Transforming Sales Productivity using CRM

A lot of sales time can be spent on leads that aren’t going to buy. While leads are never going to convert one to one, filtering out the poor quality ones ensures that sales effort is focused on the more promising opportunities. This requires close co-operation between sales and marketing. CRM Software helps here to collaborate the various teams to reach one goal – to convert leads into sales.

Generation of sales quotation can be repetitive work for your sales people which only eats up their time by doing administrative tasks. Having quote generation tool with pre-defined templates can speed up their quotation process and improve the quality of the quotes that are sent out.

Often your track records may contain duplicate records, repeated customer entries which not only eats up your data space but may also give wrong calculations on the no of leads which are in your sales bucket. This poor lead management results in nothing but a bad way of recording which is of no help. CRM system can help in keeping up-to-date information with no duplicate entries but only quality information that is going to be of great help to sales team. Your business process can be streamlined and an effective strategy can be put forward for increasing sales opportunity.

It is not only with sales but also with post-sales functions which can be well organized so that customer never faces any issues throughout his business time with your company. Improving the quality of post-sales fulfillment can therefore have a big impact on making a sales person more productive.

Not to forget the sales reports for which your team spend a lot of time creating those for managers review. Sales Management Software is of great help here to quickly run reports as needed.

In the world of sales a shift in the balance of time spent with customers as opposed to administration can have a big positive impact on profitability.

Simple Sales Tracking Software

A sales tracking software can make a positive difference to your business. The solution helps you to know how many leads are in your sales pipeline, lets you track your sales team, easily feed data and important notes. It can automate many of your daily process and lets you effectively track information and use it to your advantage.

Sales tracking can do a lot for your business. Whether you’re a small business or an individual professional, it can be integrated into your daily activities so that you can use the information to your advantage.

Once you populate the Sales Tracking software with some data, you’ll start to see the benefits, which can increase over time. You can track each deal as it goes on (from lead stage, through quote, to progress, etc), you can also analyze patterns of specific customers and look at historical data to help you with business development and marketing initiatives, too.

A simple but effective Sales Tracking Tool is highly effective as it helps you with Customer Relationship Management which contains reporting capabilities as well. A sales tracking tool can also help you track the status of a deal, which means that at any given time you can see where things are at and use that info to help you report to others or determine whether or not you should act to help move things along in the right direction.

You can use the sales tracking tool to plan your activities, to make strategy, and to ensure that you retain customers through actively and proactively working to strengthen relationships. A simple sales tracking tool can help you better manage your workload and ensure that you’re giving your clients and prospects above average attention.

If you are a sales manager or company owner who wants to see what is in pipeline and analyze performance of individual team members, sales tracking software is the right tool that can help you do that.



Maple CRM includes Sales Tracking Software tool which is simple and useful for managing your entire sales process and to keep track of the sales pipeline.  With Maple, You will see a considerable difference in managing your sales pipeline, tracking and forecasting ongoing and upcoming deals, and in analyzing your results so that you can continually improve them.