Industry Specific Online CRM Software

Maple CRM – The most comprehensive, customizable and scalable CRM solution that includes processes for marketing, sales and customer service.

The solution can be individually customized to suit your requirements and can be made industry specific. Every industry has different process and is unique. That’s why Maple CRM is designed to give you custom functionality with features that can fit your business perfectly.

Maple offers Industry- specific Solutions to

  • Educational Consultancies & Placements
  • Healthcare & Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Jewellery Industry etc.

CRM for Marketing:
Marketing with CRM is supported with efficient planning, execution and monitoring the campaigns. Targeting the specific audience who is already showing interest can turn out to be business. Marketing tool can do wonders in identifying and targetting the real cases.

CRM for Sales:
Call it Lead Management or Opportunity Tracker, an efficient tool which can help in generating leads, reaching out to them, following it up and coverting these leads is what makes a business sucessful in profits. A sales tracking along with charts & forecasts can make it even more better to measure your sales pipeline.

CRM for Customer Service:
A good customer service management and support system helps you to not only reduce costs and improve customer retention, but with the right processes, it can be a vital tool for upselling and driving more revenue. Improve customer satisfaction and attract new customers using a CRM solution.

Maple CRM provides solution for all the above categories helping you to manage everything at one centralized location.

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Direct Marketing – Strategy for business promotions!

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing is a form a advertising that allows business to communicate straight with the customer by the means of phone, email, mobile messaging, brochure distribution, promotional letters etc. Direct marketing method is used by all sizes of business from startups to multinational companies. Direct Marketing is an attractive method as the results can be measured directly.

Direct Marketing Channels:

1. Email marketing: Sending marketing messages through emails is the most widely used strategy for marketing. It is relatively inexpensive and much easier to execute.

2. Mobile: Mobile marketing includes SMS, MMS, Mobile Banner Ads etc. This enables the business to engage with prospective leads in an interactive manner through mobile devices, smart phones or tablets.

3. Online Tools: With the expansion of technology and ideas, use of online tools and application has been rapidly increasing. Social media sites being the most popular these days along with banners and google ads etc.

4. Telemarketing: The most common and the oldest method of marketing is telemarketing where marketers contact customers through phone for lead generation.

There are various other ways how marketing is done. Some of the techniques could be time consuming or expensive but may offer more benefits.

Marketing is one of the main process in the business life cycle. It requires a lot of attention, strategy and analyses. Making time for marketing and concentrating on how to improve and make use of better marketing techniques is very much essential. Marketing is a mixture of sales, advertising, public relations and publicity.

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Know about Internet Marketing

Today, most of the companies use online marketing methods to improve sales and gain revenue. Internet marketing is quite inexpensive and is also easy to track and analyse the statistics of the marketing campaigns.

What is Web-Marketing?

Web-marketing is simply called internet marketing where marketing of products or services happen over the internet. There are different types of internet marketing like Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, etc.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing means directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using electronic mail.

Here, the leads are classified according to their interest or product or group etc and the possible customers are contacted by sending promo emails and informed about the product or service. Marketers can personalize email marketing campaigns. They can place their names and company logos in the body of the message.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation helps you to manage your leads. In case of lead generation, you concentrate on getting more lead contacts but in case of marketing automation, it is to transform the raw leads into sales pipeline. Marketing automation reduces repetitive tasks associated with the marketing process.

Marketing automation software develops an automated campaign to increase business sales. Marketers can track and monitor the progress of the marketing campaign.

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Marketing using CRM

Marketing using Customer Relationship Management is the most effective technique for higher conversions. Companies using CRM marketing can benefit in knowing customers pertinent information and their need, using which marketing plans can be done and target such customers who are more likely to respond. CRM marketing saves lot of time and money and also improves customer satisfaction with a more personalized approach.

CRM can drive sales, increase business and improve customer satisfaction and service. With CRM marketing, you can streamline your marketing campaigns and directly target the important customers. Customer data is what helps to make effective customer marketing strategies for business profits.

As each customer contacts your business, CRM software keeps the record of the conversation, customers interest and any issues that are reported. Using this information, you can effectively market to your customers, tell them how you can solve the issue and then walk away with conversions.

CRM marketing can be done through emails that would outreach the customers in an effective level using email strategy. CRM marketing for telemarketers can help you approach the customers in an efficient and personalized way using the data in the CRM program.

CRM software gives you the benefit of automating your marketing techniques. It also helps in analyzing the customer information to know where you are missing opportunities. The CRM marketing software keeps the information, automates some of the processes and analyzes the business process.