Social Media Integration with CRM for Lead capture

Maple CRM- Social Media Integration for lead capture

In a world with densely connected webs of connection, social  media plays the role of a spinal cord. Not only for personal connections, social media serves as a lead generator for businesses too. Lead generation, brand awareness, global presence- all can be enhanced through social media.

Lead throughput and the process of nurturing the leads right upto closure defines the success of the entire business. Businesses which use a CRM software for their Sales process experience  convenience and ease of managing leads much better than the business which rely on manual methods.

So how exactly does a CRM software bolster lead management?

  1. Automatic Capture of leads through Social Media
  2. Automatic allocation to Sales Executives
  3. Lead scoring and prioritization
  4. Categorization of leads as per the quality
  5. Reminders and notifications for follow ups and actions
  6. Automatic mail communication with the leads
  7. Reports and analysis of leads, sources, status and quality

With such a detailed and precise management, a business surely can rely on a CRM software to ensure

  • ZERO lead loss
  • 100% resources utilization

Integration of CRM with social media :

Strength of a CRM software lies in Automation, which in turn eliminates manual intervention to a great extent.

One of the vital automations is Integration with social media for Lead capture.

How does this actually work?

  1. Platforms like Meta, YouTube, Google, etc. have a provision to run sponsored ads, which are a great way for a company promotion and reaching the prospects.
  2. When the viewer clicks on the CTA, it’s captured as a lead.
  3. These platforms are integrated to the backend with CRM software with API keys.
  4. This allows the leads to land directly in the CRM software.
  5. Notification is triggered to the respective CRM user on lead arrival.
  6. On automation configuration, the lead is checked for it’s authenticity and quality.
  7. Categorization based on type of lead, it’s priority, region or any other custom field is done by the CRM software.
  8. When the sales executive (CRM user) takes any action on the lead, they can update the status of the lead as it goes ahead.
  9. Reminders and remarks can be added and lead can be processed ahead towards closure.

    The most important point to note here is- Since the LEAD CAPTURE is automatic, the rest process followed smoothly and error—free.

Maple CRM software, which is the highest rated CRM for Sales and Process management- provides the integration for lead capturing with

  • Meta (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Google ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Website inquiry Page
  • JustDial

Not only do the sales executives get notified on lead arrival, but also they can have the entire lead management and updates done from Maple CRM mobile app too!

Lead Capturing is the first piece which should fall in place for having a seamless Sales Funnel. Integration with social media ensures this and makes the system automatic.

To know more about how can YOUR social media campaign can be linked with Maple CRM, just drop a mail with your contact details and we’ll have our experts connect with you immediately!

Get your Sales workflow simplified and enhanced!

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