Increase productivity with CRM solution

How much of your sales executives time end up in making reports and marking the status of enquiries?

It is a common issue that many companies having sales & marketing department experience. Lot of time is wasted in preparing daily/weekly/monthly reports. But is it worth spending precious time of the executives in reports rather than making business happen? Can this unproductive work be reduced?

Yes, definitely. The times have changed and the technology has lot more to offer for the business market.

Cloud CRM with Reports

A web based CRM can be your solution for all business problems. Maple CRM is a simple and useful CRM solution. Here is a quick look at the benefits:

  • Accurate & up-to-date information
  • Get connected from any place using any internet enabled device
  • Less time required to fill data
  • Customizable reports based on your choice & conditions
  • Charts for analysis

Let your sales & marketing executives leave behind the administration work and concentrate on achieving business targets and success. Bring in an organized business model that can save time and increase profits. For more details regarding the solution, visit


Marketing using CRM

Marketing using Customer Relationship Management is the most effective technique for higher conversions. Companies using CRM marketing can benefit in knowing customers pertinent information and their need, using which marketing plans can be done and target such customers who are more likely to respond. CRM marketing saves lot of time and money and also improves customer satisfaction with a more personalized approach.

CRM can drive sales, increase business and improve customer satisfaction and service. With CRM marketing, you can streamline your marketing campaigns and directly target the important customers. Customer data is what helps to make effective customer marketing strategies for business profits.

As each customer contacts your business, CRM software keeps the record of the conversation, customers interest and any issues that are reported. Using this information, you can effectively market to your customers, tell them how you can solve the issue and then walk away with conversions.

CRM marketing can be done through emails that would outreach the customers in an effective level using email strategy. CRM marketing for telemarketers can help you approach the customers in an efficient and personalized way using the data in the CRM program.

CRM software gives you the benefit of automating your marketing techniques. It also helps in analyzing the customer information to know where you are missing opportunities. The CRM marketing software keeps the information, automates some of the processes and analyzes the business process.