CRM Integrations for Business

CRM lets your manage your customers, your prospects and your sales. CRMs can be either web based or stand along systems and help in keeping track of people and their relationships to you.

What exactly is the purpose of a CRM?
It is just not a business software that can help you smoothen your work process but it will help you to solve all those hectic work that has been eating your time and energy. Yes, it truly can eliminate the difficult task of your business.

No, it does not solve only your administration work but also simplifies your sales and marketing process and brings more profits, plus it brings in an efficient tool for managing customer service.

How can it help you attract and retain more customers?
The benefits of using a CRM for your company are a more streamlined sales process, increased customer interaction and the ability to not only keep track of the people but also to nurture those relationships to provide continued success.

What is CRM integration?
CRM integration is to bring together other applications or functionalities along with CRM to function together seamlessly. Instead of using the CRM just the way it is, you can integrate and make it much more useful to perform.

Integrations can include various functionalities like website integration, email integration, third party software integrations etc. So you can leverage the benefit of integration and make it possible to use anything that you need when your CRM does not support it.

With website integrations, you can easily bring in valuable customer data or leads directly into your CRM. Integrations like SMS or telephone lets you work on CRM with just the use of SMS or telephone calls. Your sales representative or your customers need not access CRM to find details or add more details.

No matter what you or your company does, you must retain your customer and lead information and this is where CRM can be extremely valuable.

Whether you have a CRM already picked or you are looking for advice on where to begin and how, consultants such as ClientFisher can provide the best information for your business.

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SMS configuration with CRM

CRM can be configured with SMS integration to work with inbound SMS responses from customer or sales agents.

Maple CRM provides flexible SMS integration solutions and ensures that SMS communications can effortlessly keep running and it can provide continuous and consistent SMS delivery.

SMS marketing is considered to be one of the few marketing techniques that is used to reach the targeted customers at anytime and anywhere.

Consider a sample SMS configuration to know how it could help in a typical business flow. Company A is into telemarketing where it deals with generating leads and scheduling meetings for the sales executives.

With a well placed CRM, you have the records of all your contacts, leads and customers. You can easily monitor whats happening with a lead, which sales agent is working on it and how interested the customer is in your product/service.

But many a times it so happens that the meeting which is scheduled with the Sales Agent often gets postponed or cancelled and it goes uninformed to the sales agents resulting in loss of time and confusion.

So what if you have a system that could confirm both customer and sales agents time schedule and cancel if none responds. So if they receive SMS notification regarding the meeting and if they respond back to the SMS, then only the meeting time is confirmed. This process could happen few hours before the actual time scheduled. This can avoid Sales Agents to travel till the client’s place unnecessarily. This also saves up the time of your sales agent.

Such SMS integration can happen with SMS templates which could be even more easier when things are all automated and responses are sent automatically based on the time duration.

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CRM with SMS integration

Being able to communicate through SMS keeps your customers or employees informed in real time and dramatically reduces the cost and time associated with the process tasks maintaining a positive customer experience with your business.

SMS based solutions can improve the profitability with simple short SMS as it includes integrated SMS campaigns, automated SMS response and reduces the need for basic outbound calls. It can also help in automating followup and manage new sales opportunities.

Maple CRM can be easily integrated with other systems to automate the SMS based workflow of organization infrastructure and reduces the communication overheads. SMS integration includes sending & receiving of information through SMS and processing the same for further communication. Maple ensures that SMS communications can effortlessly keep running and it can provide continuous and consistent SMS delivery.

How outgoing SMS can work out for business scenarios?

  • Sending SMS to potential customers
  • Sending out SMS alert or reminders for an appointment or event
  • Sending out SMS to sales agents who are on the field to call the customer

How incoming SMS can work out for various business scenarios?

  • Field engineers/technican to receive sales or customer support cases when they are on the move.
  • Voting/Polling/Surveys/Contest
  • Registration for events, service or programs.

Other key Features of Maple CRM with SMS Integration:

  • SMS templates
  • Bulk SMS
  • Personalized SMS to targeted customer
  • Send thank you SMS, SMS for greetings or wishes to customers
  • Order status update to customer through SMS.
  • Advertisements or promotions through SMS
  • SMS reminders to customers on payment/renewal/next service date etc
  • Facilitate people to subscribe to your updates via SMS.
  • SMS campaigns
  • Two-way SMS

Check out few of the sample SMS configurations from Maple CRM