Contact Manager

The need of Contact Manager:

Contact managerĀ allows you to easily store and manage all your contacts and their details. It helps you to track all the information related to the contacts like name, telephone number, address etc. This could be stored in a centric database which can be accessed from anyone and also, this way information can be updated regularly. Businesses can be managed more efficiently since it eliminates the efforts of using manual methods.

The contact manager is an organized and most convenient method of maintaining the contact information.

Online Contact Manager is more useful for people who are on the move, especially sales and business people. It enables people to access the required information at anytime and from anywhere.

CMS (Contact Management System) lets people record and track customers/leads in an efficient way. CMS also results in more productive tracking, sharing and analysis of customer information when compared to manual methods.

With Maple CRM, you gain the power to centralize, share, manage and analyze all your contact management data, free from tedious manual processes and administrative hassles.

Maple CRM provides a systematic way of adding contacts and maintaining them without much effort.

The benefits that you could acquire from Maple:

  1. Work from any web browser: All you need is a computer and internet connection. You don’t have to depend on desktops for using Maple. This gives you the flexibility of using the software from anywhere.
  2. Real time update: With Maple, updated information is available in the server at real time allowing people to access current details which are up-to-date.

Maple provides productivity and has better and faster collaboration.

Maple offers CRM on demand and includes contact management for business. For more information log into

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