Customer Satisfaction through Maple CRM

Happy customers can increase your company’s revenue in the long run. The more important component of a happy customer is providing friendly and timely customer support. Majority of customers who raise an issue will expect a response within next few minutes/hours. Many companies fail to serve up to customers’ expectation.

Customer interaction is so genial!

Maple CRM enables easy and quick interactions with your customer through Emails and SMS. All you have to do is, frame attractive email and SMS templates and send it to your customers and prospects on a go. Any information or greetings which have to reach out to your customers or prospects will happen within a fraction of second if you have the template ready in hand. Automatic mailers and SMS can be scheduled letting Maple to minimize your efforts.

Maple CRM and Customer Servicing

Keeping your customers happy is a tedious task and yes you always want to keep the relationship stronger over the future years. Customer service Management in Maple CRM makes it so simple giving you a broad picture of your customer and revamp customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your company. Customer Service Management in Maple CRM takes care of after sale service like, managing the customers, contracts and support requests, delivering to your staff real time information to act upon and support your customers.

Communication history with your customer

Get rid of confusion, memory loss, and fear of manipulation of data!
Maple provides you a platform to record and store whole communication with your customer.

We know you deal with multiple customers; it is natural that you will get confuse handling ‘n’ number of customers. Add notes and remarks of present conversation with a customer for future records. Have a quick revision of where you stopped during your last conversation then proceed further. This will create an impression in the minds of customers that they are valued. Also updating your customer details, sending mails, updating status, adding reminders for next action and remarks are all laborious tasks if you have to switch between screens to perform. Maple makes it simple by piling up every action of a customer in a window and automatically bags every updates for future reference.

Maple in Mobile

The world is going mobile. Don’t miss out!

View and update critical information in real time with Maple CRM – Mobile. Our dynamic team can help you connect to the fingertips of your customers. Your sales team on the field can access and update information as well as work on the schedules. It also enables to co-ordinate within the sales team through instant messages facilitates reaching out to customers without fail.
To retain existing customers and to up sell or cross sell in future, satisfying them to the core is the best and cheapest method exists. Only thing is, you should have the willingness to serve your customers as and when required. Customers are always on the verge of going for new options. Most often, by the time they have contacted you, customers have done their due diligence. They just want someone to engage with and help them out. Customers are more likely to do research on the company’s brand, such as looking at online reviews or social media posts regarding past customer experiences. So customers should be pampered enough for positioning and branding your company in the market.

Good Customer Service for a great Success

Good Customer Service is the lifeblood for any business. Its not only sales that can bring profits to business. Its also the service and support that you give to your customers that can drive your business smoothly with success.

Maple CRM provides Customer Support Management feature that facilitates Customer Enquiries, Contracts & Support Requests.

Contracts & Support Requests can help in streamlining the customer specific process and help in resolving customer issues efficiently. The contracts lets you to easily manage different service level agreements between your company and the customer with well defined time frame, information and status.

Support Requests can help in creating tickets for customers in terms of complaints, issues as faced by them. With an ease to set the time frame for each support request, there is always an effective service to the customers from your company.

What more? You can define what specific attributes you need for your Customer details, Contracts or Support Request. Collect information as needed and store each record in the system. You can also add multiple contacts for a customer entry. That way, you have every information at one place with just a click.

You can assign the support requests to your company’s staff for them to work on and make closure. The solution also sends an email on this behalf so that staff is aware of the support request assigned to him.

Customer Service is crucial for any business and providing it in an effective way and making customers satisfied will help your company grow in a big way. Maple ensures that you have a smooth ride of your business process and increase success. If you want to know what others features Maple can offer to your business, then do visit the Maple CRM Website .


Increase productivity with CRM solution

How much of your sales executives time end up in making reports and marking the status of enquiries?

It is a common issue that many companies having sales & marketing department experience. Lot of time is wasted in preparing daily/weekly/monthly reports. But is it worth spending precious time of the executives in reports rather than making business happen? Can this unproductive work be reduced?

Yes, definitely. The times have changed and the technology has lot more to offer for the business market.

Cloud CRM with Reports

A web based CRM can be your solution for all business problems. Maple CRM is a simple and useful CRM solution. Here is a quick look at the benefits:

  • Accurate & up-to-date information
  • Get connected from any place using any internet enabled device
  • Less time required to fill data
  • Customizable reports based on your choice & conditions
  • Charts for analysis

Let your sales & marketing executives leave behind the administration work and concentrate on achieving business targets and success. Bring in an organized business model that can save time and increase profits. For more details regarding the solution, visit


CRM customization for your business

Many CRM users would like to experience a customized CRM application. They want the product they choose to work the way they do. This does really make a great remarkable change for businesses who are implementing cloud based CRM for the first time.

We always have heard and spoke about how technology can change the way we work.  From a business perspective, the technology solutions has helped companies improve their efficiency and productivity.

CRM software companies have gone to great lengths to make it easy for their CRM applications to be customized. CRM is no more considered as an experimental tool, it is clearly beneficial tool that can be used by any sized business.

The fact that CRM software has become so customization-friendly is certainly a benefit to end users. At the same time, this trend towards increasing customization is helping the CRM industry, too.

Maple CRM is designed with maximum flexibility and easy adaptability to meet business and industry specific needs for various companies.

Maple CRM is a web based CRM software product that offers its functions for Sales & Marketing as well as Customer Service Support. The solution helps in maximizing the sales opportunities by speeding up the sales cycle, provides better sales process and improves customer support process aiming to give better customer satisfaction.

With our CRM solution, you will find the following benefits:

  • Management of lead generation efficiently
  • Identification of in depth information of the leads and customers
  • Builds relationship more than transactions
Contact us today to subscribe for a cloud based CRM Solution for your business!

Online CRM in India

One of the most important feature of any effective online CRM is the seamless access to all the information anytime, anywhere through the use of the Internet. Maple CRM being an online CRM offers this and much more.

From Sales Automation to Email Marketing, from Contacts Manager to sending bulk SMS, from managing customer service to regular follow-ups, Maple CRM provides an easy to use and a powerful CRM solution that can help you to minimize your administrative work and maximize your business success.

Online CRM or Cloud based CRM comes with cost effective packages meaning there won’t be heavy investments for hardware or server. The solution is simply accessible over the internet and there is no wastage of time for installation or setting it up. Online CRM is an effective solution for small businesses.

Maple CRM comes with variety of features that can ease your day to day business functions. Here are few of the Maple CRM highlights:

  • Customer Management
  • Contact Management
  • Activities and Schedules
  • Follow ups and Calendar
  • Email Campaign
  • SMS facilities
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Auto Reminders to email
  • Lead Management
  • Website query management
  • Activity notes
  • Quotation and Invoice management
  • Product Catalogue
  • Charts & Analysis etc
  • Integrations
Maple provides an automated CRM system which increases the efficiency of customer service and sales followups and helps in managing the interactions easily.
Contact us today to discuss your cloud computing needs. Moving services to the cloud can be a complex task, but we can make it easy and a worry free process.

Mobile CRM – The powerful tool for the future

The usage of Web based CRM has worked very well for the majority of businesses who has deployed CRM for improving their business process.

In International markets, CRM offerings are normally extended to business phones and smart phones. In India, the focus is on low-end devices. The business solutions should be able to run on the lower end phones with GPRS, SMS etc as options for communications.

Mobile usage and connections are pretty much high in the indian market today. Mobile phones are considered to be the means of information exchange in most of the enterprises. CRM being the most essential business tool for organizations need to focus on providing quick access to the sales team or field services team. CRM on mobile does prove to be a more effective management of business.

Maple CRM provides offline CRM capabilities which is offered through mobile. Our focus in India is to provide application accessibility on low-end phones rather than on business phones.

Most people who build, nurture, and maintain customer relationships don’t spend all their time at a desk. That’s why having a mobile CRM can be very much useful. The demand for Mobile CRM is growing as organizations continue to demand access to critical information in realtime – anytime, anywhere.

CRM on mobile platforms are very cost-effective and ensures timely as well as accurate information flow. For more information on Mobile CRM, contact us.


CRM solution for your business

Sales is about people. Manage leads and track sales with Maple CRM in a more efficient and collaborative way. Streamline your sales process and keep your team involved in the sales process.

Maple CRM enables easy work process and helps in capturing leads through various channels, thus letting you to save your time and focus on your core business work.

The solution offers number of features that eases your day to day business operations and increases profits. Maple CRM enables:

  • Better connection between various departments
  • Builds collective information of the business
  • Easy usability and ensures higher productivity
  • Customizable functions to suit all types of businesses
  • Convenience of recording customer interactions.

Maple CRM is an essential tool that can turn leads into customers easily. The solution is especially valuable to small businesses, giving them a competitive edge over businesses.

Request for a free trial today.

Cloud Computing CRM

Cloud computing has revolutionized customer relationship management in business. It has not only improved internal communications, overall technological efficiency and productivity levels but it has made a dramatic impact on the way businesses handle customers as well.

Cloud computing solutions has made possible the on-demand availability of accurate and up-to-date information for marketers and salespeople. Such information are key to developing sales and marketing initiatives. This improves the productivity of business and brings in more profits. Marketing department can identify the needs of customers and respond to those needs. Sales efforts can be specifically tailored and designed in ways that reach out to the different market segments.

Today, importance in given to ease, speed and convenience. CRM has proved to be an efficient way of improving customer interactions and increase profits. The primary purpose of customer relationship management (CRM) is to track and manage all the information regarding current and prospective customers, to improve customer service, and to gather targeted marketing information.

If customers are kept happy, they spread the word, and a company gains more customers in a growing cycle that results in the mutually beneficial relationship attributed to the powers of cloud computing.


Importance of CRM in Healthcare Industry

In today’s market, the medical industry is finding the need to know more details of the patients so that they can provide efficient service to them.

With all the patients history, medical records, present medication or any tests performed it is even more better to respond to the patient’s present complaints. Healthcare industry has now found CRM the most effective way of handling the medical records.

Millions of patients contact the hospital every day through phone, email or fax as well as direct visits. All these increases the need to have a system in place to keep a track of everything and record each information of the patient.

CRM in healthcare sector helps to reduce operation costs, reduces errors and facilitates better relationships with patients.

Healthcare sector being the largest services industries, read how CRM can be a solution here: CRM solution for Healthcare Industries

CRM with SMS integration

Being able to communicate through SMS keeps your customers or employees informed in real time and dramatically reduces the cost and time associated with the process tasks maintaining a positive customer experience with your business.

SMS based solutions can improve the profitability with simple short SMS as it includes integrated SMS campaigns, automated SMS response and reduces the need for basic outbound calls. It can also help in automating followup and manage new sales opportunities.

Maple CRM can be easily integrated with other systems to automate the SMS based workflow of organization infrastructure and reduces the communication overheads. SMS integration includes sending & receiving of information through SMS and processing the same for further communication. Maple ensures that SMS communications can effortlessly keep running and it can provide continuous and consistent SMS delivery.

How outgoing SMS can work out for business scenarios?

  • Sending SMS to potential customers
  • Sending out SMS alert or reminders for an appointment or event
  • Sending out SMS to sales agents who are on the field to call the customer

How incoming SMS can work out for various business scenarios?

  • Field engineers/technican to receive sales or customer support cases when they are on the move.
  • Voting/Polling/Surveys/Contest
  • Registration for events, service or programs.

Other key Features of Maple CRM with SMS Integration:

  • SMS templates
  • Bulk SMS
  • Personalized SMS to targeted customer
  • Send thank you SMS, SMS for greetings or wishes to customers
  • Order status update to customer through SMS.
  • Advertisements or promotions through SMS
  • SMS reminders to customers on payment/renewal/next service date etc
  • Facilitate people to subscribe to your updates via SMS.
  • SMS campaigns
  • Two-way SMS

Check out few of the sample SMS configurations from Maple CRM