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The most cost effective CRM – Maple CRM has lots to offer to Small Businesses. Here are few highlighted benefits that can help any business to find profits:

  • Track conversations and customer history within minutes.
  • Notes, Documents and follow up reminders in one place.
  • Win more business with sales information and pipeline.
  • Anytime – Everytime access to the software.
  • Pay as you use it.
  • No downloads, no installations and no worries.
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CRM Software Solution India

Manage your company’s sales and contacts with Maple CRM and help your sales team to be engaged with data.

Maple CRM is an easy to use online Sales Management Software. The solution helps in managing your sales pipeline, contacts, notes, reminders and activities in one place so you can easily share information within your organisation and keep an up-to-date information.

Any software will be useful for the business if it not complex and a burden to use. When small businesses use software that is quick and easy to use and is powerful, then they can devote their time to building their business. Maple is one such software product that can help in managing your business process depending on your needs.

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CRM is just not a business strategy but a great tool for all sorts of business types. It can be integrated, customized and automated to meet various challenges. There are many integration possibilites to the CRM system like Website, SMS, Email etc. Such integrations not only automate the business cycle but also lets in effectively managing the business.

CRM need not be limited to just Contacts or Accounts. It could be extended to track inventory, Quotations, Invoices and Bills, Service request, etc. The possibilities to customize the CRM software is endless.

With CRM Software, it is easy to share customer information, see sales activities and customer history, identify the opportunities, deliver consistent customer service and track your progress.

We value your requirement and understand the challenges associated to it. Hence, we suggest practical solutions that can make you get the solution as per your need. Maple CRM offers solutions that can reach out to Tours & Travels, Healthcare industry, Real Estate, Educational & Placement consultants, Professionals, etc. Our objective is to help you reach your strategic goals.

Not to forget – No Hardware, No Worries! You will be up with your software solution and making a positive impact on your business in no time at all. Interested to start using it? Get a free CRM trial today and know how Maple can help your business.

Free CRM – Is it really worth?

Before implementing a free CRM, you should compare the benefits and drawbacks of it with the paid CRM solution to ascertain the best results and to clarify whether the free CRM solution will be able to carry out the customer management needs.

Many companies are offering free CRM solutions, with some upfront benefits. Free CRM may be the right one for you if you’re  a start-up organization still growing your customer contacts list.

Not to forget, that free CRM tools allows you to try before you make a purchase.

If the free application can give you what your business needs without any compromises then better grab the one. But if getting it will eat up your resources as they spend time in figuring it on how to use it, then better to go for a paid one which would offer user friendly and efficient features.

Note that when you plan to upgrade your system to a different one can be a painful experience. Migrating the complete data is a real headache. So if you are expecting to grow anytime soon, then keep this in mind. Also, if you do select a free system, can it be upgraded for a fee? That would solve your worries of upgrading by paying as you grow.

Also will you get enough support for free tools if any queries or issues? Many free CRM tools have their limitations like amount of data that you upload or no of files you upload, no of contacts you can add etc. There are chances that you are entering duplicate customer data instead of realizing that the customer information already exists. You may be restricted in running necessary searches or getting reports. When it comes to paid CRM, these options are all included.

In some cases, you can go for 15-30 day free trials or opt for paying nominal fees to start and use it for few days before purchasing the entire CRM application. This helps in understanding the CRM before considering it for your business.

On the whole, free CRM tools are worth for start-up organizations only. Free CRM solutions are not a perfect solution because as you grow you’ll find out that you need a robust solution. Instead you can choose a paid CRM solution with the least available package and further upgrade it when required.