Industry Specific Online CRM Software

Maple CRM – The most comprehensive, customizable and scalable CRM solution that includes processes for marketing, sales and customer service.

The solution can be individually customized to suit your requirements and can be made industry specific. Every industry has different process and is unique. That’s why Maple CRM is designed to give you custom functionality with features that can fit your business perfectly.

Maple offers Industry- specific Solutions to

  • Educational Consultancies & Placements
  • Healthcare & Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Jewellery Industry etc.

CRM for Marketing:
Marketing with CRM is supported with efficient planning, execution and monitoring the campaigns. Targeting the specific audience who is already showing interest can turn out to be business. Marketing tool can do wonders in identifying and targetting the real cases.

CRM for Sales:
Call it Lead Management or Opportunity Tracker, an efficient tool which can help in generating leads, reaching out to them, following it up and coverting these leads is what makes a business sucessful in profits. A sales tracking along with charts & forecasts can make it even more better to measure your sales pipeline.

CRM for Customer Service:
A good customer service management and support system helps you to not only reduce costs and improve customer retention, but with the right processes, it can be a vital tool for upselling and driving more revenue. Improve customer satisfaction and attract new customers using a CRM solution.

Maple CRM provides solution for all the above categories helping you to manage everything at one centralized location.

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A choice to make when going for a CRM solution


A choice to make when going for a CRM solution

In today’s technological world, you can see lot of options before you zero on to one. The competition has been beneficial for the solution seekers to find more features and better options from one another.

Talking about solutions specific to CRM software, CRM has been able to offer the benefits to different types of industries ranging from small to medium or large businesses. But not always it holds true that one solution fits for all. This could definitely not be a part of the every business without any changes. It would further lead to failed implementations and waste expenses.

Thanks to cloud computing, CRM, now can be customized based on user’s requirement. We offer CRM solutions over cloud by understanding the requirement of each businesses. That way, we are able to deliver services that are flexible and efficient. Our objective of CRM solution is to help you in achieving your objectives and bring benefits out of our CRM solution.

With Maple CRM solution, you have the freedom to choose the solution that fits your business needs.

Maple CRM is an easy to use, cloud based CRM solution. It provides anytime anywhere access to your business data with which you can manage your business with an integrated approach to sales, marketing and customer support. Maple provides a complete view of customer interactions across your sales, marketing, and customer service teams so they can collaborate and respond promptly and work on customer inquiries and sales opportunities.

The solution suits individuals, small businesses, corporate and professional workgroup, medium business organizations, customer care center, etc.

Maple CRM being a simple solution with beneficial features has been able to deliver its service across industries like Educational Institutes, Training & Placements, Tours, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, Accountants & Tax Advisors, Company Secretaries etc.