Direct Marketing – Strategy for business promotions!

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing is a form a advertising that allows business to communicate straight with the customer by the means of phone, email, mobile messaging, brochure distribution, promotional letters etc. Direct marketing method is used by all sizes of business from startups to multinational companies. Direct Marketing is an attractive method as the results can be measured directly.

Direct Marketing Channels:

1. Email marketing: Sending marketing messages through emails is the most widely used strategy for marketing. It is relatively inexpensive and much easier to execute.

2. Mobile: Mobile marketing includes SMS, MMS, Mobile Banner Ads etc. This enables the business to engage with prospective leads in an interactive manner through mobile devices, smart phones or tablets.

3. Online Tools: With the expansion of technology and ideas, use of online tools and application has been rapidly increasing. Social media sites being the most popular these days along with banners and google ads etc.

4. Telemarketing: The most common and the oldest method of marketing is telemarketing where marketers contact customers through phone for lead generation.

There are various other ways how marketing is done. Some of the techniques could be time consuming or expensive but may offer more benefits.

Marketing is one of the main process in the business life cycle. It requires a lot of attention, strategy and analyses. Making time for marketing and concentrating on how to improve and make use of better marketing techniques is very much essential. Marketing is a mixture of sales, advertising, public relations and publicity.

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