Why CRM Software?

It is well known that businesses grow and succeed based on their relationship with their customers. Satisfied customers will be repeat customers and happy customers will refer new customers. A key component of managing customer relationships is to make use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM software has been designed to help businesses benefit from their customer relationships.

By helping customers know that you recognize them personally, you can maintain strong relationships and devoted customers. Strong client relationships will help you discover new clients through referrals from your satisfied customers.

Why Web based CRM Software?

Many people fail to realize that traditional on-premise software is not safe or reliable. Computers can crash or get stolen and hackers can easily access your valuable business information. Many people fear to switch over to the web based solutions because it is a new concept and they don’t understand how it works.

Data which is stored on the web with Maple CRM Solution are lot more secure than on your hard drive. Not only that, you can access it from anywhere and provide access to your staff with controlled permissions. Extensive investments are not required and you don’t need to worry about the maintenance or upgrades. Thus it does save a lot of money for your business.

Maple offers everything that you need for your business to run smoothly. It also provides integration facilities there by helping you to increase profits through various options.

Maple CRM solution enables companies to develop stronger relationships with customers and maintain a clear view of customers throughout the business relationship. The solution helps in boosting your customer’s satisfaction, increase value from existing customers and decrease costs associated with supporting and servicing.

Web based CRM Solution

Software as A Service (SaaS) model has reached large no of companies from past few years and this technology holds a great future ahead. Business software applications that provide wide and variety of solutions and business analytics features are the current trend in the market. On research, it is stated that SaaS market has found rapid growth of 20% annually. SaaS is preferred to have its growth in CRM implementations especially for SMB’s. India’s service industry is in high demand and so are the business softwares.

CRM software offering hosted solutions is best suited for companies where the sales persons are generally on the move and therefore work from anywhere they would want to as long as they have internet connectivity. The other major advantage of online CRM solution is that  it doesn’t involve software installations, licensing, maintenance and hardware expenditures.

Maple CRM has been targeting Small Business Companies for their complete business automating solution. It is considered to be a solution for several industrial types like Healthcare, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Real estate, Educational institutions, Product Vendors and Manufacturers etc.

Maple CRM is a web based customer management software that is designed for small to large organizations, offering business process automation and complete 360 degree view of customer. Being available as an Online software, Maple has delivered useful and essential features that could ease all your business process.

Maple features include:

  • Leads and Contact Management
  • Customer Support
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Reports & Analysis
  • Work Management

Maple CRM can be defined with just two words. Simple and efficient! Thats how it can fit into any type of industry. Check out the Maple CRM features to know how it can be beneficial for your business success.

Web Based CRM

Web bsed CRM is a flexible and cost-effective business model. Web based CRM (also referred as Hosted CRM, Online CRM) is a software deployment and ownership strategy in which a company hosts its customer relationship management (CRM) on servers via the Internet. It makes it possible for anyone in the company to access the software. All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to handle your business efficiently. Web based CRM Software model is said to decrease cost and allows a company to focus more resources on its main business areas.

The operating costs are much lower as web based CRM systems are maintained by the provider and not by the subscriber. Data backup and other security, software upgrades, and application maintenance are all taken care by the provider itself so it requires no additional on-site staff to be employed for maintenance purpose.

The Web based CRM for small business can be implemented much faster than traditional on-premise CRM systems. Business persons just need to subscribe for required features and pay the minimum subscription amount. Almost immediately the small business online CRM application can be accessed and used in a secure hassle-free manner, without expensive installation or customization.

Web based CRM solutions are location and computer independent, so small business CRM users are free to use their CRM tools anywhere, any time.

Maple CRM is a Web CRM software that has been designed for mid size and smaller enterprises which is easy to use and affordable. Most people opt for web based CRM software as it enables them remote access from any location. A web based customer relationship management software is especially helpful for businesses that have a large sales team or if the business owner is always on the move.

If you are thinking of buying a web based CRM software, check out the CRM articles before you make a decision.