Lead Management CRM

Lead Management is an important process in the business life cycle. Most businesses spend a huge deal of effort planning and developing lead management strategies. It is essential for any business to understand and know which stage the potential lead is at and what are the key tactics that have got the lead till there. The system can help you to ensure that sales leads are followed-up, pipelines are being managed and goals are being met.

Without a good lead management system, keeping track of meetings, follow-up calls and details about your prospective customers can be very difficult. Lack of good lead management system may become the cause of loosing the customers and may end up in loosing the revenue from it.

With the concept of CRM, the lead management system has become the part of the sales culture in automating the sales and marketing techniques and has provided a flexible tool enabling sales rep and marketers to use the system effectively.

At Maple CRM, we continuously look for ways to provide useful tools that can help sales people in their workflow. If all the details of the leads are managed at one place, and still be able to add more information pertaining to the lead and with options to assign the lead to other executives, then the system is going to be a valuable resource. Thus increasing the productivity of the business.

Capturing and nurturing a customer’s interest is of prime importance in Maple. Maple enables owners to streamline and organise the process of converting the prospective customers into clients. After getting in touch with the contact, a sales agent can add notes and personal data to client records. Maple focuses on building a relationship with each prospective customer in a way that their interest develops into an opportunity for sales.

As a marketing and Sales management tool, Maple CRM supports the below features:

  • Capability to build contacts from website, email or spreadsheets (MS Excel file)
  • Email and SMS Campaigns powered with multiple template configuration support.
  • Product Catalog support and provision to build and send quotations.
  • Lead Classification based on various criterias like customer interest factor and market conditions. Maple supports Tagging, a very useful feature in this aspect.
  • Lead to Sale funnel management which enables the top management to understand the impact of Campaigns.

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