CRM Highlights

Highlights of Maple CRM system:

Extend your CRM

Integrate your Maple CRM account to your website or webpages. Customize your application to capture leads directly from website.

Track your Sales Activities

Monitor complete sales cycle of your business. Analyze your sales activities and plan your strategies to meet your margins.

Get connected to Customers

Engage and be connected with your prospects and customers. Communicate to customers right through your CRM application.

Bring Automation

Automate many of your routine tasks and save time. No more administrative work when using Maple CRM.

Secure Document Storage

Store all the documents, bills, quotations associated to a Customer at one place. Search and tag the customers easily. Send documents to Customers directly through Email.

SMS based Lead Generation

Sales agents can generate leads quickly through just a simple SMS. Your Sales Executives need not be always connected to internet to access CRM system.

Customer Support Desk

Manage virtual support desk with Web Interface. Simple and an efficient way to handle all your customer services queries.

Sales Analytics & Reports

Get insight on sales progress and performance. Make better decisions with CRM reports.

About CRM Software

The present business market is quite challenging and competitive. Every single organization wants to be the best and successful. And a great way to capitalize on sales and increase the profitability of your business is to get a CRM Software application for your business.

CRM Software is used to store and organize data in order to run business smoothly and reach profits. With CRM applications, companies can create a positive and an efficient experience for both internal team as well as to customers. CRM applications can provide an easy way to manage customer information, track sales and run effective market campaigns to the established customer base.

There are many different Online CRM Software providers in the market right now and it is the business owners who need to decide which one is the best for them based on their requirements. But if you are asking CRM is suitable for whom then read further to know about it.

In short say any business with customers and leads would use CRM. If you have a sales team then CRM can help you to identify various trends in the behavior of the leads, his interest towards your business products or services.

If you have a marketing team then CRM can be beneficial in conducting email and SMS campaigns and to further target the specific leads based on the statistics.

If you would need to create Quotation and Invoices quickly for your business clients, then CRM is of great help here. This tool can help in speeding up your process of invoicing as well as increase the quality of of your quotes & invoices. Plus it helps in storing all these in a systematic way so that you can anytime search for it easily.

If you would like to have an efficient customer service process in place then CRM is the right choice. Every information and history of customers can be easily stored and accessed from the CRM. This will help customers have a friendly service support as needed and will bring in a satisfied customer experience.

Any business that wants to increase the efficiency of business process can make use of CRM. There are number of benefits that a CRM solution can offer to a business.

Finding business success with CRM Software

CRM standing for Customer Relationship Management is a system of business that not only helps to track and measure the sales activities but also improves the efficiency of the business executives in providing service to customers.

CRM system does not provide fruitful results immediate to its implementation. The CRM needs to seen as a long term investment that offers benefits and helps businesses to make the effective use of the resources.

CRM applications offers advantages in number of ways. Few as mentioned below:

Management of lead generation efficiently.

With the help of lead generation, you may find many leads into your lead pool that needs to sorted, qualified, managed, tracked and worked on. The leads that are generated would include the prospective buyers and also those leads who would only eat up your time and will never turn out to be a customer. CRM systems can help the marketing and sales executives to reach the productive opportunities.

Identification of in depth information of the leads and customers.

CRM system has the power to store each and every information of the customer which can be retrieved later as and when required. From searching the smallest information to finding the history of the lead, executives can get it instantly without loosing much of the time. Managers and the business owners can easily generate reports to analyse the business productivity so that further decisions can be made to improve or change the process.

Builds relationship more than transactions.

Understanding and analyzing the requirement of the customer and further offering more benefits to his requirement will make customer happy rather than you offering something which is of no interest to him. CRM applications also help in conducting customer loyalty program or customer surveys. Today’s savvy customers prefer to do business with companies that exceed their expectations with much interaction. Implementing positive experiences and resolving problems at the earliest time help companies in retaining the existing customers which may also increase referrals.

So if you think this is the right time to invest on a CRM system for your business, then do have a look at Maple CRM Software.

Sign up for a free trial today and get to know what Maple CRM software has to offer you for increasing your business profits.