your day to day business functions. Here are few of the Maple CRM highlights:

  • Customer Management
  • Contact Management
  • Activities and Schedules
  • Follow ups and Calendar
  • Email Campaign
  • SMS facilities
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Auto Reminders to email
  • Lead Management
  • Website query management
  • Activity notes
  • Quotation and Invoice management
  • Product Catalogue
  • Charts & Analysis etc
  • Integrations
Maple provides an automated CRM system which increases the efficiency of customer service and sales followups and helps in managing the interactions easily.
Contact us today to discuss your cloud computing needs. Moving services to the cloud can be a complex task, but we can make it easy and a worry free process.