Software as a Service

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one of the fastest growing concept of the present business market. SaaS refers to software that is accessed via a web browser and is paid on a subscription basis i.e. monthly or yearly.

SaaS is considered as faster and a cost effective for business as it doesn’t include hardware, implementation or acquisition costs. The complete responsibility of software maintenance would be of SaaS vendors. Since customers pay a subscription, they have immediate access to the new features and functionality. Unlike traditional softwares where upgrades would happen once in a year or once in 6 months.

SaaS applications are usually referred as Hosted CRM, Web based CRM or Online CRM. SaaS based CRM is a better choice compared to the traditional Onpremise CRM as you don’t have to invest huge amount while installing it and also you have the whole CRM system set up for use very quickly.

Benefits of using SaaS:

  1. You do not need a full fledged IT department who can maintain the software updates and issues.
  2. You would not need to define your software requirements, instead choose what all you need from the features offered by CRM vendor. Also, it is easy to upgrade your package and add more features whenever required.
  3. Access to software anytime and from anywhere.
  4. You can concentrate on your core business rather than handling IT issues of software.

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