Document Creation Software – why should you manage documents digitally

Quick guide on how digitally creating and managing documents saves time and energy in day to day transactions.

Document creation, maintenance and updating is an inseparable part of any business. Gone are the days when manual generation, printing, filing and storing used to consume a major part of the working day.

  • Estimates / Quotations
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Invoices
  • Receipts

These are some of the most common documents which are mandatory for any business. As important it is to manage these documents, so is the security and access control, since there’s sensitive information

Manual Vs Digital Document Management

Dependency on Experitse:

Manual Document management = dependency on expertise. The person in charge of generating documents must be vigilant enough to ensure all the details are mentioned in every document, the alignment is proper. Plus, ensure no errors and misses.

Digital documentation eliminates the overall need of manual intervention. With pre-defined templates, one doesn’t have to type in any information, nor can edit without permission. This ensures ZERO errors and inclusion of all the terms to be mentioned at any point of time.

Time required for generation + proof-reading:

The long hours needed to type in a document, have the tables aligned and placed perfectly and inclusion of all the details is a time consuming process by itself. You cannot be too sure all the time to just change the names of the clients and print it out, you MUST go through the entire document every time, since any addition / deletion changes the entire text placing.

Proof reading every time is required since this is a manual process and open access to everyone. The amount of time required for this is massive and still leaves room for errors.

Digital documentation doesn’t allow any changes to unauthorized personnel. If any changes done, those are duly recorded so as to easily back track them.

Proof reading not required every time, since the software’s intelligence ensures no placement disruptions.

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User access control – Security and Approval

Do you give access to ALL of your employees to ALL the documents? No right? How do you ensure this WITHOUT someone manually patrolling the documents folder?

Impossible in manual document management. Digital / Automated document management allows you to:

  • Restrict user access control
  • Password protect documents
  • Enable document generation without editing permission
  • Records of changes made- when, where and by whom
  • Approval of Managers for the documents generated
  • Share that very instant with customers
  • Easy search of past documents

Some of the greatest advantages of digital documentation are:

About 35% reduction in operating costs

About 50% time saving

70-75% Improvement in Document Quality and Precision

Maple CRM is the best software for document generation.

  • Generate Documents, Agreements, Contracts with 1 click
  • Multiple types of template configuration
  • Solid Team Support for template generation
  • User Access control
  • Manager Approval Provision
  • 100% configurable document format

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