CRM is much better than manual operating methods

Lets have a look at the benefits that you can gain out of CRM rather any other manual methods:

  1. CRM software can help you find your customer or contact in less time. Also, you dont have to remember the customer name to find his details. You can use a simple string to search. Like, you can use all or even part of the phone number, or last name, company name etc. You can search with whatever information you know by just entering it and clicking on search.
  2. With CRM software, you have the access to all the details of the customer, history, issues that the customer experienced before, his priorities and interests, notes in seconds.
  3. You can send email or SMS to customers, you can add activities and schedules, notes and reminders – all can be done instantly without much work involved.
  4. With CRM software, you have schedules to remind you about what all needs to be done that day. Not only it automatically reminds you in the software but it can also send you email or SMS about the schedules. Which means you don’t have to access the software to know your schedules for the day or you don’t even have to connect to internet.
  5. Reports can help you understand and analyse what is happening in your business and this could be used to make further plans and enhancements for your business growth. Custom reports could be used to generate any kind of reports depending on your business need.

So why to use spreadsheets or manual methods to work on your customers. CRM can act wonders for your business by providing an organized way of working and it also provides accessibility to all the information that you need by just a click.

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