Tips to identify the right time to execute CRM Solution to your Business

Started losing sales due to no proper follow-up?
No proper communication happening between your support team and sales team?
No communication history of your customer?
Yes! This is the right time where the management must think of having a CRM Software in the company. But you are still confused, why I should use a CRM System.
Here are some indicators which points you to understand the need of having a CRM Solution

  • When number of contacts  or leads increase exorbitantly
  • When it is difficult to pick out hot /warm leads out of the bucket
  • Use of spreadsheet makes customer data heavy to manage
  • When there is duplication of data and you could not find it out.
  • When you want your contacts /leads classified by industry / product / service
  • When you want to communicate with your whole database
  • When you want to check the sales pipeline of your employees
  • When you want to check the communication history with your customer
  • When your employee incentives is associated to the leads generation and conversion
  • When you want to run a marketing campaign and you have no idea about the results

The use of a CRM Software in your business is the wise investment you can ever make as it will help setting up of sales processes, manage customer relationships and satisfaction, and helps in time management.  If you want to succeed, cherish your ambitions. Focus on the few important things that will make your sellers do better. Miraculously, CRM will become the game-changer.

Customer Satisfaction through Maple CRM

Happy customers can increase your company’s revenue in the long run. The more important component of a happy customer is providing friendly and timely customer support. Majority of customers who raise an issue will expect a response within next few minutes/hours. Many companies fail to serve up to customers’ expectation.

Customer interaction is so genial!

Maple CRM enables easy and quick interactions with your customer through Emails and SMS. All you have to do is, frame attractive email and SMS templates and send it to your customers and prospects on a go. Any information or greetings which have to reach out to your customers or prospects will happen within a fraction of second if you have the template ready in hand. Automatic mailers and SMS can be scheduled letting Maple to minimize your efforts.

Maple CRM and Customer Servicing

Keeping your customers happy is a tedious task and yes you always want to keep the relationship stronger over the future years. Customer service Management in Maple CRM makes it so simple giving you a broad picture of your customer and revamp customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your company. Customer Service Management in Maple CRM takes care of after sale service like, managing the customers, contracts and support requests, delivering to your staff real time information to act upon and support your customers.

Communication history with your customer

Get rid of confusion, memory loss, and fear of manipulation of data!
Maple provides you a platform to record and store whole communication with your customer.

We know you deal with multiple customers; it is natural that you will get confuse handling ‘n’ number of customers. Add notes and remarks of present conversation with a customer for future records. Have a quick revision of where you stopped during your last conversation then proceed further. This will create an impression in the minds of customers that they are valued. Also updating your customer details, sending mails, updating status, adding reminders for next action and remarks are all laborious tasks if you have to switch between screens to perform. Maple makes it simple by piling up every action of a customer in a window and automatically bags every updates for future reference.

Maple in Mobile

The world is going mobile. Don’t miss out!

View and update critical information in real time with Maple CRM – Mobile. Our dynamic team can help you connect to the fingertips of your customers. Your sales team on the field can access and update information as well as work on the schedules. It also enables to co-ordinate within the sales team through instant messages facilitates reaching out to customers without fail.
To retain existing customers and to up sell or cross sell in future, satisfying them to the core is the best and cheapest method exists. Only thing is, you should have the willingness to serve your customers as and when required. Customers are always on the verge of going for new options. Most often, by the time they have contacted you, customers have done their due diligence. They just want someone to engage with and help them out. Customers are more likely to do research on the company’s brand, such as looking at online reviews or social media posts regarding past customer experiences. So customers should be pampered enough for positioning and branding your company in the market.

Customer Service Management

What is Customer Service Management?

You work hard to build relationships with your customers and you would definitely want to keep that relationship solid for the years to come. This becomes easy when you have a customer management tool in your organization. A tool to manage everything at one place and to improve your customer relationships.

Maple CRM for Customer Service Management!

Maple’s Customer Service Management solution gives a 360-degree view of customer base to improve customer satisfaction and lower service costs. The solution gives the interface of customers, contracts, support requests, etc. – providing complete access to real time data empowering your staffs to better support your customers.

The Maple CRM customer service management solution is intended to streamline organization wide customer support access that helps in resolving the customer requests or cases in less time thereby enhancing the customer satisfaction and upselling opportunities in future.

What are the benefits?

Increase Customer Satisfaction
– Support team can access every information of the customer anytime, anywhere to drive customer satisfaction.

Reduce Costs
– Deliver high quality experience for customers while reducing the operational costs.

Increase efficiency and productivity
– Accelerate case resolution time by providing complete customer visibility to your support reps.

Get to know about Maple CRM software solution.

Powerful CRM solution for Customer Service and Interactions

One of the most important process of the business is the Customer Management. In today’s business market, there are lot of tools and processes that help companies to make use of tailored customer service that they need to stay competitive. The technology has made it possible to provide the level of service your customers expect.

With the help of customer management solution, you can increase customer loyalty, reduce costs and boost revenue. You will be able to provide and enable a powerful tool to your workforce to seamlessly handle inbound or outbound transactions. Stay connected  to deliver the kinds of services your customers need.

Build a strategic channel for your business which covers Sales, Service and Marketing with a CRM solution that can enhance collaboration and customer interactions

Whether your business is product based or service based, you are spending money to acquire customers. But that effort goes waste if you have a bad customer service system which fails to address your company needs and doesn’t satisfy the customers. Hence make sure that you have powerful system in place which can offer benefits to improve your customer service process.

Maple CRM provides a range of powerful features and automated solutions that makes your customer services process run easily and smoothly.

Optimize your Customer Interactions and improve Customer Service process using Maple CRM.


Help Desk Software Solution

Help desk management software tracks customer calls and problem resolutions. A customer support center’s goal is to assist all customers with a wide variety of issues. Service desks focus on a small set of products or problems, usually technical.

Customer service systems give agents insight into the customer’s total history where help desk systems focus on the technical issues. Generally, any customer service system and most customer relationship management (CRM) programs have service desk functions but not all service desk systems can integrate with client information to be complete solutions.

IT organizations generally staff a team dedicated to computer, network, and communications users. These IT desks feature rich integration with the company IT system and network management tools, giving agents visibility into issues with the customer’s systems.

Tools that can be integrated with Help Desk Software systems:

Merging of service and support: The basic help desk software can include customer support and service applications. The integration of customer information history with service desk functionality can bring in more efficient way of working on customer issues and to provide better and faster resolutions.

Web Integration: Website integration can help in automating the ticket creation process. Even web chat solutions can be helpful in letting customers communicate with the service desk when a phone is not available or if the customer is traveling internationally.

Key benefits of using Help desk Solutions:

  • Reduced service costs
  • Icreased customer satisfaction
  • Better problem and solution tracking
  • Efficient documention and working process

Technology is increasingly becoming a part of every business. Incorporating such business automation software solutions can help your business to improve profits and increase work efficiency.


Customer Service Software

why is it required?

Customer service software automates the process of providing support and service to your customers. It eases the work involved in storing the customer details along with the communication history.

It helps in providing an efficient customer service experience there by saving time and making customers happy. Every business depends on customer and customer has to be treated as kings so that they stay as customers forever. The software also brings an ideal workflow environment in the company thereby helping the executives to focus on providing service rather administrative work of storing and searching the data.

what is the solution?

crm software

Many customer management softwares are available in the market which serves from small to medium to large companies with easy to use features to complex ERP packages.

First analyse your companies requirement and have a clear cut idea of what features would be required and prioritize it. Read CRM articles so that you get information about what all CRM products are available in the market. Look for CRM products and check for demo’s so that you understand the product before purchasing it.

Compare the softwares and see whether the CRM you choose actually meets all you requirements and meets the expectation. Check whether it matches your budget plan also. Remember that CRM should not only suit your business but also it should be easily accessible by your staff as they are the one who will be using it.

At last, once you purchase the software its everybody’s responsibility to maintain up to date information in your CRM. Business grows not only by buying a CRM product but also by using it extensively to manage your business.


Integrated Phone Service for Customer Support

Maple has been implementing more and more extensive features for simplifying and automating customer service functions for businesses. The recent addition to the basket is the integration to second level tool of zip dial’s product. With this collaboration, the software has now been able to deliver a most significant option for businesses in managing customer service.

With zipdial registration, you can have a toll free number allocated for your business and when a customer calls you over the number he will experience just a missed call. His details are automatically added as an account in Maple. With further customization, it can be assigned to a specified employee and also an SMS can be sent to the employee about this new query.

This way there is no chance of missing out opportunity or enquiry that comes to you through Phone. As said earlier, the further enhancement that is added here is that, you can have one more toll free number where your customer can check the status of his previous enquiry. Maple will detect the call that comes to our toll free number and automatically responds to his email id informing about the enquiry status and additional details. This information is fetched by Maple from the account details that has been added by the employee.

So you can have two different zipdial toll free numbers one for enquiry and other to check the enquiry status. This automation simplifies your customer service flow and eases the business operation.

If you have further queries regarding this new feature, feel free to contact us at .

Were you expecting this kind of feature to implement but was not ready to invest on complex and costly CRM softwares? Not to worry, Maple CRM is dedicated and built especially for Small to medium organizations. The features that are added in the software are easy to use and efficient ones which will help you in your business functions. Our aim is not to build the software which has everything and then sell it, but to build a simple software which is easy to use and the one which can serve as a purpose for companies.

For more information about the software, visit Maple CRM website.

Customer Management Software.

Customer Management Software can be used to manage the entire sales process. This could include scheduling appointments, storing contact details, activities and to-dos, recording all interactions with customers as well as generating accurate reports to understand the result of the process.

In today’s business evnvironment, customers are demanding for a higher level of customer service. The customer service executives need to be empowered with all the information related to the customer at their finger tips.

Customer service is all about the customers perception. You have to do more than just get the job done. You must deliver on all the things (big and small) that affect the relationship with your clients.

Achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction involves having all information about the customer at your fingertips. Businesses need to know their preferences, their behavior, their purchase history as well as their demographic and psychographic information. CRM solutions can make this information available at every company executive’s desk. Practically, every company representative can find out anything that he wants to know about a customer in ‘real time’. For instance, all outstanding issues with the customer such as unpaid balances, outstanding complaints and orders being shipped are available at the click of the mouse at every executive’s desk.

No wonder, CRM is expected to unlock the doors of customer satisfaction. By connecting the back office and the front office, CRM has the ability to make the organization function like one entity and not like many departments. A CRM software system isn’t just a good to have sort of but it can do wonders for your business and help improve the productivity of your business.

Where to find a good Customer Management Software?

Maple CRM is a customizable easy to use Customer Support Management Software with useful features for your business. You can manage Sales, Marketing and Customer service in an efficient way using Maple CRM. All in all a simple integrated software that suit any type of business and can help in business functions.

CRM Application

Business leaders approach new ideas for growing the business and to bring profitability. The present trend of using technology is because the present market knows that technology plays an important role in enhancing the sales and marketing strategy.

Business management software automates the process of managing the customers and the business growth in an easy and efficient way. CRM being an important tool addresses the need to integrate the various resources of the company providing solutions to look into customer issues or the contacts interested in your business.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) collaborates the efforts of sales, marketing and also customer service in order to create a consistent and satisfactory relationship with prospects or customers. CRM application improves the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, eases the sales process by automating the procedure and provides a satisfying customer support experience. It also helps in analyzing the business growth and understanding the sales and marketing activities and gives a clear cut view of the business life cycle.

CRM is about understanding the behavior of the customer and providing the solution for his need without consuming much time. Few things which could be beneficial when applied are:

  • You can strengthen customer relationships so that customers will be interested to by from your company again.
  • Enhancing the product and providing a valuable service so that customers will find it easy to do business with you.
  • Providing the service to the customers exact need and this would be possible only with an efficient CRM system.

CRM for Sales:

An effective sales force can enhance the customer base and bring in more profits. If your sales staff has been provided an automated tool then it simplifies their work flow in following up with the leads and closing it in less time. The software enables to analyse the sales life cycle and helps in managing the sales from first to last.

CRM for Marketing strategies and Campaigns:

Effective marketing strategy would bring growth in revenue. For this, it is always necessary to identify the potential customers, target them with various marketing campaigns and then measure the results. CRM automates this process of scheduling and executing the marketing campaigns, identifying the interested prospects and maintain these targets list. Finally, perform campaigns and analyze the results.

CRM for Customer support:

Customer needs to be treated as king as they are the one who drive the show of your business. If they are  happy and satisfied then they will always stay with you and will surely refer your products or service to others. Customers issues need to be addressed smoothly and the service staff need to respond to them for all their questions. A dissatisfied customer can mean a great loss. An automated CRM system increases the efficiency of customer service and manages the interaction easily.

Software for Business Functions

When business is involved, there needs to be a specific software to keep track of all your business functions. So that, as and when business grows, the business functions could run smoothly and things are all in track.

But that doesn’t mean you can buy many softwares that are available in the market and make use of all that to run your business. Multiple softwares can turn to be a burden rather than helping your business.

You would first need to analyse your business functionality and understand what kind of software would suit your type of business. Start with Contacts Manager and add it in to the list of requirements. It is always necessary to have a contact management system so that every contact details are in record and can be fetched whenever required.

Is your company more into Sales and Marketing of products? Then you need to look out for a software which can support sales and marketing automation. This could involve work related to marketing techniques that helps in identifying the leads and categorizing them so as to target them easily. Also which helps in lead generation and get through the sales funnel from start till they are converted or moved to dead state.

Support Service? When a customer calls to get a service support from your business, it is necessary to maintain the record of the communication. Also, providing support quickly by looking at his history and transaction details will satisfy the customer with your business service. This is all possible through a software which can maintain these records and histories of the customer so that your business provides a better and quick service.

Management of Stock Inventory? If your company is dealing with stock and commodities, then each stock needs to accounted. You would need to look in for a Inventory Management Software which supports handling of purchase orders, receive inventory and purchase returns. Each and every stock issue and stock returns need to be tracked. It should also help in generating reports at the end of the month or financial year to know the stock status.

Similarly, there are various kinds of softwares available in the market which can automate and smoothen your work. Having one software for all your business activities would ease your work rather than having multiple softwares for each and every activity.

Would you like to consider a CRM software for handling your business activities? Visit and find out more details.