Smart & Flexible is the key to the Future CRM!

One size fits all“. Does this phrase hold good when it comes to business and software applications?

Many CRM systems are built to fit varied industries and business sectors. In the early days, having any CRM would mean that you have multiple options that you can use as your CRM would comprise of everything to anything and that’s why you had to pay a hefty price for the same. Hence, the one size fits all approach was acceptable.

Over the years, CRM solutions have evolved to offer many features that can work on a customized approach to fit into any business. The focus has changed to a flexible mode that that can be opted as needed. It comes down to the features and functions that any business wants to priortize and the costing varies based on what has been chosen rather than everything.

The current demand is that CRM has to respond in a different way to every individual in the organization. That would mean virtually every individual interacting with an organization’s CRM system needs a view of that system that is uniquely personal. So in fact, it becomes contrary of the one-size-fits-all system. Instead of being a huge system offering everything to everyone, it should be a system that simply returns whatever information, in whatever form, to whatever interface, an individual needs – whenever it’s asked to.

The future CRM demands to have a personal view which should present the information I need, remind me in the way how I want it to be reminded and the CRM should definitely be smart enough to deliver my personalized experience in a device – appropriate manner.

And ‘Smart” is the real key here. Moving forward, market is looking for the CRM systems that can truly deliver value to users and customers, CRM systems that are smarter, dynamically personalized for each individual’s needs, and capable of helping us handle the more complex challenges.

Saying that, there are a lot of CRM software choices today in the market, but consider the importance of using a system that was designed with you in mind. One that fits your business.

Know about on-demand CRM

Hosted or on-demand CRM is sometimes cheaper and easier to roll out than the software that lives on your own machines.

If you look at your present business process, you may think of having a software that is flexible enough to accommodate the changing needs of sales and marketing staff and also which can integrate well with the applications that would support to have customer contacts, invoices, records etc. So traditional CRM could be the one that you are offered and you are about to pay and get it.

But then have a round of thinking on Hosted or on-demand CRM that would offer seamless functionalities that your business would need coupled with user friendly interface and all this over the cloud.

On-demand CRM is one booming in the market. Small and midsize businesses have shown interest these software-as-a-service solutions. Thats because these applications are much cheaper than the licensed on-premise software which can cost a huge amount as investments. But Hosted CRM applications come as Pay-per-use model where it would cost you as monthly subscriptions.

Many companies that were once offering traditional CRM solutions, are now offering cloud based solutions. But yes, many still consider the fact of having their precious data on the cloud due to security issues. Many a times, this could be the only reason why businesses consider of opting for on-premise CRM.

But what interests more in the hosted CRM solutions are the great benefits that it offers. The model eliminates the up-front cost and effort required in implementing a CRM system. Customization and integration requirements do take time just as the traditional softwares.

To go with on-demand CRM, you would first need to define your process, figure out the requirements, decide who all are going to use the application, then go through various costs of each model that actually meets your requirements and make a decision. Hosted CRM can be very flexible and an efficient strategy for your business.



Customer Management Software by Maple

When every customer interaction counts, success is measured in results but unless your organization has the customer management software it is almost impossible to keep a a track of each call made to the customer, history of customer and behavior etc.

With Maple CRM, you can collect, organize, track and prioritize all your customer information and helps you to exceed your customer expectations.

In Maple, Customer experience is the center focus. Also, our objective and solutions are meant to make the CRM experience simple to its users. From On-demand CRM to easy to use CRM, we are now focusing on rule based CRM and SMS based CRM. We offer SMS integration with CRM that focuses on SMS response for marketing/sales options. For Example, you can setup a survey SMS response in just 10 minutes.

Look at some of the sample configurations possible from Maple CRM.

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