Immigration and Visa Process Management – 5 ways to make it quicker, error free and effective

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Thousands of Immigration Consultants and multiples of thousands of applicants everyday flood the systems of Immigration businesses with their enquiries, applications and visa submissions.

While this is just one of the daily chores of Immigration Consultants, there can be many tight spots where it’s cumbersome to seamlessly transfer tasks internally within the team with ZERO LOSS of information and documents, or and the most important of all- LEAD LEAKS!

Lead leaks can happen due to several reasons- like missing the communication, losing track of lead progress, missing out on high priority leads, no quick communication and most important of all- no reminders for all this!

Check out these 5 ways in which an Immigration Consultants can be at the TOP OF THEIR GAME by effective management and great customer experience:

1. Get it automated – Use a CRM software!

  • CRM software reduces more than 80% of efforts, which is equivalent to 80% productivity boost! Click here to know how exactly it works.
  • With automatic reminders, no follow ups are missed and all the details are ready available for reference.
  • Maple CRM is the one among the top ones in Immigration and Oveseas Education niche, with features and functionalities customized to suit the requirements. Get a demo scheduled today!

2. Encourage executives to make it a practice of recording every single thing!

  • Old school method- of jotting down every single detail works the best even today!
  • Backed by modern technology and sophisticated softwares, keeping note of all progresses, communication and updates is made quite easy to follow.
  • Scheduled reminders and update notifications play an important role in Work process management. Maple CRM has the most user-friendly platform for customization and configuration of the system and user-wise reminder settings.

3. Periodic trainings to new users

  • Cycle of employees leaving the organization and hiring their replacements is another part and parcel in any business. Especially, for Immgration consultants, this business is vastly employee-oriented and technology can be made to work only with proper handlers.
  • It’s imperative that every one is adapted and is adept in using the software or any other technical tool used to daily work process management.
  • Dedicated trainers should be instructed to ensure proper training to new users and keeping all of them up to date on any new additions / updates

4. Easier to maintain soft copies- don’t pile up the papers!

  • Documentation is the most important phase in Immigration Process.
  • The reason for emphasizing software for management automation is not just for a great customer experience, but for a great user experience, too!
  • It’s a thing of the past, where printouts brim the edges of the executives’ table and drawers. It’s difficult, least effective and time eater method of keeping and retrieving records.
  • CRM software now a days are very well designed and easy to use, so that data addition and retrieval is easy and matter of just a couple of seconds!

5. Get technology working for you!

  • Before going ahead with any form of software or tool for your business, it’s useability must be measured stringently and only if it’s flexible enough to fit in your requirements, should it be accepted.
  • Technology here to work for you, not to make you work for it!
  • Contact Maple CRM today to learn how this software can be moulded into your requirements, so that it fits like a glove in your business model and business can reach new heights with productivity boost!

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Software for Overseas Education and Visa Processing – lead and process management

Overseas Education and Immigration procedures involve numerous steps, highly professional organization of the tasks, documents and a detailed designed workflow. Right from capturing of the lead to having the Visa stamped- all the processes can be seamlessly roped in Maple CRM

With well structured functionalities and a vertical designed specially for Overseas education and Immigration, Maple CRM is rapidly becoming the top most choice of businesses due to the advantage the software brings in.

Unique features:
–         Custom document / agreement generation
–         Ready to refer COURSE FINDER (course library) with all the corresponding details
–         Custom configurable lead and student form
–         Configurable workflow as per process selected
–         Hierarchy-wise and expertise-wise task mapping
–         Online portal for data updating

Course Finder comes equipped with 10+ standard filters and a host of custom filters through which the university and courses can be shortlisted and same can be referred to the students. Example- you need to find an Engineering Course in Canada, follow the below steps-

  1. Go to ‘Course Finder’ option in Maple CRM
  2. Type in the Key words, Select filters, like State, Province, Intake, Acceptance Criteria, IELTS score, etc.
  3. There’s your perfect course right in front of you!
  4. Get the student on board!

Multiple course selection, multiple applications, tasks defining for each of these processes and allocating the tasks to the concerned executives- all can be configured through Maple CRM. Documents generation can be done in a matter of a few seconds with pre-configured templates. The hassle of every time typing the matter, checking for errors, etc., is totally eliminated, thus eliminating errors and increasing the productive time.

Maple CRM can be moulded into your business workflow and can be customized exactly as per the requirement. The user can decide what workflow is required, how many steps to be involved, mandatory steps, documents to be generated, payment involved, and most important of all- performance reports.We do not make you alter your ways to fit into the CRM. Maple CRM does the work for you!

Maple CRM- adding value to businesses from the last 10+ years!
Less typing more selling !

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Software for Immigration Consultants : Features for Canada Immigration

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CRM software for Immigration processes is aimed to have the workflow automated to a great extent, so that every day repetitive tasks can be performed quickly, and ensuring that no data update is missed.

Maple CRM is specialized in this field and the features included in the software stem from more than a decade of industry experience and the technical expertise dedicated to bringing out the best user experience.

In addition to the lead and process workflow automation, Maple CRM has dedicated features for Canada Immigration process-

  • 67 Point Score Calculator
  • CRS Score Calculator
  • Automated Evaluation Report

These are the vital procedures to be followed for Canada Immigration. 67 point and CRS score calculator are the basic requirements for the candidate’s scoring. These are inbuilt in Maple CRM and are picked up automatically while generating report.

The process involves another critical step- ‘EVALUATION REPORT’, which is mandatory and has to be generated with utmost prudence by the consulting agent. Absolutely NO ERRORS allowed!  Maple CRM supports automatic generation of Evaluation report- thus eliminating errors, data misses or any other discrepancy.


  • Inbuilt calculator for CRS and 67-point score
  • Configurable template for report
  • Custom defined headers and footers with company logo
  • Provision for addition of images and text

Maple CRM aims at ‘Less Time Typing, More Time Selling!’

More than 600 of our customers have experienced a minimum of 40% rise in productivity after switching over to Maple CRM. Why think? Contact today!!

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Software for Overseas Education Consultants – Management of Sales and Process Workflow

Maple CRM is a software for Smart management of Sales and Process Workflow, specially designed for Immigration and Overseas Education Consultants.

What’s unique??

  • Auto Lead Capture from online lead generation platforms
  • Smart allocation based on Subject Matter Expertise
  • Student Online portal – for document uploading, status monitoring
  • Custom Dashboards, Views, Reports
  • Custom Document Generator– Generate any agreement / contract in just a few clicks!
  • Excellent Support and Service

With meticulous and well structured functionalities, get the workflow defined and configured according to your business, with process automations, mandatory checks and customized configurations.

Maple CRM supports the unique ability to have the software defined the way you work, without having to compromise at any step.

This CRM works for you!

How does it benefit sales?

  • Quick action tabs for addition of leads (also through Mobile App)
  • One-touch contact option
  • Super quick follow ups setting, rescheduling and adding
  • Configurable Mail Templates
  • Configurable document templates
  • Payment Tracking

How does it benefit process side?

  • User expertise wise task configuration
  • Pre-defined structure for tasks with timelines
  • Collaborative Task management
  • Automation for notifications and mandatory actions
  • One glance view of the entire process- making it easy for managing
  • Custom Reports – build them the way you want!

600+ businesses globally are basking under the well-organized workflow and automation in their day to day tasks with Maple CRM. Results? Impressive rise in Productivity and Sales!

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How does a CRM boost the productivity of a business?

CRM is Customer Relationship Management software. As the name suggests, this software is meant to MANAGE, or in better words, improve and maintain the relationship between you and your customers.

Shhot the bull’s eye with these 3 great functionalities with a CRM software:

  1. Data organized = No Customers missed!

CRM enables a proper and aligned data in a easily retrievable format along with time stamp. This makes the user get access to the customer data at any point of time and present it with all the details as required. This data may include the discussions happened in the past, purchase history, business given by the customer (to decide the priority) and a host of other factors.

All the details, alongwith documents, generated quotations, invoices, reports, etc. can be quickly accessed with CRM.

2. Follow ups and Reminders- It’s a small thing but works big miracles!

Major reason of lead leaks is missing of the leads. Huge throughput of leads every day makes it impossible for any individua to manually keep a track of all the follow ups, call logs and details discussed. This results in missing of attending the leads, sending vital  information to the leads and most important- taking follow ups from customers.

Count on CRM for this! Set timely reminders, notes and follow up for each contact forget it! CRM does the rest. It will pop up notifications even in your mobile, so that it’s just impossible to miss even the minutest of any detail.

3. CRM Automation- Make the CRM work the way you want it to!

A CRM must work in such a way that it moulds with your business. Maple CRM has the unique feature of customization to such levels that the whole business structure can be configured and tasks to the users, along with timelines can be defined.

Automations supported enable the users to have system generated mails, notifications and other actions which make everyday processes smoother, more precise and thus error free.


Maple CRM is rapidly rising to be the best choice among businesses globally due to it’s meticulously designed, user-friendly interface, quick and easily adaptable functionalities, customization in workflow, reports, views, dashboard and multitude of other features.

If you are among any of the below mentioned business types-

  • B2B Product
  • B2B Service
  • B2C Product/Service
  • Immigration Consultancy
  • Overseas Consultancy
  • CA/CS firm

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Backbone of Immigration Consultancy Business- Maple CRM: for smart and seamless management of Leads and Process Workflow

With the world opening its doors wide for immigration and abroad resettlement, ways are getting paved for Immigration Consultants to boost their business and speed up the process of migrating applicants towards their dream country.

This process, however, involves multiple steps, crucial documents, assessments and processes. To achieve accuracy, prompt response and excellent customer experience, it’s a MUST to have an automated system for the entire process.

Maple CRM is a specially designed CRM software for Immigration consultants, encompassing all the facets of Immigration Processes with customizable workflow for all the countries.

– Lead Management
– Workflow Automation
– Custom Configurable Process Management
– Online Client Portal
– Custom Reports
– Custom Dashboards and Views with filters
-Automated Evaluation Report for Canada Immigration

Maple CRM stands out from the rest due to the unique features and functionalities developed considering the cruxes of Immigration Consultancies.

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Immigration Process CRM Software

Big or small companies rely greatly on effective mode of communications and handling business process along with building a healthy relationship with clients.

Many companies do face problems in maintaining the good day to day flow like:

  • Consultants are loaded with activities without a structured work culture
  • Data accessibility issues when there is no proper hierarchy set in place
  • Inconsistent and out dated details floating around the team
  • No proper tracking mechanism to have a hold on the process
  • Difficulty in manually notifying the status to clients everytime there is an update

The above are on the ground level. When we dig in, we may find many more hurdles from one stage to another.

Immigration CRM

Maple CRM Software has been designed to reduce the complications of the workflow. It can manage the entire organization process in an orderly manner with great ease. The solution ensures to improve the productivity and quality with result oriented solutions for all the problems.

Maple lets you to configure the entire process in a structured and systematic way allowing the consultants to work on their activities smoothly.

Maple CRM promises to offer for Immigration Consultants:

  • Pre-Sales
  • Workflow
  • Automation
  • Communication
  • Tracking


Maple CRM can integrate to your websites or different landing pages and allow enquiries to directly flow into your CRM eliminating all the manual work of lead additions. It can also distribute these enquiries to different consultants using round robin method. This would save up majority of the resources time by making things system driven.

Lead Management CRM

Lead Management also supports Lead Scoring allowing you to prioritize and target the potential leads with score points. These scores are automatically updated based on the business structure configured. Further to this, the CRM lets you to have your own lead cycles defined so that the counsellors or sales team can take care of the follow ups and convert them accordingly.


The entire process of applicants can be taken care in Maple CRM in a streamlined manner using the Workflow Management module. The module offers to have every single task for various countries to be pre-defined and structured initially and lets the consultants take care of their work activities as per the defined model. This also ensures that every designated work gets completed on time and as per the requirement. Every document that is required to be collected can be mapped to the Task or the Work item during which it needs to be collected. This would ensure that all the mandate documents are collected and is processed accordingly.

CRM Software for Immigration

With the help of Maple CRM system, the consultants can take care of the complete application filing, processing and visa submission activities at one place. The entire immigration process can be configured in the CRM with respect to the flows of different countries.


One of the most tedious job is getting all your leads added one by one into the CRM. Maple CRM can help you in getting this automatically imported through web integrations. The second most important time consuming job is client interactions, which most obviously happens over calls or emails. The smarter approach here would be to trigger automations from CRM. The emails can be sent automatically to inform or share time updates. Same with SMS, the system can send quick short message notifications to clients via SMS. These triggers are going to save resources time majorly .


Interacting and updating applicants about their application status is far more easier and professional using Maple CRM’s email and SMS solutions. This also offers to have email and sms templates pre-defined and used anytime instantly.


Keep tab on progress of each of the work items allocated and also on the consultants on effectiveness and work closures. The system lets you monitor the entire process and also lets you know whether the timelines are met or has been overshot. Any approvals or time extensions can be routed through managers and that would ensure that everything is under the administration scanner.

Overseas Education CRM Software

What does a CRM promise to offer for a Study Abroad or Education Consultants?

We are not just talking about storing databases of contacts and to use them to do cold calling or send bulk emails. We are talking about potential CRM that can build value addition to businesses and help in increasing productivity and profitability.

Let us take a normal scenario where counselors get walk-ins and everyday enquiries that needs to be dealt with. Tens and hundreds of enquiries, stored in excel and following up with them and keeping up with priority cases is definitely a nightmare.

CRM Software for Business

So a basic CRM can ofcourse help in storing, managing these leads, timely notifications on follow up and probably keeping track of the lead progress. That’s all right. I mean that is what many CRMs promise to help in managing daily work activities.

If you are thinking CRM is just the above, then you are wrong. CRM is vast and it can do much more than you can imagine.

When you say daily work activities of an education counselor or an expert, it involves collecting the lead details, converting them into a potential student, complete registration, conducting interviews, get the fund approvals, take care of medicals, submission and approval of visas, etc. and ofcourse these are handled by different subject matter experts. How are these taken care in a CRM?

Not to forget the managers who want to keep track of these operations, the timelines on these and managing the entire process and ensuring that everything is getting done and is running smoothly on time. Well, it sounds like you need to build a custom software to take care of all these processes? That’s the only option is what you think!

Seriously? Think again!

What you need is not to waste time, resources and money in building a super fantastic huge software of your own! But an intelligent CRM that can do all the work for you.

You need Maple CRM!

What can Maple CRM do?

  • Organizes your business workflow
  • Automates work activities
  • Helps in tracking work progress
  • Enhances agent to student communications
  • Maximizes business performance
  • Increases profitability and efficiency

CRM Software for Education

With hundreds of applications a year, you can easily organize your tasks and manage your growing leads in one CRM. Be it multiple teams or branches, you can establish a streamlined access and an effective communication between the experts in Maple CRM. The solution offers lead to student conversion, maintaining separate channels for lead and student process.

In addition to the above, the Education CRM provides:

  1. Lead creation from web sources and landing pages
  2. Automatic distribution of leads to Consultants
  3. Lead Management Process with Lead Scoring
  4. Lead work flow  and follow-up.
  5. Conversion of Leads for Processing
  6. Country/University/College course finder
  7. Student Process tracking & Application Filing
  8. Document Check list & Check points

Workflow Management

Maple CRM can build the complete flow for Education process in regards to the various countries. The counselors and experts can be designated with the work item as per the flow and will be notified on what needs to be done along with the timelines. This would ensure that there is no manager or administration intervention required for the smooth flow of the process.

Study CRM Automation

Automate the workflow with pre-defined triggers that can easily communicate, notify and update the students through email or SMS. These automations can help in sending timely updates to students about their application status, submissions, approvals, etc. Such automations can not only save up the resources time but also adds up professionalism in student interactions.

Tracking of Workflow and Process

With Maple CRM at your fingertips, it is easy to monitor the entire process and ensure that all the activities are taken care and the timelines are met. Dashboard & Charts are equipped to highlight the key areas where you need to have constant look out. More importantly, you can download various reports on the workflow and the activities as needed in just few seconds.

CRM Software for Immigration, CRM Software for Overseas Education Consultants

Immigration CRM

Maple CRM is specialized with end to end solution for Immigration process. The software includes features designed to cover all the business activities of immigration related workflow.

Be it a small or large enterprise, Maple CRM can cater to the needs of everyday workflow for Immigration Consultants.

The modules cover both on sales and workflow management front giving valuable tools to effectively manage the immigration work process.

Immigration based CRM helps in:

  • Automatically acquiring new leads who are willing to immigrate from various sources.
  • Provide streamlined and timely updates to leads
  • Monitor and track work progress
  • Get timely notifications on follow-ups and payment checks
  • Organized work allocation and updates

Study CRM

Overseas and Study Abroad CRM provides an exclusive interface to store and manage student enquiries with customized fields and enquiry stages like application filed, documented, visa issued, etc. Consultants can easily analyze and manage the opportunities.

Study CRM helps to:

  • Improve the applicant tracking process
  • Save time and stay organized
  • Allocate consultant based on expertise
  • Maintain professional & healthy communication

Maple CRM enables easy to use and an efficient workflow process that includes:


Attracting new enquiries from various sources and communicating on timely manner with html based designed emailers that can help in promoting and building a healthy relationship with the customer.

Enquiry Management:

Maintaining and storing all relevant details to provide better facilities and updates to customers. The solution can help in adding, uploading files, tracking application status, sending applications, etc. Thus, helping in taking care of the necessary steps without a miss.

Account Management:

Generate proforma and sales invoices easily and maintain track of the payment details and follow up on the pending payments.


Configure automated triggers based on stage changes to notify customer via email or SMS regarding their application status or updates. Maintain professional communication using the CRM automation feature.

Workflow Tracking:

Monitor the employee performance and team progress on each enquiry. Also, easily analyze how business is progressing and take necessary actions based on that. Easily pull out reports as needed to help your decision making process.

GST based Invoice Builder

With the advent of GST process from July 2017, many organizations have by now made their entire billing process in compliance with the GST. Definitely, there was a lot of scuffle during the initial stages for products and service companies to understand and implement the new GST model.

Maple CRM had introduced the GST based Invoice builder during those times which was developed to help organizations of different verticals to easily bill the customers using our system.

Maple CRM Invoice builder lets you to generate Proforma and Sales Invoice for Product Companies, Service Companies, etc.

Sample GST Invoice for Product Companies

Below is a sample GST Invoice for Product Company where each product can vary with different tax rates.

GST based Invoice Sample

Maple CRM offers simplified GST based Invoice Builder where you can configure different flavor based profiles i.e. Invoice templates that can be pulled accordingly when generating invoice for your client. Also, all the products can be uploaded under Product Catalogue for instant use. These products can be loaded with technical details of the product, standard unit price, HSN/SAC code and applicable tax rates (CGST, SGST and IGST).

While generating invoice for a client with the required product, once can choose what tax rates need to be applied and accordingly update the tax rates. The tax amounts along with the total invoice amount shall be automatically calculated. The generated invoice shall be available in PDF format which can be downloaded or emailed to the client from Maple CRM directly.

Configuring Products with GST rates

Below snapshot showcases the Product Addition form where one can enter all the product related details including HSN Code, Unit Price, Applicable tax rates, etc. Based on which, you can bill the customer by just selecting the product in the Invoice generation form.

Product Catalogue Additional with GST rates

Similarly, GST based invoices can be generated for Service Companies. For Service industry one can apply SAC code instead of HSN. You can easily generate invoices using Maple CRM in GST format in less than a minute.

Additionally, Maple CRM offers flavored predefined templates where you can have the PDF Invoice with the GST rates breakup on each product/service or the total GST calculation. Companies who do not fall under the GST model can opt for No GST template that will not include any of the GST details on it. This way, Maple CRM lets you to easily customize your business billing process as needed.

Check this video to understand more on Maple CRM Quotation Builder with GST.