On-Demand CRM

The rise of permanent and high-speed Internet connections has made possible for the rise of on-demand CRM softwares. On-demand CRM is also known by different names like Web based CRM, Hosted CRM, Online CRM etc. In this case, CRM software is hosted and managed by an application service provider (ASP), generally the CRM software vendor itself. On-demand CRM is delivered as a service over the Internet. This is referred to SaaS, short for Software as a Service.

A web-based CRM solution makes customer relationship management affordable for smaller businesses because it doesn’t require a large investment in hardware and software, nor does it require IT consultants for maintaining or upgrading the software. On-demand CRM solutions are also beneficial for those who are having offices in different locations or for sales executives who are always on the move.

Overall, the use of on-demand CRM is on rise. Since there is no software or hardware to install and maintain. Accessing the system is just by an initial subscription and then it can be easily controlled and accessed. Upgrades happen automatically and smoothly. Also with the added ability to access the information from anywhere. This is why on-demand customer relationship management is the wave of the future.

Maple CRM is an on-demand CRM meaning it can be accessed via the browser as a web service (web based crm solution). Maple’s On Demand CRM  allows you to perform sales management, customer service and management or to administrate your marketing campaigns.

Below are the key features of Maple CRM:

  • Leads and Contact Management: Maple lets you manage all your leads and contacts easily without much of effort. You can easily search for the lead and its details anytime when required.
  • Customer Support: It is easy to provide customer service using Maple. Your customer will be satisfied with the timely response and up-to-date information maintenance.
  • Sales Force Automation: Maple lets your effectively manage your complete sales life cycle and improves the performance. It allows you to generate automatic leads from webapges or telephonic services like Zipdial. Thus saving time in creating automatic leads and also by not missing any opportunity.
  • Marketing Automation: You can classify your leads based on their interest in your business products or service and target them with promotional offers. Send instant email to them and can also make use of templates to save time.
  • Supports Employees: Maple gives your business team a tool where they can store all the information about their leads or customers and maintain up-to-date information. Whenever the customer data is required it is available to them by just few clicks. They can easily track and maintain details which helps in increasing effectiveness during customer interactions.
  • Reports for Analysis: Generate any kind of reports based on your requirement thus helping you to monitor your business activities and also growth.

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