Maximize Lead Conversions

In today’s competitive business, companies invest lot of money to generate leads. With many options to bring in more leads like mobile, social media, internet, text messaging etc.

So what happens to the inbound leads once you get them? Lead are useless without it being successful conversion. So what are the steps that can be taking to find higher conversion rates.

  • According to the study made on lead conversion, it seems that the possibility of lead conversion increases if the lead is called within 5 mins rather than later. So calling leads immediately could give good response from the lead and avoids the chances of your competitor calling them before you do.
  • Concentrate on contacting the lead and converting them and not count how many leads you have got. More conversations with leads means less time to close the lead to sales.
  • Do not give a chance of missing a lead. Even when you are away from desk or you are on a weekend, make use of cell phone. In this age of mobility, there can be no excuse of missing an incoming lead. Regardless of you being anywhere, make an immediate phone contact with the lead.
  • Not all the leads are converted in the first call itself. So there needs to be a regular followup method in reaching the leads and convincing them for the sale. Many CRM systems provide such capabilities of tracking the re-attempts and providing reminder creation options.
  • CRM systems may help you in a great way to get your leads and give the details to you in minutes. With the stored information, you need to quickly act back and tackle the customer. So the CRM system sounds to be a great benefit only when you make use of it in the right way.

Remember that generating leads takes a lot of effort and money. So you need to make use of each lead for conversion. Make use of CRM or lead management systems that will immediately connect you with leads by phone and help you close more sales and maximize your revenue.


Free CRM – Is it really worth?

Before implementing a free CRM, you should compare the benefits and drawbacks of it with the paid CRM solution to ascertain the best results and to clarify whether the free CRM solution will be able to carry out the customer management needs.

Many companies are offering free CRM solutions, with some upfront benefits. Free CRM may be the right one for you if you’re  a start-up organization still growing your customer contacts list.

Not to forget, that free CRM tools allows you to try before you make a purchase.

If the free application can give you what your business needs without any compromises then better grab the one. But if getting it will eat up your resources as they spend time in figuring it on how to use it, then better to go for a paid one which would offer user friendly and efficient features.

Note that when you plan to upgrade your system to a different one can be a painful experience. Migrating the complete data is a real headache. So if you are expecting to grow anytime soon, then keep this in mind. Also, if you do select a free system, can it be upgraded for a fee? That would solve your worries of upgrading by paying as you grow.

Also will you get enough support for free tools if any queries or issues? Many free CRM tools have their limitations like amount of data that you upload or no of files you upload, no of contacts you can add etc. There are chances that you are entering duplicate customer data instead of realizing that the customer information already exists. You may be restricted in running necessary searches or getting reports. When it comes to paid CRM, these options are all included.

In some cases, you can go for 15-30 day free trials or opt for paying nominal fees to start and use it for few days before purchasing the entire CRM application. This helps in understanding the CRM before considering it for your business.

On the whole, free CRM tools are worth for start-up organizations only. Free CRM solutions are not a perfect solution because as you grow you’ll find out that you need a robust solution. Instead you can choose a paid CRM solution with the least available package and further upgrade it when required.


CRM as a business tool

CRM Softwares are as good as you make use of it. The software gives a platform for your business to handle the business functions and to automate the business processes. Be it for Sales, Marketing or Customer Service, the software can help you to ease your business work.

CRM consists of a specialized data center of customers or lead related information. CRM provides a value to an organisation by enabling the staff to see the relevant information of the customer. The staff people can update all the interaction and communication details that occurs between the company and the customer. With the help of CRM, the organization can formalize the pre-sales functions, sales fulfillment and also support processes to be implemented in the application.

The end result of good CRM implementation would be that customer will have better experience with the organization in both sales as well as customer service interactions. This would maximize the organizations ability to sell products and services to customers in a much efficient way.

Most companies have different techniques and tools to improve business process and procedures. The most common tool is the use of spreadsheets. Spreadsheets were one of the mostly used method for managing all the business related process. The use of spreadsheets can be very productive for an individual but it does not scale well for the entire organization. Technology has changed now and so are the people who use it.  CRM should be considered as a tool for all the team work. Usage of CRM also helps to cut down the internal communication to an efficient level as reporting and communication can be easily tracked in the CRM software itself.

The CRM should be considered as a platform and not just another database. The CRM has the capacity to operate various functions and the information stored in the database can be reused throughout.


Dealing with unhappy customers

If you give good response to customer complaint then you will receive complaint only once.

Complaints are good as it gives an opportunity to learn and not to repeat such issues. It enables you to improve the customer experience. The information from the complaint can be used to build a better customer experience and convert the unhappy customers into the happy ones.

Being customer focused would help in understanding the situation of the customer. This would help the customer to be calm and polite and not getting frustrated. If the employee truly focuses and understands the customer issue, then the customer would at least feel that he is being heard and understood.

Also it is important to work on the issue reported and take proper action to resolve it. It is good to first to know what would make  the customer happy. Once they put up their suggestions, verify if that could be provided. Resolve the issues quickly as possible. If an upset customer comes up with an issue and if the issue is resolved very quickly, then he would much likely be happy for the service.

Provide a tool to employees for handling customer service well. At times, there can be no option to make the unhappy customer satisfied. Such cases can be transferred to the manager or the supervisor.

Enable employees to handle customer service complaints efficiently, quickly and professionally.


Defining rules for CRM implementation

CRM software is as good as the information it contains. Let your CRM work for its purpose. Have a quick check on the profiles and leads. Are the records up to date and whether it has been filled up with accurate data?

Its the fact that the last push isn’t going to happen in a hurry. So have a preventive maintenance right before you conduct any mail campaign. Here are few of the tips noted below that could avoid incomplete, incorrect or out of date information in the CRM system.

– Decide on a procedure for deleting duplicate entries. Also, ensure a method for the staff to check the record before adding a new entry. E.g. If one your staff is using abbreviation like HCL and the other one adding a new entry as Hindustan Computer Limited which is the full form. A policy on ensuring consistency of input will help to avoid duplications in future.

– Set the date for updating details. If you want your staff to update the records by end of the day or at the time of each inquiry etc.

– Always have correct spellings of your client names. If your staff sends an email to the customer spelling his name incorrectly, it would make customer unhappy.

– Set up procedures on how to respond to customer emails and what details are to be added in the CRM software from that interaction.

– Keep a track on the backup of CRM software. Who is responsible to take it? In case of his absence who should be handling it and where is it stored?

– Are the backups safely in your staffs hand? This is an important step when it comes to data security. Make sure that other employees don’t have the access to the data backup.

– Train your staff on how useful it would be for business to have accurate data in the CRM system.

– Know who has the rights to the software system – who can create data entries, who can modify or delete the records?

– Have a team leader or manager to check on the leads and customer details that are handled by the staff.

These practices will turn the whole business process flow smoothly. When the CRM is used in a best way, it can bring lot of opportunities.

Improving customer service with excellence

How you treat your customers will determine whether or not they will continue to do business with you. If you reduce the price of your product, your competitor will do the same within few hours. If you add a new product, they will do the likewise. An efficient service to your customers is the only way to make your customers happy and do business with you. This is the only proven strategy that works to give success over your competitors.

Companies offer quality products but what makes the difference to win the competition is how they provide their customers with superior customer service.

Companies don’t have to spend millions of dollars in advertising and marketing to draw customers. The business that comes from the same customers brings more profit than the money spent on advertising and marketing. Few of the steps that could benefit your organization are mentioned below:

1. Train your employees on providing efficient customer service: You have to make the employees realize about how better customer service can make a change to business. Training would give the employees the opportunity and the challenge of taking necessary decisions while taking care of the customers issue.

2. Change employees attitude and behavior: Share the examples of how customer service stands as important asset for business. Praise employees and reward employees on their efforts. This would be very simple but does make a lot of difference in employee productivity.

3. Make the words walk: It is not enough to just say “we are going to make customer service a top priority” Every individual has to focus on customer service. Your customer service strategy should be such that the customer experiences a remarkable service that makes him appreciate your business to others. This makes a great impact on business profitability.

CRM Software Success

CRM is not just a tool to automate the business process, it is a strategy used to improve the business productivity. CRM is used to change the business practices and let people focus more on customer needs.

CRM includes capturing, managing and making use of the information that you have about the customer. CRM enables you to understand the customer requirements and study their buying habits. Thus helping in Sales and marketing to funnel in the most possible prospects. All the business functions of your organization can be handled by CRM. Like selling products, providing service to customers, managing marketing campaigns, billing the customer, collecting the money from customers, etc. all can be taken care through CRM.

With Customer Relationship Management, it is changing the way people do their work. That involves new processes and training. CRM software installation does not mean that the CRM implementation has been done and now the business will run smoothly. Installation of the software may happen fast but it is difficult to know how long will it take for the overall culture change of the organization. The main concept here is the change that is involved and how people are going to adopt the new CRM culture.

Always have a defined goal planned and set the CRM implementation strategy carefully. Train your people to make them understand the business process change. Constantly show each of them how they will benefit from the changes using CRM. Also make sure that quality and accurate data is being added. Refine your process and set new goals and keep your employees informed about how it is going to improve and find more benefits.

The impact of CRM usage is tremendous and organizations can make use of CRM for streamlining all business activities.


Benefits of Good CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Softwares refers to a technological solution that help businesses manage customer relationships in an organized way. CRM softwares are considered as a tool that improves productivity and overall business functionality. It offers no of benefits to business.

1. Saves time – CRM automates day to day business tasks, allowing people to concentrate on their core business rather handling administrative tasks. Sales People can send more time on potential leads and customers.

2. Saves money – Efficient CRM system can help you save a lot of money. With Cloud CRM’s you do not need to invest on high level desktop CRM applications. All you would need is a computer and internet connection. No installations, upgrades or maintenance required. No need of transferring information to one department to another or to another branch. Everything is available in your CRM system and you just need to access it.

3. Quick and professional – With CRM system, you have all the data front of you whenever you need it. You do not have run through all your notes and excel sheets to get any detail when a customer calls you. You can give a better service in less time and your customer are happy with your instant replies.

4. Secure – All the data of your leads and customers are stored securely in your CRM system. You don’t have to worry about loosing any of your post-it notes that you had made a note of or in finding the right excel sheet. No worries about system crashing when you are using an online CRM. With CRM, information is stored in a centralized database allowing secure user access.

5. Convenient – If the all your staff is using the same CRM, then it is easy to share the information in the CRM system. Many CRM softwares offer email and sms options, thus simplifying your work. Nowadays, you have CRM softwares which are accessible from mobile devices, so that you can access the software from anywhere anytime. You can even add quick notes right from your prospect’s office.

6. Efficient Lead Generation – A good CRM can help you to generate leads very quickly. For instance, many CRM softwares are integrated into websites and social media campaigns which reates leads and assigns to the sales person immediately. Thus sales team can concentrate on hot leads to find fruitful results. Also all the activities can be easily tracked and have up to date information in the system.

7. Forecasting and Reports – With all the information that are put in the CRM system, it is easy to track each leads, salespersons activities, track performance etc. Reports can be generated for forecasting and analysis. This would help you to make better business decisions based on the analysis.

Increase Sales with CRM

What it takes to bring in more sales and profits? Sales Representatives? Not really. For improving Sales and Business, one need to have an efficient business model and processes that should be followed by every individual. Along with it, various marketing techniques and ideas that has to be implemented and managed well.

Sales and marketing though having same goals takes different processes to execute. Selling is one of the activity in the marketing process and the sales efforts are supported by marketing activities.

The most common priority for every company is to increase sales. Organizations use different methods to improve the company sales, one among which companies have turned to drive revenue is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Though it appears more like a sales tool, it actually supports the overall management of the customer relationship. By capturing the customer information and organizing it, the company can target the specific prospects by using reports and then close the deal.

There are variety of benefits that a company can make use of with a CRM software solution. To actually increase the sales, the company has to use the information and details that are captured in the CRM system. Sales Management CRM provides a solution for sales problems and thus gives an efficient platform for all sales processes.

For Small Business CRM, you can consider looking at Maple CRM which is a simple and efficient CRM software tool.

Need of CRM

Buying and selling of products exists from a very long time which results in having customers for your business. Handling customers and their queries is not new. But today’s market demands for a system which can manage all these queries with ease. CRM which stands for Customer Relationship Management is the most common used concept. CRM is a software tool and is a technological solution for business to make customer management a simpler process. Infact CRM is a strategy towards improving the business process.

You would need CRM if you have products or services to offer and you are facing problem in reaching your target market. You can categorize your target market and conduct campaigns.

You would need CRM if your sales team is trying hard for the opportunities. Calculate the positive conversions and know the performance of each executive. CRM automates the sales process and helps in effective lead management. It also can help you in tracking the sales activities, the response from the customer, sales communications etc.

You would need CRM if you want your customer to refer your business to others or if you want your customer to come to you again. CRM helps in recording the exact issue of each customer and also enables you to understand more about the customers need. It can notify you about the meetings, resolution time for issues, payment reminders etc.

CRM is more than a need when it comes to managing customers. Different CRM software offers various features so as to provide tool for handing various business functions. Read further on Whether CRM is required?