Good Customer Service for a great Success

Good Customer Service is the lifeblood for any business. Its not only sales that can bring profits to business. Its also the service and support that you give to your customers that can drive your business smoothly with success.

Maple CRM provides Customer Support Management feature that facilitates Customer Enquiries, Contracts & Support Requests.

Contracts & Support Requests can help in streamlining the customer specific process and help in resolving customer issues efficiently. The contracts lets you to easily manage different service level agreements between your company and the customer with well defined time frame, information and status.

Support Requests can help in creating tickets for customers in terms of complaints, issues as faced by them. With an ease to set the time frame for each support request, there is always an effective service to the customers from your company.

What more? You can define what specific attributes you need for your Customer details, Contracts or Support Request. Collect information as needed and store each record in the system. You can also add multiple contacts for a customer entry. That way, you have every information at one place with just a click.

You can assign the support requests to your company’s staff for them to work on and make closure. The solution also sends an email on this behalf so that staff is aware of the support request assigned to him.

Customer Service is crucial for any business and providing it in an effective way and making customers satisfied will help your company grow in a big way. Maple ensures that you have a smooth ride of your business process and increase success. If you want to know what others features Maple can offer to your business, then do visit the Maple CRM Website .


Lead Management System with powerful integrations

Lead Management system is all about getting enquiries from various sources, contacting the leads, nurturing the leads to convert them into business. The process starts from one point of the sales funnel and reaches the end of the funnel as qualified or disqualified lead. The entire process needs to be tracked and analysed to improve for future enquiries.

Lead Management System lets in moving your enquiry through the Sales funnel passing from Leads, Opportunities, Prospects, Accounts and finally being Customers. The process comprises managing activities and schedules under the different phases of Sales funnel. Adding documents, remarks, interaction details & other information are all the part of process in managing leads and the system helps in maintaining these information as per the business need.

Online Lead Management System has offered much benefits to various businesses. With Maple’s integrated options, your lead management system can do a lot more.

Maple offers Web Interface and SMS Integrations, that can simplify your lead capturing process and eases the operation model. Your enquiries coming from website or any webpage easily lands up in your system and also allocates it to one of your executives. Customers who are interested in your product can simply send an SMS and that would reach the system assigning it to one of the staff.

The integration can be configured in such a way that depending on the location, pincode or any other information it can be assigned to the particular department, branch or executive. It works in a fairly simple way.

With such wide variety of capabilities, Maple CRM helps in letting your business achieve its goal from one centralized location. The above integration feature is just one part of the Maple CRM system. To discover much more features and its benefits for your business, do contact us.


Cloud computing for Small Business

A cloud based CRM for small business owners is something that can offer number of benefits. The software can help you share information, delegate tasks and gather information about various customers and projects.

Turn on ‘Sales’ with speed

Maple CRM solution provides the right tools and capabilities for sales executives to make the most of every interaction with the customers. From planning to rich reporting features, sales rep can spend more time effectively on turning leads to business.

Building customer relationship

Being a cloud based solution, Maple CRM enables real time access to each information helping you to manage customer relationships every step of the way. Because it’s in the cloud, all customers get the benefit of the same high reliability and performance without the upfront investment. So even the smallest of companies can finally afford a great product.

CRM enables small businesses to optimize relationships throughout the product life cycle. To quickly add users as they grow, to enhance customer interactions and to eliminate the burden on IT.

The key benefits of using Maple CRM solution are increased sales and lower costs for marketing, sales support, and customer service.

Maple CRM also offers SMS integration, Website integration etc helping your business to be equipped with range of business operation tools to perform business functions as needed.


Help Desk Software Solution

Help desk management software tracks customer calls and problem resolutions. A customer support center’s goal is to assist all customers with a wide variety of issues. Service desks focus on a small set of products or problems, usually technical.

Customer service systems give agents insight into the customer’s total history where help desk systems focus on the technical issues. Generally, any customer service system and most customer relationship management (CRM) programs have service desk functions but not all service desk systems can integrate with client information to be complete solutions.

IT organizations generally staff a team dedicated to computer, network, and communications users. These IT desks feature rich integration with the company IT system and network management tools, giving agents visibility into issues with the customer’s systems.

Tools that can be integrated with Help Desk Software systems:

Merging of service and support: The basic help desk software can include customer support and service applications. The integration of customer information history with service desk functionality can bring in more efficient way of working on customer issues and to provide better and faster resolutions.

Web Integration: Website integration can help in automating the ticket creation process. Even web chat solutions can be helpful in letting customers communicate with the service desk when a phone is not available or if the customer is traveling internationally.

Key benefits of using Help desk Solutions:

  • Reduced service costs
  • Icreased customer satisfaction
  • Better problem and solution tracking
  • Efficient documention and working process

Technology is increasingly becoming a part of every business. Incorporating such business automation software solutions can help your business to improve profits and increase work efficiency.


CRM – the need to build relationships

Excellent customer service is about being aware of customer needs and responding to them effectively. CRM helps you to understand, analyse and respond to your customers needs in a consistent way, right across your business.

Practising CRM requires an efficient and integrated internal business system. Many businesses benefit from the organisational discipline CRM imposes, as well as from the technology itself.

So the software enables a business to build a better personal relationship with their customers.

As a business, you should remember that Customer Relationship Management is a business philosophy. Understanding your customers needs enables you to build better relationships and increase sales.

A well-implemented system will increase the number of customers for a company, increase the satisfaction of those customers, and grow revenue and profit in both absolute and per-customer measures.

CRM helps you to not only get new customers, but also to stay close to existing customers. A solid customer relations strategy is a must, and it can be effectively built, supported and maintained by technology.

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You need your customers more than they need you!

Today customers have more choices than you in the market. Customers can easily find whatever they need from anywhere and at anytime. So it is easy for them to find a suitable, less expensive and more valuable product than you finding more prospective customers.

Take an example where you are a customer of some company. You collect more information about what you want to buy and what offers are provided plus you also see how much reliable and cost effective the product is. That’s because you know that no matter what, you will not compromise in buying it and will make sure to buy the right one that is going to be useful. The same applies to your customers too.

So when a customer tries to find some product or goods, he would simply go to Google first and type in what he is looking for. He would get a list of companies that would offer him the product. He will try accessing the first few and explore the details. He may even try calling the phone numbers available on the website. Imagine that he would access your website here. What if that it is after office hours and there was nobody to pick up that phone at your office? Yours may be a small company not having the 24 hours call center team. Does that mean you are going to miss out that important lead? Definitely YES! The customer would simply browse few more websites and contact your competitors. That’s simple. He may never call you back and you would never even know that you missed a lead.

So what kind of solution can help your company to get these leads? Maple CRM offers Zipdial Integration that lets you have a 24 hour toll free number for your company. Whatever time the lead tries to call your company on that number, the information is tracked in the CRM and Maple can send a quick message to you either on email or SMS. This would let you contact the customer immediately or according to your convenient time. Maple ensures you that you will never miss a lead who is trying to contact you.

What if the customer sends an email instead of calling? Do we have any solution for that? Oh Yes! We have something similar to the above solution called Website Integration, where in whenever the customer sends a message through your website, it will automatically be captured in the CRM system and instantly an email or an SMS can reach you or the desired sales executives to call back the customer. That’s again a solution for you to never miss out any lead and to contact the customer immediately and not letting it go off to your competitor.

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Remember that you need your customers more than they need you!


Customer Management Software by Maple

When every customer interaction counts, success is measured in results but unless your organization has the customer management software it is almost impossible to keep a a track of each call made to the customer, history of customer and behavior etc.

With Maple CRM, you can collect, organize, track and prioritize all your customer information and helps you to exceed your customer expectations.

In Maple, Customer experience is the center focus. Also, our objective and solutions are meant to make the CRM experience simple to its users. From On-demand CRM to easy to use CRM, we are now focusing on rule based CRM and SMS based CRM. We offer SMS integration with CRM that focuses on SMS response for marketing/sales options. For Example, you can setup a survey SMS response in just 10 minutes.

Look at some of the sample configurations possible from Maple CRM.

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Dealing with unhappy customers

If you give good response to customer complaint then you will receive complaint only once.

Complaints are good as it gives an opportunity to learn and not to repeat such issues. It enables you to improve the customer experience. The information from the complaint can be used to build a better customer experience and convert the unhappy customers into the happy ones.

Being customer focused would help in understanding the situation of the customer. This would help the customer to be calm and polite and not getting frustrated. If the employee truly focuses and understands the customer issue, then the customer would at least feel that he is being heard and understood.

Also it is important to work on the issue reported and take proper action to resolve it. It is good to first to know what would make  the customer happy. Once they put up their suggestions, verify if that could be provided. Resolve the issues quickly as possible. If an upset customer comes up with an issue and if the issue is resolved very quickly, then he would much likely be happy for the service.

Provide a tool to employees for handling customer service well. At times, there can be no option to make the unhappy customer satisfied. Such cases can be transferred to the manager or the supervisor.

Enable employees to handle customer service complaints efficiently, quickly and professionally.


Customer Service Software

why is it required?

Customer service software automates the process of providing support and service to your customers. It eases the work involved in storing the customer details along with the communication history.

It helps in providing an efficient customer service experience there by saving time and making customers happy. Every business depends on customer and customer has to be treated as kings so that they stay as customers forever. The software also brings an ideal workflow environment in the company thereby helping the executives to focus on providing service rather administrative work of storing and searching the data.

what is the solution?

crm software

Many customer management softwares are available in the market which serves from small to medium to large companies with easy to use features to complex ERP packages.

First analyse your companies requirement and have a clear cut idea of what features would be required and prioritize it. Read CRM articles so that you get information about what all CRM products are available in the market. Look for CRM products and check for demo’s so that you understand the product before purchasing it.

Compare the softwares and see whether the CRM you choose actually meets all you requirements and meets the expectation. Check whether it matches your budget plan also. Remember that CRM should not only suit your business but also it should be easily accessible by your staff as they are the one who will be using it.

At last, once you purchase the software its everybody’s responsibility to maintain up to date information in your CRM. Business grows not only by buying a CRM product but also by using it extensively to manage your business.


Improving customer service with excellence

How you treat your customers will determine whether or not they will continue to do business with you. If you reduce the price of your product, your competitor will do the same within few hours. If you add a new product, they will do the likewise. An efficient service to your customers is the only way to make your customers happy and do business with you. This is the only proven strategy that works to give success over your competitors.

Companies offer quality products but what makes the difference to win the competition is how they provide their customers with superior customer service.

Companies don’t have to spend millions of dollars in advertising and marketing to draw customers. The business that comes from the same customers brings more profit than the money spent on advertising and marketing. Few of the steps that could benefit your organization are mentioned below:

1. Train your employees on providing efficient customer service: You have to make the employees realize about how better customer service can make a change to business. Training would give the employees the opportunity and the challenge of taking necessary decisions while taking care of the customers issue.

2. Change employees attitude and behavior: Share the examples of how customer service stands as important asset for business. Praise employees and reward employees on their efforts. This would be very simple but does make a lot of difference in employee productivity.

3. Make the words walk: It is not enough to just say “we are going to make customer service a top priority” Every individual has to focus on customer service. Your customer service strategy should be such that the customer experiences a remarkable service that makes him appreciate your business to others. This makes a great impact on business profitability.