Know about on-demand CRM

Hosted or on-demand CRM is sometimes cheaper and easier to roll out than the software that lives on your own machines.

If you look at your present business process, you may think of having a software that is flexible enough to accommodate the changing needs of sales and marketing staff and also which can integrate well with the applications that would support to have customer contacts, invoices, records etc. So traditional CRM could be the one that you are offered and you are about to pay and get it.

But then have a round of thinking on Hosted or on-demand CRM that would offer seamless functionalities that your business would need coupled with user friendly interface and all this over the cloud.

On-demand CRM is one booming in the market. Small and midsize businesses have shown interest these software-as-a-service solutions. Thats because these applications are much cheaper than the licensed on-premise software which can cost a huge amount as investments. But Hosted CRM applications come as Pay-per-use model where it would cost you as monthly subscriptions.

Many companies that were once offering traditional CRM solutions, are now offering cloud based solutions. But yes, many still consider the fact of having their precious data on the cloud due to security issues. Many a times, this could be the only reason why businesses consider of opting for on-premise CRM.

But what interests more in the hosted CRM solutions are the great benefits that it offers. The model eliminates the up-front cost and effort required in implementing a CRM system. Customization and integration requirements do take time just as the traditional softwares.

To go with on-demand CRM, you would first need to define your process, figure out the requirements, decide who all are going to use the application, then go through various costs of each model that actually meets your requirements and make a decision. Hosted CRM can be very flexible and an efficient strategy for your business.



Contact Manager

The need of Contact Manager:

Contact managerĀ allows you to easily store and manage all your contacts and their details. It helps you to track all the information related to the contacts like name, telephone number, address etc. This could be stored in a centric database which can be accessed from anyone and also, this way information can be updated regularly. Businesses can be managed more efficiently since it eliminates the efforts of using manual methods.

The contact manager is an organized and most convenient method of maintaining the contact information.

Online Contact Manager is more useful for people who are on the move, especially sales and business people. It enables people to access the required information at anytime and from anywhere.

CMS (Contact Management System) lets people record and track customers/leads in an efficient way. CMS also results in more productive tracking, sharing and analysis of customer information when compared to manual methods.

With Maple CRM, you gain the power to centralize, share, manage and analyze all your contact management data, free from tedious manual processes and administrative hassles.

Maple CRM provides a systematic way of adding contacts and maintaining them without much effort.

The benefits that you could acquire from Maple:

  1. Work from any web browser: All you need is a computer and internet connection. You don’t have to depend on desktops for using Maple. This gives you the flexibility of using the software from anywhere.
  2. Real time update: With Maple, updated information is available in the server at real time allowing people to access current details which are up-to-date.

Maple provides productivity and has better and faster collaboration.

Maple offers CRM on demand and includes contact management for business. For more information log into

Easy to use CRM

Many companies invest on high cost CRM software and use it for their business activities but the end of it all they find issues in using the software just because of its complexity usage. Yes, softwares with many complexity features which may or may not be required for your business end up in loss of time and energy. Finally, you may not see any growth in your business.

It is always necessary to find a right CRM solution which meets your requirements and suits your type of business. A software can be used extensively only if the user finds it useful and easy to use. Having an effective CRM for your business process brings a productive workforce and an extremely convinient interface which inturn saves time and money.

Maple CRM is one such software which was developed not only to serve the purpose of CRM strategy but also to give an ease of use and a useful interface to work on. Whether you want it for your sales team or for providing customer support, the software can ease your work with its flexible and customizable options. The software has been able to serve various types if industries in India and includes functionalities which can be used for day to day business activities.

For more details about the software, visit http://maplecrm.comĀ 

Maple CRM for Small Business

A web based CRM software to manage your customer queries & support requests. Maple can be linked to your website’s Contact Page. We provide free code & support for integration. Capability to schedule activities and tasks. Get it notified as an email or SMS to you.

A fully customizable software. Can be used by from Travel Agents to Doctors, Chartered Accountants to Product Vendors. We have integration solutions with ZipDial and Call Center software applications. A simple CRM with Charts, Custom Reports, User Access Control, EMail, SMS….