Increase Sales with CRM

What it takes to bring in more sales and profits? Sales Representatives? Not really. For improving Sales and Business, one need to have an efficient business model and processes that should be followed by every individual. Along with it, various marketing techniques and ideas that has to be implemented and managed well.

Sales and marketing though having same goals takes different processes to execute. Selling is one of the activity in the marketing process and the sales efforts are supported by marketing activities.

The most common priority for every company is to increase sales. Organizations use different methods to improve the company sales, one among which companies have turned to drive revenue is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Though it appears more like a sales tool, it actually supports the overall management of the customer relationship. By capturing the customer information and organizing it, the company can target the specific prospects by using reports and then close the deal.

There are variety of benefits that a company can make use of with a CRM software solution. To actually increase the sales, the company has to use the information and details that are captured in the CRM system. Sales Management CRM provides a solution for sales problems and thus gives an efficient platform for all sales processes.

For Small Business CRM, you can consider looking at Maple CRM which is a simple and efficient CRM software tool.

CRM Application

Business leaders approach new ideas for growing the business and to bring profitability. The present trend of using technology is because the present market knows that technology plays an important role in enhancing the sales and marketing strategy.

Business management software automates the process of managing the customers and the business growth in an easy and efficient way. CRM being an important tool addresses the need to integrate the various resources of the company providing solutions to look into customer issues or the contacts interested in your business.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) collaborates the efforts of sales, marketing and also customer service in order to create a consistent and satisfactory relationship with prospects or customers. CRM application improves the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, eases the sales process by automating the procedure and provides a satisfying customer support experience. It also helps in analyzing the business growth and understanding the sales and marketing activities and gives a clear cut view of the business life cycle.

CRM is about understanding the behavior of the customer and providing the solution for his need without consuming much time. Few things which could be beneficial when applied are:

  • You can strengthen customer relationships so that customers will be interested to by from your company again.
  • Enhancing the product and providing a valuable service so that customers will find it easy to do business with you.
  • Providing the service to the customers exact need and this would be possible only with an efficient CRM system.

CRM for Sales:

An effective sales force can enhance the customer base and bring in more profits. If your sales staff has been provided an automated tool then it simplifies their work flow in following up with the leads and closing it in less time. The software enables to analyse the sales life cycle and helps in managing the sales from first to last.

CRM for Marketing strategies and Campaigns:

Effective marketing strategy would bring growth in revenue. For this, it is always necessary to identify the potential customers, target them with various marketing campaigns and then measure the results. CRM automates this process of scheduling and executing the marketing campaigns, identifying the interested prospects and maintain these targets list. Finally, perform campaigns and analyze the results.

CRM for Customer support:

Customer needs to be treated as king as they are the one who drive the show of your business. If they are  happy and satisfied then they will always stay with you and will surely refer your products or service to others. Customers issues need to be addressed smoothly and the service staff need to respond to them for all their questions. A dissatisfied customer can mean a great loss. An automated CRM system increases the efficiency of customer service and manages the interaction easily.

Simple Sales Tracking

Sales Tracking is essential for any business whose focus is on sales. Sales Tracking Software can be used to manage your entire sales process. This could include scheduling appointments, activities and to-dos, recording all interactions with the customers and leads, as well as generating accurate forecasts and performance reporting.

One of the main benefits of sales tracking is that is can generate sales reports. When you use these reporting tools you will find not only the sales reports that are necessary to run your business but also areas of the sales process that could use some improvement. When you analyze these reports you will be able to improve your process easily. You can also determine which sales people are doing the best for your business and how to get the rest of your sales team to perform in the same way.

Sales CRM can improve your business as it allows to capture your new business leads from multiple services. You can manage and track these leads, schedule appointments and follow up and also remove unqualified customer leads all in one place. With such CRM, the whole process is organized and it is easy to convert leads into sales for your business. You can categorize your customers and leads. You don’t have to worry about missing any schedule or lead for follow up.

Customer contact and business information can be easily maintained using Sales Tracking System. Sales executives can update the information as they interact with the clients so that the data is current and accurate. It’s important for salesmen to have a well-defined, well-organized system in place for tracking sales leads as they move through the sales pipeline. With Sales Tracking Software, companies have ready access to the information that helps in providing faster response to the leads or customers. Being as up-to-date as possible allows companies to tailor their sales practices and business to maintain their competitive edge and grow sales and revenue.

Tracking Sales leads is the key process of the complete sales pipeline. Maple CRM being a Simple Sales Tracking system helps in tracking and analyzing the sales leads and allows to focus on improving the business revenue and productivity. Visit to learn more about the different features that Maple offers for sales tracking.

Software for Business Functions

When business is involved, there needs to be a specific software to keep track of all your business functions. So that, as and when business grows, the business functions could run smoothly and things are all in track.

But that doesn’t mean you can buy many softwares that are available in the market and make use of all that to run your business. Multiple softwares can turn to be a burden rather than helping your business.

You would first need to analyse your business functionality and understand what kind of software would suit your type of business. Start with Contacts Manager and add it in to the list of requirements. It is always necessary to have a contact management system so that every contact details are in record and can be fetched whenever required.

Is your company more into Sales and Marketing of products? Then you need to look out for a software which can support sales and marketing automation. This could involve work related to marketing techniques that helps in identifying the leads and categorizing them so as to target them easily. Also which helps in lead generation and get through the sales funnel from start till they are converted or moved to dead state.

Support Service? When a customer calls to get a service support from your business, it is necessary to maintain the record of the communication. Also, providing support quickly by looking at his history and transaction details will satisfy the customer with your business service. This is all possible through a software which can maintain these records and histories of the customer so that your business provides a better and quick service.

Management of Stock Inventory? If your company is dealing with stock and commodities, then each stock needs to accounted. You would need to look in for a Inventory Management Software which supports handling of purchase orders, receive inventory and purchase returns. Each and every stock issue and stock returns need to be tracked. It should also help in generating reports at the end of the month or financial year to know the stock status.

Similarly, there are various kinds of softwares available in the market which can automate and smoothen your work. Having one software for all your business activities would ease your work rather than having multiple softwares for each and every activity.

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