What is a CRM Software?

CRM in a widely broad definition can be related to a business strategy that is used for systematic approach in handling customer relationships.

At the core of every business there lies a relationship between the organisation and its customers. If the relationship is poorly managed, then the company is in the risk of loosing its customers as well as damaging the company name & brand. This may effect your sales process by missing new business opportunities.

As organisations constantly look for competitive advantages in today’s rapidly changing business world, managing customers and new leads effectively has become essential. Managing information and making it accessible to internal staff from a centralized location is a necessity for all organisations.

CRM Software works by collecting leads and client information and make it accessible as needed. The information and data collected can be used for analyzing and understanding the customer requirement and his behaviour. Further, this can be used for analyzing the market trend and adjust the campaigns accordingly and target the leads to increase sales.

CRM also serves for customer support helping in bringing efficient business process and to improve customer satisfaction. CRM is just not a tool or an application, it is a process or a way of doing business. CRM is implemented for various reasons as it offers number of benefits. Different organizations look at CRM to achieve different business goals.

CRM is becoming an important and a centralized tool to reach the business objectives. With an ever increasing customer expectation there is a need for organizations to adopt new business services and strategies. CRM with its numerous features helps in enhancing sales, customer support and success in business.

Today’s CRM software solution is highly scalable and customizable, allowing businesses to adopt a CRM solution without much hassle. CRM software is commonly used to manage a business-customer relationship, however CRM software systems can also be used to manage business contacts, clients, sales leads and marketing campaigns.


Customer Management Software by Maple

When every customer interaction counts, success is measured in results but unless your organization has the customer management software it is almost impossible to keep a a track of each call made to the customer, history of customer and behavior etc.

With Maple CRM, you can collect, organize, track and prioritize all your customer information and helps you to exceed your customer expectations.

In Maple, Customer experience is the center focus. Also, our objective and solutions are meant to make the CRM experience simple to its users. From On-demand CRM to easy to use CRM, we are now focusing on rule based CRM and SMS based CRM. We offer SMS integration with CRM that focuses on SMS response for marketing/sales options. For Example, you can setup a survey SMS response in just 10 minutes.

Look at some of the sample configurations possible from Maple CRM.

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CRM Software Solutions

Improving your  business performance is not always easy but with CRM, you can avail an effective business strategy and improve the work performance and productivity.

You can stay organized by keep a tracking of all the work flow, all your leads and employees. Being organized helps you not to miss out any opportunity and contact those potential customers and have everything in record.

Besides the reporting features to track your work, the CRM Software Systems can serve as the ultimate tool for many areas of your business including sales, marketing and customer service.

With CRM software application, you can pull up the entire customer information when the customer calls you for any service. You will be able to give an efficient and quick customer service.

You can also automate your marketing campaigns and measure the results through reports.

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