Business CRM Solutions

Effective business CRM solutions must fulfil the evolving demands of big and small companies. The CRM product should meet all your industry specific needs. When business is involved, there needs to be a specific software to keep track of all your business functions. So that, as and when business grows, the business functions could run smoothly and things are all in track.

Business CRM solutions should include:-

  • Sales and Sales Force Automation: This helps in lead generation and getting through the sales funnel from start till the leads are converted or moved to dead state. The automation will help in the complete sales life cycle and focus on the needs of the customer and your business.
  • Customer Support: Automates support tasks to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. It maintains all the records and histories of the customer so that your business provides a better and quick service to them.
  • Marketing: It captures opportunities and customer contact data to improve the quality of your campaigns. This could involve work related to marketing techniques that helps in identifying the leads and categorizing them so as to target them easily.
  • Work Management: Manage, track and maintain a grip on all departments. Empower teams to deliver within targets and effectively measure results.
  • Strategic Planning: CRM allows you to generate various kinds of reports which helps in understanding the business flow. Thus providing a tool to analyse how the business is functioning so as to take necessary steps in improving or changing the plans.

CRM gives business users a platform to perform business functions and analyse every level of the functionality. With SaaS applications, users can have an access to CRM at any time and have information which are up-to-date. You can optimize performance, decision making and allocate work to resources from your CRM solution.

Business CRM solutions optimize a company’s ability to utilize customer data to increase sales, reduce cost, retain customers and increase productivity.

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Benefits of Using CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management is a practice that is old and has been around since the time trading and business networks started to be formed. Over time, handling and keeping track of all the various transactions, relations and other networks grew to be a difficult process when considered manually. CRM software offers solutions for customer management to small, medium and large business organizations. CRM solutions have progressed considerably in recent times.

CRM softwares traditionally offers number of different features.

Marketing: CRM acts as a great marketing tool. It enables you to identify the needs more effectively and assist in planning and organizing. It helps to retain existing customers and expand your business by effectively marketing your products and services.

Convenience: Tracking customer history or pulling out old records of the customers is easy with the CRM software. You can also generate reports and study customers history so as to give better service.

Cost Effective: CRM system helps you to manage your business effectively. It increases productivity and saves the valuable time of your staff.

Sales: CRM software systems have been known to increase sales of companies by specifically targeting a customer’s preferences when it comes to a product line.

The main advantage of CRM software is that it keeps continuous track and has complete and updated information of a customer and the business interaction at any given point of time. The software is especially useful for companies having multiple branches as all the people in the network will know simultaneously how things stand with a certain customer, what services and products are being offered and used.

The process of analysis of CRM Softwares is the secret to the success of a company utilizing the technology.

Online CRM For Business

Maple is a CRM software product which manages the complete life cycle of a customer. With maple, you don’t have to worry about both time and customer management. Maple enables you to create and sustain relationship with your customer with an easy to use tool thus helping you to get business success.

In today’s fast moving competitive world, holding on to a customer for business growth is very much necessary. And the customers need to be treated as kings so that they always reach you instead of your competitors. For this, your business needs to have a complete 360 view of your customers.

Maple CRM being a web based CRM software product helps in streamlining you day to day business activities with its various features serving all type of industries and focusing on sales, marketing and customer service automation. Maple provides a business strategy that could be used by small to large companies and can turn customer management into easiest thing in the world.

Key Features

Leads and Contact Management: Maple lets you manage all your leads and contacts easily without much of effort. You can easily search for the lead and its details anytime when required.

Customer Support: It is easy to provide customer service using Maple. Your customer will be satisfied with the timely response and up-to-date information maintenance.

Sales Force Automation: Maple lets your effectively manage your complete sales life cycle and improves the performance. It allows you to generate automatic leads from webapges or telephonic services like Zipdial. Thus saving time in creating automatic leads and also by not missing any opportunity.

Marketing Automation: You can classify your leads based on their interest in your business products or service and target them with promotional offers. Send instant email to them and can also make use of templates to save time.

Supports Employees: Maple gives your business team a tool where they can store all the information about their leads or customers and maintain up-to-date information. Whenever the customer data is required it is available to them by just few clicks. They can easily track and maintain details which helps in increasing effectiveness during customer interactions.

Reports for Analysis: Generate any kind of reports based on your requirement thus helping you to monitor your business activities and also growth.

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Charts – a tool to analyse business

CRM Charts are a collection of data in a pictorial representation which gives a clear cut idea of the business growth or loss, analysing the business functions and help in making plans for future improvement. Business charts helps to gain real time insights.

Some of the highlighting points of uses of CRM Charts are:

  1. It can help in comparing the revenue earned during specific duration or time
  2. It helps in knowing the sales growth over the time
  3. You can understand which source helps in bringing more deals

Maple provides extensive charting capabilities thus helping the users to analyze their data quickly and effectively. It provides quick and easy overview of current business performance using charts. Maple’s Account Trend analysis charts helps in understanding your business growth easily. Also, one more charting feature called Account Churn Analysis Charts is to be released soon!! Maple’s team is really working hard to implement more and more useful features. 🙂