Defining rules for CRM implementation

CRM software is as good as the information it contains. Let your CRM work for its purpose. Have a quick check on the profiles and leads. Are the records up to date and whether it has been filled up with accurate data?

Its the fact that the last push isn’t going to happen in a hurry. So have a preventive maintenance right before you conduct any mail campaign. Here are few of the tips noted below that could avoid incomplete, incorrect or out of date information in the CRM system.

– Decide on a procedure for deleting duplicate entries. Also, ensure a method for the staff to check the record before adding a new entry. E.g. If one your staff is using abbreviation like HCL and the other one adding a new entry as Hindustan Computer Limited which is the full form. A policy on ensuring consistency of input will help to avoid duplications in future.

– Set the date for updating details. If you want your staff to update the records by end of the day or at the time of each inquiry etc.

– Always have correct spellings of your client names. If your staff sends an email to the customer spelling his name incorrectly, it would make customer unhappy.

– Set up procedures on how to respond to customer emails and what details are to be added in the CRM software from that interaction.

– Keep a track on the backup of CRM software. Who is responsible to take it? In case of his absence who should be handling it and where is it stored?

– Are the backups safely in your staffs hand? This is an important step when it comes to data security. Make sure that other employees don’t have the access to the data backup.

– Train your staff on how useful it would be for business to have accurate data in the CRM system.

– Know who has the rights to the software system – who can create data entries, who can modify or delete the records?

– Have a team leader or manager to check on the leads and customer details that are handled by the staff.

These practices will turn the whole business process flow smoothly. When the CRM is used in a best way, it can bring lot of opportunities.

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